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Josh Chapter One

The woods were draped in the cold matte colors of autumn twilight. All was silent except for the sound of frantic running. A crash. A spray of dry leaves. BANG!

"Argh!" the boy who had tripped cried as he was shot in the shoulder. He held the wound with his other hand as he scrambled to his feet and continued to run. Navy liquid spilled from the hole, but the boy ignored both it and the pain.

His breathing became heavy so he took shelter under a large tree. As he pressed himself against the bark the branches quivered slightly and began to surround him. Quickly he was hidden from the outside world. The tree sheltered him and protected him from his evil pursuer with its stiff embrace.

The man who had shot at the young boy ran past. He was a hunter roaming the woods in search of a fearsome creature. A multi-limbed monster of darkness that killed for no reason. It needed to die and the hunter had to be the one to kill it. For his family. For his life. The terrified boy listened from the safety and comfort of his newly acquired shelter as the hunter poked around. He heard an irritated mumbling and a scratching sound, like someone carving something into wood. Then the shuffle of tired footsteps on dead leaves as the hunter stalked out of the woods and back to civilization.

The moon was high before the boy breathed a sigh of relief. As he exhaled the branches around him released their grip and the boy peeled himself away from the bark. He stood up straight at about six feet tall and brushed himself off, wincing slightly at the pain in his shoulder. The boy was unusually thin and lanky, his short hair was a white blond, and his eyes were almost black. He wore a dark suit that contrasted his ghostly skin. His name was Josh. Probably. Josh was the only name he could remember when he woke up in these woods over six months ago, so it must be his. And besides, if it wasn't then it was now.

Josh poked at his shoulder and flinched a little. It was still bleeding, the dark blue wetness staining his white undershirt. Normally something like this would be fixed in an instant. No blood, no wound, just normal Josh. Actually, no... Normally something like this would've never happened. Josh knew very little about himself, but one thing he did know was that he couldn't get hurt. Very suddenly Josh felt terribly ill. He had a splitting headache and felt like vomiting. The Edge of The Woods Pain. The trees on the edge of the woods had symbols carved into them, a circle with an X in it. For whatever reason, trees marked like that were not Josh's friends. They didn't listen to him, and it made him sick to be near them. But this wasn't the edge of the woods. So why...? It was then that Josh remembered the scratching sound. He looked around and sure enough, just a few feet from his hiding place was a freshly marked tree. If Josh wasn't so badly injured, he probably could've removed the mark before it set into the tree and removed it from his control permanently. He hated new restrictions, but if he didn't tend to his wound he feared he might die from it. And so he turned around and weakly limped deeper into the forest.

Josh lived in the center of the forest in a cavern hidden behind a roaring waterfall. Only the occasional hiker or hunter ever passed by this area, and the trek to his water-side home was so rough though that everyone who came through simply stopped for a quick lunch and some pictures before returning to their home. No one bothered to explore the slippery rocks and caverns near or behind the waterfall, and so Josh's home was never discovered. It was for the best, of course. Josh didn't like people too much. There was something alien and unnatural about them. I mean, yes, occasionally he longed for a friend or companion, but the people he saw didn't strike him as good 'friend' material.

He knew the forest very well, in the same way that he knew every part of his being. The forest was his being, actually. Around the perimeter of the forest there were marked trees, keeping him in, but Josh didn't mind. He had no reason to leave the woods, and if he did he couldn't remember it. Normally he'd be able to get back to his home so deep in the woods with great ease, but the combination of his fresh injury and the illness from being so close to a marked tree hindered him. It was nearly dawn when he returned to his cave.

Groaning slightly, Josh climbed up to his cave and removed his jacket, shirt, and tie. Carefully, he cleaned up the area around the hole in his flesh using the naturally flowing water at the mouth of his cavern. As he suspected there was no exit wound, meaning that the bullet was still lodged inside him, and until it was gone he would not be fixed. He wriggled the fingers of the hand on his good arm and reached over. Slowly, his fingers stretched and grew, first into a sick perversion of fingers, then into wreathing tendrils. As they grew they became blacker. With one long squirming appendage Josh reached into the gaping wound, pushing aside soft flesh until he came upon the foreign matter. The black thing snaked around it and then slowly his fingers began to retract, exiting his shoulder, and lightening in color until the horrific tentacle wrapped around the bullet became nothing more than a slightly curled finger keeping the bullet in the hand.

With the alien matter taken care of, the hole started to close. Josh rinsed it under the waterfall again and after a minute the only evidence of the wound was the hole in his jacket and the blue stains on the rocks.

Josh wandered over to the back of the cave to retrieve his ruined clothes. He took them out into the morning sun to get a better look at the damage. The hole in his jacket and shirt was not as bad as he previously suspected. His tie wasn't too bad either, just a little crusty from the dried blood, nothing that couldn't be washed. The white shirt was a messy blue and Josh was unsure if it could be salvaged. He had woken up in this suit, and it had served him well. Josh didn't know where he could get a new one. He washed the jacket and tie with no problem in the little lake. The hole wasn't too big of an issue. He tried to clean up his undershirt, but the best he could do was get it a splotchy cyan color. With a sigh Josh hung his clothes on a tree branch and crawled back into his little cavern.

It had been a long day, and he was very tired from the chase and the journey back home. Josh slumped against the wall and closed his eyes. For now he was safe. He could worry about a new suit later. Who knows, maybe he'd get lucky and a well dressed hiker would come by soon. Then he could kill him and sort his organs by color and size and hang his blood in the trees in neat little baggies... Josh opened his eyes. Where had that thought come from? Ah, well. Nothing to really worry about. He closed his eyes again and quickly fell asleep.

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