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Heartfelt Messages

May 2nd

To my dearest Lucian,

Darling, I'm sorry I've been absent from our nice little two-room apartment. I woke up and to my surprise, was in a little glass room. I don't know where this place is, exactly. I'll try to find out later on. Dearest, I found an amazing feature to this little room! It's absolutely amazing! If I think of someone, the room shows me what they're doing at the moment. I've been watching you, Lucian. I see that I've been worrying you with my disappearance. I didn't mean to make you cry. Don't worry, darling. I'll try to get home soon. That's a promise.

Yours always,


May 9th

To my dearest Lucian,

I fear that there is no escape from this room. It is an eternal prison. Why I'm here, I have no clue. For now, all I can do is write these letters and hope you receive them. You must be getting them; The letters disappear instantly after I complete them. Where else could they go but to you?

On a lighter note, I notice you've gotten a dog. A shedding, flea-ridden pest. Why would you do this, knowing that I despise the creatures? I know you joke with your friends about getting one in my absence, but a mere week of me gone and you already have a mutt running around the house and getting dander on the furniture? It better be gone by the time I get back.

Forever Yours,


May 26th


What is this? Not only have you completely ignored my request that the dog be given away, but you refuse to answer back to my letters completely! Is this fun for you? Is it hilarious to act as if I have ceased to exist? When I get out of this room, we're having a long talk about where this marriage is going. I cannot stand this sort of disrespect. How can you say you love me and not pay me attention for a second?

Be careful on what you do. I am still able to see your every action.


PS. Get rid of that dog house. We are not keeping that awful animal.

June 13th

Lucian Ray Ferris,

What do you think you're accomplishing? What are you hoping to achieve by ignoring my presence like this? The joke has been over for a long time. Now it's just inappropriate and offensive. What makes you think it's okay to flirt with other girls? I've already told you, I can see what you do you bastard! And why is it that you've sold our wedding rings?

I don't even know how to start on the issue of that dog! What were you thinking, naming such a hideous thing after me? Are you trying to prove some point?

You are in a great amount of trouble when I get back home, do you understand? I mean it. Stop flirting with those girls.

Your Wife,


August 20th

You're going to marry her, huh? Alright. It's not like there's anything I can do about it, right? You are obviously far past caring, you've never replied to my letters, and you seem to deny my existence completely. If you want it this way, so be it. However, do be aware that if I find anything that gives me the opportunity to turn this 'relationship' to ashes, I will take that opportunity.


August 23rd

I understand everything now...But my death only gives me power to break you and her apart. Be a good husband and mourn my death. You'll be mourning hers soon. After all, nothing lasts forever, Lucian.



August 26th

Well, things didn't go exactly to plan last night. But I suppose her suffering a broken leg from her chair 'mysteriously' breaking is a start for what I plan to do. There are, in fact, many things that can be done from this little glass room. I've grown rather fond of it, honestly. It's become a necessity to my existence. As I stare at the little screen showing her, all I have to do is will something to happen- in example, the chair to break- and it happens with no difficulties.

It took me by complete surprise, I assure you. There I was, just filled with bitter hate at watching you two conversing at a dinner of smoked salmon- you never liked salmon when you were married to me, Lucian- and I had wished for her chair to break. How was I supposed to know it would do so? This changes my plans greatly. You'll suffer for this, Lucian. You'll suffer for moving on and not forever mourning my loss like a good husband should do. But I think I'll play with your minds before I finish my task. For now, I must stop writing. I've come to the end of my page.


August 30th

How did you like today, Lucian? That 'knife' that went through her left foot caused quite a lot of blood. And then you realize that no knife fell through her foot. You had merely suffered from some gruesome illusion. Do you enjoy my little nightmares for you? It's amusing to see your face go pale white every time I give you a little illusion.. Now your wife thinks you are delusional. I bet her thoughts are filled with regret; Perhaps she married a madman, and she never should have married you at all.

Don't worry, Lucian. She wont be here to question you much longer. I'll see to that.


September 12th

How did you like my little surprise, Lucian? You do know what I'm talking about, right? The pretty bright blue Honda that slipped on the rain and into the drivers side of her car. The slipping was so easy to cause. Your little bride is in a coma now, and she won't be around much longer. In fact, she's barely hanging onto the threads of life.

I told you that I'd put a stop to this. I did exactly as I said. It's a shame. If only you hadn't married the poor dear. She'd probably be alive and at work at her little office. This was all caused by you, Lucian. Her fate is connected to your decision to hold her to vows of 'love'. Do you see what that love has done?

Where is my love? You married not even a year after my death. How am I to know if you've ever loved me? So, I decided that if you cannot think of me, then you will think of her in the most gruesome and pitiful way. I always do get what I wish.


September 13th

To my Lucian,

I'm afraid that you will no longer receive my letters. I am to be escorted to the depths of hell for sinning and committing murder after death. I shall burn endlessly in fire and brimstone. However, I do not regret what I've done. I shall never be sorry for my crime. What I've done was no sin in my eyes. I am sorry, however, that I had to make you suffer. I bare you no will-ill, darling. I only feel wrath at your actions. Now the problem is dealt with and I can forgive you.

Before they drag me away so rudely, I do have one more thing to add. I have placed a little spell. Some would call it a curse, but I don't see it as such. It will never be harmful to you. Just never get remarried, Lucian. Don't make another girl suffer a horrible fate.

Maybe I'll be able to see you in the fire, Lucian. I hope so. They've told me I must end my letter, and so I will. Live long, and live without love.

Yours truly, dead or alive,

Holly Angel Ferris, your loving wife.