Ugh, this isn't good; you were supposed to be just a friend.

And my broken heart was still supposed to be on the mend.

I wasn't supposed to talk to you; I was supposed to be shy.

Now look here I am, being bold and waiting for your reply.

I know you are busy, but my clarity is fading, it's getting hazy,

I know this won't be easy, but this wait is driving me crazy!

I was supposed to be busy working, but here I am instead.

Every single word of yours is going round and round my head.

I'm glancing at my cell phone's screen every other minute.

I'm staring at my online contacts list, wishing you were in it.

I've read all your texts a hundred and one times already but

I can't close my inbox; my fingers just won't move to let it shut.

I wasn't supposed to fall so soon again, yeah I'm not too proud.

But I can't help it; your words are making me laugh out loud.

You don't know it, but you perfectly seem like my kind of guy.

Now I'm scared of another heart-break and shattering goodbye.

Oh gosh I wasn't supposed to, wasn't supposed to be falling for you!

So now just get here and tell me, tell me what am I supposed to do?

Cause this feeling that's in my heart, it all feels so good, so new!

Tell me, what do you feel about me? Come on, give me a clue!

Ugh, this isn't good; I wasn't supposed to be falling so hard for you!