The crescent moon shines down on the busy city below, even though the street lights overpower its beauty. It illuminates a crouched figure on one of the rooftops. A man in a long flowing trench coat, his hair is obsidian. In a flash, another man is crouched behind him. His dirty blond hair is the only thing distinguishable under his black trench coat. The first glances at the intruder to his solitude, a moment later, he disappears with a breeze. The second grins and shakes his head. For only a moment, his one blue eye shows sadness whilst his dead eye almost cries.

The first lands on the outcropping roof below the high skyline. He races along it and leaps onto another roof. He continues in the same pattern five times before he's standing before, and quite a distance away from, a glass sky scraper. His soft, yet so serious blue eyes are fixed on the building ahead. He leaps down to the ground and lands in an alley way. He starts an impressive, powerful motorbike and races through the main roads over to that building which his eyes have never wandered from.

It's not long before he arrives and he enters, ignoring the glares from the high class members of society. It's not like they haven't seen him before, even though he's lower class, he's always around the upper class areas. No police have stopped him and no one in the security business has questioned him. His name is unknown and he hasn't ever been heard speaking. He enters an elevator and looks out at the people who immediately flinch and pretend to not have noticed him.

A few minutes later, the doors slide open and he steps out into the top floor. This floor has only two rooms and they are the finest in the world, only one has ever been occupied. He easily takes care of the two guards standing outside and invites himself in.

The room is dark except for the moonlight from the glass walls. The door clicks closed behind him and he wanders over to the coffee table, in perfect alignment with the door. He picks up a small ice blue crystal. The carving is delicate and fragile, but boasts the ability to withstand one hundred kilograms of weight. It was shaped into a rectangle, and then the corners were cut off in a slant. Turning it on its side, the cut edges are slanted outwards, towards each other. On the front a snowflake is carved over a flower.

"So, you have finally come to finish this which you started," a weak, hoarse female voice whispers.

He squeezes his eyes tightly shut before turning to her. Even in the darkest part of the open spaced room, he can see all of her perfectly. As always. Some few rays of moonlight reach her glistening pure black hair that is as long as she is tall. Her pale skin is almost pure white and she leans against the wall, unable to support herself any longer. Her still strong, piercing gaze reaches him through her long thick eye lashes from her dark brown, almost black eyes. She wears a long pale ice blue dress, as elaborate as dresses could ever possibly get. One hand on the wall, she descends the few steps.

She coughs, but swiftly regains her composure. "Have you come to finish me?"

He looks at the crystal in his hand and tightens his grip on it protectively. His eyes wander back to her, his emotions are almost completely hidden, but just a hint of worry or regret is left. She stops a few feet from him, drawing her silk ice blue shawl around herself. Her expression is patient, but she knows that he has no intention of replying. She glides over to stand by his side and turns her attention to the city landscape outside the confines of her home. She glances at the crystal once, but her motives are hidden. He watches her diligently and moves the crystal away from her.

"I came to enjoy the company of someone very precious to my heart, my existence," he says finally.

"I retired, Raven, this is beyond my capabilities now. I haven't involved myself in any of this for years," she sighs. "it's time to let go of your past and move on."

"You know that's not an option," he frowns.

"Then cease these visits. I am troubled enough without your own to add," she smiles softly, entwining their hands. "I am glad you came. My time is limited."

"I'd return your life force if it would make a difference, but it won't. Keeping it sealed in the crystal is the only way for you to live." He frowns.

The woman shakes her head in defeat. Her free right hand clutches a necklace laced in purple. The shape is a crescent moon made of the finest crystal in the world. She smiles and looks up into the light of the moon. He follows her gaze reluctantly and refrains from berating her for even thinking the way she is.

"We both know what is going to happen tonight," she says, suddenly serious. "If you wish to be the one who walks away then I suggest you complete your given task."

"I was recruited when I was a kid; it's the only place I've ever known to be close to safe. I can't go against orders," he sighs, watching her walk away. "Someone very wise once told me that you only deserve death if you betray those you care for intentionally. So I can't go through with this, you know that."

"Look at me, Hiroshi. Would it really be betrayal?" she smiles.

He sighs and mutters something. She just laughs quietly, "Hiroshi, you know this is not betrayal. You know how everything will work out in the end. As do I. This is the only way."

"Never thought you'd say that," he mutters. "I don't want to do this. In any other circumstance, you wouldn't either."

"I never said that I wanted this. I'd rather be with you, but we both know that can't happen," she replies, smiling softly.

He looks away and frowns. A second later, he barely blocks a spear. He looks her in the eyes, almost asking why. Not that he needs to, they both know that there's no choice. They kept running and running from it, but now it's caught up to them, it's time.

He chokes back his emotions and pulls a dagger from his pocket and stabs her through her left lung. She reaches out and grasps him, supporting herself on him. He frowns and gently lowers her onto the ground before pulling her close. The first few drops of blood caress her skin before falling to the floor.

"Congratulations, you completed your mission," she whispers, her voice even more strained.

"I never wanted this," he replies. "You and I, we were supposed to have everything. Our own happy ending."

"There's no such thing as a happy ending," she chokes, and then pulls herself closer to him to whisper. "Karma reaches those who have wronged others and brings retribution. Your leaders are not above such a power…"

"Koori," he frowns. "I promise then, they'll pay."

A few hours later, he stands and looks outside to see the first flakes of snow. Slowly, the window is being claimed by ice that runs along it. If that keeps up, then soon the windows will shatter and the whole building will come down.

"How intriguing," the second man from the beginning murmurs. "As Koori dies, the building slowly reaches its end by death of ice. How ironic, that as you die, your namesake will kill the masses of people who you dislike most."

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