Watch the flames as they burn

Light the match, that's how you learn

Light me up you know I like it

Let the flames spread, you can't fight it

Help me grow and help me spread

Let's start this fire up in the bed

Heat up and set the world on fire

I love the way you're a liar

It makes the flames go higher

It hurts and its burns!

But we love all the more

This pain, this hurt. Who do we do this for?

This burning flame, do we do it for the money or joy?

This pain, do we love it because it makes us its toy?

Blisters on my skins

Burns on my feet

This pain it can last for years

Or maybe just weeks

I would do it all again, just to feel the heat

Whip at me and around me

You always could see

How much the burning hurt me

But you always pulled me out of the rain

Because you always knew how to light my flame