Darkness had over-taken my companions and I. I was the only one left who could fight. I knew that I had to get the others to safety, but I also knew that I had to fight. I was the only one who could fight him. I was the only one who could fight and win.

"Don't," Yelled Arisaella, My mate.

I turned to look at her, "I must. Take the others to the safe house. I will meet you all their." Turning I entered the fight. I wanted to cry when I watched my brother bring forth the child my mate and I had claimed.

"ROSE!" I called out to my daughter.

"M-mama..." She whispered. If not for my vampiric hearing I would not have heard her call my name.

"Return to our father and I will let your daughter free," My brother said.

"Return to the father? That's why you are doing this? You want me to rejoin the ranks of your god? NEVER! I am a witch. That is it. I am a follower of the Goddess. I am a high priestess of the great goddess Nyx. I will never join you!" I called back to him.

"Than we will fight."

I ran forward, my sword in hand. I wanted to kill my brother. At the last moment, he threw my daughter at me and vanished into a flash of light.