Our Pleasures Pain

Sorry that you hurt me

Because I have these scares for you to see

I let you look when the blood falls

While I write on the walls

Words that tell me why you don't care

When its only pain we share

And pictures that show our so called love

As the scent of blood flows through the air above

You come closer to feel the warm, red liquid dripping from my skin

Throw me in the bath and look how blood follows as I swim

After this you wouldn't even recognise me anymore

Neither of us are what we use to adore

But I know it's too late now

To tell why and how

While new questions are made

We'll ask, will we die throw this gun parade?

At least I'm not stabbed in the back

Because I'm always ready for this surprise attack

I'll miss the blade piecing through me

Last time you cut so deep that you found my key

The one that opens the door to death

Open the door before this last breath

Show me the way out or the in

It doesn't matter I was born a sin

Because people didn't see me as whom I am

Just cuts and bruises through their aim

Remember the one who I use to be

The one that realised I couldn't be free