The crackling lodge popped as the wood protested against the heat just before ignited giving light and warmth to the group camping in early October night. Sarah moved over as Tom moved to sit next to her while dusting off his hands from any splinters. A goofy smile was plastered on his face as he wiggled his eyebrows and nodded over at Dave and Rosemary, who were almost merged as one person. Well as much as a couple can with clothes still on.

Why my friends insisted on going camping for my birthday was beyond me when all they wanted to do was each other. Don't get me wrong I love Dave; he has been my best friend since sixth grade and Rosemary since freshman year as we bonded over gym class. Ever since then, it has been the three of us. We were all equal friends never was anyone left out. Not until we hit seventeen and Dave asked Rosemary to prom. Every since then they have been lovey dovey with the need to find me a guy so they won't see me as the third wheel.

Honestly I hate camping. This was just another attempt to get me to be their double date friend. You see, I just turned twenty four today and have graduated with my masters as a PA last May. Since I have had tons of fast none meaningful relationships they have decided I can't find love on my own. Tom is a goofy 5'11 blonde with nice lightly tanned skin from the summer. Really a nice looking guy if you go for slightly stupid, since he did already tell me about the story were he burnt off his eyebrows over the summer. But not the type you stay happily ever after with if you aren't into goofy.

Eyeing the almost conjoint couple, I could see the white and blue streaked with electric blue already mattered up from Dave running his hand through it as he pulled Rosemary closer. Her porcelain skin flushed with her activity standing out against Dave's olive coloring and dark brown hair. The worst part of the night was the last of the vodka was right next to them without the top off that had almost been knocked over.

"Hey my love birds, mind handing over the booze?"

Dave slowed his assault as he opened his eye and looked straight at me. I smiled nodding my head towards the booze next to his foot. I could see his eyebrow rise even though it is hard to see around Rosemary's head. I just shrugged and smiled. Like I said I hate camping but I wanted to get laid on my birthday. Too bad my only choose was the goof that worked with Rosemary. Booze would handle anything mental blocks of standers that normally stop me.

Dave shrugged his shoulders before lifting the girl in his arms up and disappearing into the tent.

A silly snort came out of Tom's mouth as I stole the vodka form him and took a big swig of the remaining Vodka. The lovely burn cleared my throat as I looked at the goofy grinning blonde who was known slightly out of focus.

"You hear that?"

I tried listening to the area around us but only could hear the slight crackle from the almost dead fire.

"Hear what?"

I watched as he moved closer to me.

"That's the point. I think they are knocked out."

His hand slowly moved up to my bared shoulder. His lips moving in a pushing on my trying to dominate a kiss that couldn't get my mind moving fast enough to respond until half a minute seemed to tick by. By the time I was kissing him back and starting to enjoy the attention when cool hands started pushing up my tank top. Pulling away at the contact my eyes scanned the camp ground.

"Not here. Rosemary always wakes up and walks around after a while."


"Have a rubber?"

"Never leave home without it."

I smiled as I stood and pulled Tom in the woods stumbling on branches, rocks, and air. All while giggling in the dark. Stopping in an area that had a slight clearing allowing the light from the moon to shine and a few large tree roots to make it seem protected in its casing. My eye wondered on the landscape as it came out as a blurry outline.

"Sarah, let's play."

I felt his hands on my waist as he turned my body and assaulted my lips. Licking my lips before slipping past my part lips all while running his hands up my shirt. My hands stayed on his shoulder for balance as the world started spinning in blur. The slight tingle was starting to build between her legs as he pulled off my shirt before working on my neck. His lips brushing the skin as his teeth scraped against my pulse point.

The moan passed my lips. My head was spinning from the vodka as it finished taking over my senses both dulling them while increasing them. My hands left his shoulders as I ran them over his chest and stomach. The light definition of muscles flexing under my fingers. Tom's hands moved down my waist pushing of my shorts and panties in one motion. I stepped out of them while kicking off my shoe watching his take off his shirt letting it land in on the ground close to mine which most likely will be used as a make shift blanket.

His hand started rubbing between my legs as he recaptured my lips. I could feel the tingling building as his fingers plucked little nub of nerves. My hands found his hardened shaft under the fabric of his jeans letting my finger grasp his length. Tom guided me to sit on the shirt while positioning himself in between my legs and letting his hard length rub against my core. The pressure just kept building while tingles shoot through me. The wonderful tingles pulsed through my being as Tom pulled away and the telling sound of the zipped sung in the night air.

The anticipation for my release seemed to charge the air like static. The booze making the moon above seem like it had a double hallow while the tree branches danced in a blurry haze. All so serene in a wake of the range flood of hormones and just like that the bubble of bliss broke and I watched as Tome ran for his life from the group of growling wolves.

My brain had to work twice as hard to understand that the four wolves after him were not interested in me. No the wolf no further than ten feet away with the grey and white coloring so normal for the Virginia wolves was the one I had to run from.

All the tingles and pressure was gone and all I felt was utter dread as I ran feeling the ground dig into my feet as the world swam spinning in different directions with every step I took. Those large roots that seem so safe before had turned into wicked creates of the night as I fell forward feeling the earth break into my hands and knees giving them the bitter sweet sting as I watched in slow blur motion the wolf react my heel.

What happened next I only wish I had been drunk enough not to remember.

I could feel the wolf's claw marks on my back from pouncing on me, holding me on my knees as it plunged into me. The thundering of my heart pounded on my temples as I felt the quick thrust of the ferocious animal pumped himself deeper into my body. The world only seemed to spin more as my body mechanics responded to the onslaught. Liquid ran down my thigh as the wolf dismounted. The spotting was getting worse as the splashes of color were blocking my vision while ringing buzz was the only sound I could hear. A puff of air cooled my core before a few long licks shocked my system before heavy sniffing started again. The bliss of complete unconsciousness finally allowed me to escape.

That's all I could remember of the night before. My hand and knees stung as I found myself half bent over on a tree trunk in only my bra. My heart was racing as I looked around trying to find Tom hoping I had just had a bad dream and the burning on my lower back was because of rocks digging into it from a rump we had that I can't remember. I slowly made myself stand feeling the uncomfortable pull of something dried on my inner thigh.

"Dear God, dear God…"

A heavy breath left my lungs as I ran to the pile of cloths two shirts a part of shorts with underwear in them and sneakers.

No male pants, shoes, or even Tom insight.

Quickly I dressed making sure to grab Tom's shirt as I walked over to the camp site trying to call down. The sun was barely getting into the sky as I walked to up the burnt out camp fire.

Dave and Rosemary was still zipped up and Tom was sleeping peacefully in the tent on the other side with the only the screen zipped up.


He shot awake looking dazed with heavy bags under his eyes.

"Tom, what happened last night?"

"Fuck! You woke me up over that?"

"Just tell me."

"I got chased by wolves all night till about half hour ago and was lucky to find myself back here."

"That's it?"

"No, I just want to have a long talk with you because I don't value my sleep."

"So the wolves hurt you."

"Damn close but no. They seemed happy just chasing every which way to Sunday. You wanna talk more about my two hour run go as the mutts. Night."


I sat on the log feeling sick to my stomach and the night before replayed in my head. I had to figure out why that happened. But first thing I was doing when we got back to town was scheduling and appointment to make sure I didn't pick up any diseases.