Title: Teacher's Play Thing

Author's Note: Long ago, I had a super crush on my Math teacher. So I wrote this as what I imagined I wanted to do. Hope everyone likes it. Review and tell me if you ever had a crush on a teacher.


She watched him intently as he walked into the classroom. His title of Mr. Cory the math teacher was lost on her. To Lahna he was just Tyler or Ty for short. There was just something about him that captured her attention since the first time she met him what seemed like a lifetime ago.

In reality, she had known him now for two years as her next door neighbor. She first met him when she was just 13 but a crush was a crush and this one had not died out over time. His unbelievable combination of good looks, brains, and friendly personality only added to her growing interest in him. It was an interest that bordered on good old fashioned lust.

Ty was ancient in teen terms. He was 38. However, his soft hazel eyes, sandy blond hair, and well built body captivated her. His former life as a Marine had obviously kept him motivated to stay in shape. Lahna always liked seeing him out mowing his lawn or working in his yard. He seldom wore a shirt and his rippled abs seemed to melt her brain with forbidden thoughts.

"Alas, not for me," Lahna said to herself as she sat in her seat waiting for the bell to ring.


Later that day, after class, Lahna was sitting out in her back yard at the picnic table. She had her math book open but was just not able to really focus. She had read the same page three times, stopping repeatedly to day dream.

"Hey Lahna," Ty said from across the fence. He and his wife, Kay, were walking out of their house with a handful of plants each. "Book any good?"

"Uh, hey Mr. Cory!" Her voice betrayed her excitement. "Naw, its kicking my butt. I can't concentrate."

As Lahna spoke she noticed his wife shoot her an evil look. Over the last six months Kay had become insensitive with Lahna with every encounter. It was clear that Kay could see something in the air. Lahna figured that part of it was the fact Kay could see the way both Ty and Lahna were always friendly with each other. Lahna wondered if Kay had a sixth sense and could somehow see what Lahna thought when she looked at Ty.

About thirty minutes had passed with Ty and Kay working in the yard, Ty without his shirt on again, and Kay watching every glance her husband would shoot toward Lahna. All this time, Lahna just sat there at the table with all her study material out, still stuck on the same page in her math book.

Lahna barely noticed when Kay got up and went back into the house for something. What snapped Lahna back to reality from her mind numbing studies … and her sexual fantasy of Ty was hearing Ty's voice call her name as he easily leaped over the fence and headed in her direction.

"Lahna, are you still on the same assignment? Girl you need to get the concept and move on," he said with a grin. "I have a minute, let me help."

"Uh, uh, okay Ty, I mean Mr. Cory."

"Ty is just fine Lahna. I don't call you Ms. Flores now do I?" His smile was infectious.

Giggling for no reason, "I guess not." As he came to stand beside her, she could smell his manly musky scent. It was like a shot of hormones into her blood stream. She looked at the small beads of perspiration forming on his chest and running down his belly to be absorbed by his shorts.

"So, I assume you are struggling with the intro to geometry assignment I gave today?"

"Yep, I'm just not getting it," she explained with a pouty little tone to her voice.

He leaned over her and grabbed a pencil. He worked two problems out for her on a sheet of paper but her attention was elsewhere. She noticed that as he leaned over her, if she just leaned to one side a little, she could brush up against his leg. She did it twice before he abruptly stepped back and turned slightly. She could see why. He had a bulge in his pants. It made Lahna smile.

He soon went back over the fence before his wife returned but Lahna knew that there was something that he liked about her. She wondered if a 38 year old non-pervert kinda guy could like a 15 year old. For him it would be very illegal. That alone would likely stop him from anything. Yet … she thought … could it even be possible?

Lahna looked across the fence at his wife. She was gorgeous but as Lahna looked harder at her Lahna started to do a mental comparison. Kay had big breasts but they sagged a little. Looking down at her own breasts, Lahna smiled. Her tits were not as big but they were a solid 34B and very perky. At 115 pounds Lahna had a well developed figure for any girl her age. Her Half Hispanic heritage had given her a bubble butt and beautiful dark hair. Lahna's athletic pursuits in track and volleyball kept her rather toned. Lahna smiled again thinking that she could hold her own against Kay.

Lahna was not as naïve as some would think. She had several very talkative and graphic friends who had detailed their vast sexual wealth of knowledge to her. Also, last year, at the tender age of 14 she cashed in her "V" card to Robby, at the time, a junior from a neighboring High School. She had actually sorta liked the experience although Robby had not really focused on her. She liked the feeling Robby gave her.

It was much better with Robby than it had been years before when she did not have a choice. That was an old memory and very much history now and the guy was long gone. It all made Lahna wonder if she just preferred older men or was Ty just a one of a kind case.

Lahna went inside for the evening feeling a little feisty and on edge, horny was a more accurate assessment she eventually concluded. After dinner she spent another hour doing a little more homework in front of the TV with her mom and dad arguing over the last "Jeopardy" question that they both, ironically, got wrong.

Finally Lahna went up stairs to her bedroom. As she passed by one of her bedroom windows that faced Ty Cory's house, Lahna noticed a light on in their bedroom and their window blinds up. Since she was 13 she had been witness to the scene of Ty and Kay getting it on at least once a month or so, sometimes with very graphic displays of what husbands and wives often do.

At first she was shocked and would only glace down before closing her own blinds. Over the last year she became very interested and would often turn off her lights and sit in a chair by the window and … explore her own depths as she watched them make love.

About half the time she could see them kissing and then Kay get naked and then Ty take off his shirt and then they would retreat back to their bed, just out of full view. Lahna was normally left with a few shadows and slight grunts but that would be it. Tonight started out no different. It was almost like he secretly wanted Lahna to see but then would shy away.

As Lahna sat in her room in the dark by the window she spread her legs. Reaching down she soon hand her finger softly working the moist folds of her wet womanhood. She usually only wore a thin long tee-shirt to bed with no underwear, unless it was that time of the month or something. Tonight she had easy access to her goodies.

Ty had started kissing Kay and they were bouncing around back in the shadows. Lahna wondered what it was like with him. Then he appeared back in the window with Kay. Both were very naked. Lahna became so excited that she even stopped exploring her own depths for an instant as she watched.

Lahna watched as Ty held his wife up to the window sill and slowly did her from behind, his hips grinding into Kay with power and depth. Ty's hands caressed Kay's back and he even smacked her butt a couple times as he continued to grind into her.

Lahna was thrilled to see her fantasy crush stud guy in action. Lahna figured that if she could never have him then at least she could enjoy watching him from afar. Her finger started exploring her own depth again as Ty drilled deeper into Kay. Before long, Lahna noticed Ty's movements were fast and short. Lahna too started to feel the pleasure overtake her. Shortly after Ty and Kay ended and collapsed out of sight on their bed, Lahna felt the orgasmic wave pass over her and flood her whole body.

As she sat there in her chair in the dark by the window, she was physically spent. She had a foot propped up on the window sill and her little nighty/t-shirt totally off and draped out the window. She awkwardly moved to pull it back in and accidentally knocked it out the window. She saw it fluttering toward the ground as she jumped up and reached for it. She watched it float on a breeze all the way to the ground. Only when it hit right under Ty and Kay's bedroom window did she notice that the shadow of Ty was standing in their bedroom window. She could see him looking up at her fully exposed breasts and upper body.

Somewhat stunned, she stood there, hanging half out her bedroom window for a full minute before turning and coming inside, breaking the sultry spell. That night Lahna slept like a baby. She was relaxed from her orgasm but she was also thinking about Ty and wondered why he watched her from the shadows.

The next morning was Saturday. Lahna woke up to find a note on the kitchen counter from her mom saying, "Lahna, You're dad and I are our hitting the garage sales. Breakfast is in the refrigerator. Love, mom."

After putting on a thin halter top and a pair of athletic shorts, finding and reheating breakfast, she turned on the TV and watched a few things until she heard the mower come on at Ty's house. Lahna went outside with a mischievous smile on her face. Her mission was to watch him and let him see her do it in no uncertain terms. He expectedly waved and smiled as she walked out.

After watching Ty make a couple of passes with the mower, she waved him over to the fence. "Uh, hey Ty, you, like, find my night shirt out here anywhere?"

He smiled with his warm smile and replied, "I'll look for it as I'm mowing. What color is it?"

"Well Mr. Cory, I would think that not too many women are tossing night shirts out windows near your house. If you find one, chances are, it's mine." Lahna replied back with a naughty smile.

With a playful grin he said, "How true my dear."

As Lahna turned to walk back toward her house she asked, "Where's Kay? Maybe she found it for me already."

"She's working today, hospital called her in."

"Cool," Lahna replied, "see ya then." With that Lahna walked back in her house. She decided to make it spa morning. Pampering herself made her feel sexy. That thought made her smile.

The warm water caressed her body as she showered washed and conditioned her hair, gave herself a facial and used a razor for only the third time in her life on her downstairs. After two hours of pampering, she finished painting her toenails with a soft toned red color.

Still totally naked and alone in her house Lahna walked around looking out the windows at a discreet distance. She wondered where Ty was at. "Oh well," she muttered as she pranced up the stairs to get a pile of dirty clothes and start doing laundry. Then, the door bell rang. She turned on the stars and looked back at the front door. It was Ty.

"Oh my God! Its him, what next, what next?" Lahna started to panic. She raced upstairs to get some clothes on quickly then … she stopped … then started again. Her heart was beating rapidly as she tried to quickly come up with a plan. "Breath you dummy," she said to herself as she felt light headed.

The doorbell rang again as she ran to the bathroom for a towel and a plan. Lahna knew that she and Ty had been subtly flirting with each other since they met. She had seen him graphically have sex with Kay a good dozen times over the last two years and he too had seen her watch from her bedroom window. They never spoke about it but it was part of something between them.

Lahna turned the shower on and jumped in and back out just to get a little damp. She grabbed a small towel that barely wrapped around her body and quickly ran toward the front door. Her heart was racing but this accidental, on purpose, over-exposure would raise the stakes. She knew he had some interest in her buried under his professional teacher, ex-Marine, innocent neighbor exterior. This would either be a horrible embarrassment or she would see what he actually thought of her.

The doorbell rang a third time as she reached the door knob and pulled open the door. She stood before him slightly dripping from her brief encounter again with the shower. The towel was pulled tight around her and she struggled to keep it together. Straight away she realized that being almost naked in front of her crush was not a good idea. She immediately started to blush.

Ty was also caught a bit off guard by her almost over-exposure. He started to say something a couple times and then just started to smile.

Just as her nerves started to calm down, she lost her grip on the towel and it fluttered to the floor. She quickly chased after it but realized the she was already about as embarrassed as she could get. Nevertheless, she again tried to cover her breasts, letting her lower areas go exposed. Finally, her wide eyes met his as she looked up.

Giggling slightly, Ty said, "I see you need this Lahna, now more than ever." He handed her the night shirt he found outside from last night's little wind.

Gingerly, she reached out and took the night shirt from his hands. "Uh, God I am so, so, stupid!" Anyway, thanks!" As she took the gown, the towel dropped again. Well, fuck my life!" Lahna exclaimed in disgust.

Ty just stood there in the doorway and looked at her naked form with a very intense stare. He seemed focused on her breasts. He unconsciously licked his lips almost as if he could already taste her soft pink nipples in his mouth.

Finally, she broke his concentration. "My face is up here you know." She pointed to her face.

It was clear she had his full attention. As Ty tried to respond to her statement, "Uh, yes, they are, uh, I mean your face are, uh, is up there."

Lahna quickly put on the long night shirt and Ty respectively departed but that instant started some kind of secret growing attraction and ever so increasing flirt between them. Monday in class she could tell that he was looking at her often. For the next full week in class every day he would call on her for the hardest questions and she would intentionally have something silly or smart-ass to say.

The bantering started increasing to hidden teasing. One day she wore a top with no bra and went up and leaned over his desk showing him everything between her neck and her navel. Also, he would softly bump into her arm when he would walk by her desk, often with a huge bulge in his pants.

A month or more had passed now since she exposed herself to him in the doorway. Since then it seemed like every other night Lahna could look out her window and watched him have sex with Kay all around his house, always in view of Lahna's window. One night Lahna awoke to the sound of Ty and Kay having sex outside in their backyard on a blanket around 2am. It was obvious that they both had been drinking but not so much as to be bad drunk.

Lahna knew it was wrong, dirty, and made her a pervert in at least thirty states but she had to watch. It excited her to see him in action, she never miss a chance to spy on him having sex. It wasn't spying anyway; Ty and kate did it all the time in front of windows and now outdoors at night just for the thrill of being watched. At least he liked being watched. Lahna doubted that Kay had a clue as to Ty's secret exhibitionist ways.

another Saturday night came. Ty and Kay had a backyard grill-out going on. Several people from around the neighborhood came, as well as Lahna and her parents. The beer was freely flowing for all the adults. She could see that Kay had been avoiding Ty all evening. It was clear that they were arguing. Both were a little drunk but still well in control of themselves.

When he went in his house for more grill supplies Lahna followed him. "Hey ya big goof, why no booze for me," Lahna said with a tone of feistiness in her voice.

Ty smiled back at her, "Uh, hello genius, you are old enough."

"I am old enough to know I want something fruity and alcoholic. Whatcha got?"

"Well, it is not alcoholic but I have one sore ass is what I got. I got it chewed off by Kate tonight."

Lahna hoped up on the counter and sat beside him as he looked for the grilling supplies he needed, "Why?"

"I accidentally said your name during sex with Kate."

"Ouch, yep, that would do it. You're toast."

"Well it is not very fun, I can tell you that," Ty said as he grabbed a serving tray and left the kitchen.

Lahna noticed where the drinks were stored so she made herself a drink out of five different bottles she found. It burned a bit going down so she added more orange juice and it started to taste pretty good. After gulping it down she went back outside to join the party.

Late that night around midnight Lahna was sitting up in her room naked, painting her nails. When she finished and she turned out the light and headed for bed. Walking by the window, she noticed Ty all alone in his backyard wearing just his boxer shorts and sitting on his back porch steps. Still feeling a little of that drink from earlier, she decided to put on just a short cut off t-shirt and running shorts and go down to meet him.

His eyes followed her from her back door all the way to the fence. He seemed focused on her exposed belly and bouncy breasts as she walked.

Ty looked up at her face and softly muttered, "My … my, aren't you adorable."

"Adorable? I was going for sultry, seductive, maybe a little on the side of slutty even. Adorable was not my first thought."

Ty's face became expressionless as he struggled with what to do next. "Uh, uh, why are you out here this late at night?"

Lahna walked over to the gate and came over and sat on the step beside him, "Saw you were out, thought I would visit, couldn't sleep."

After a minute of silence Ty asked, "Lahna, what we've been doing … teasing and exposing ourselves to each other … isn't right. It is so wrong. I mean really wrong. You know that, right?" He stumbled for the words to say next.

"I, I, can't help that I think you're damn hot but my God, I'm almost three times your age. You have guys your own age who want you." He trailed off.

"Ty, I've had a boy my own age, not good," Lahna said sarcastically.

Damn it Lahna, it is also illegal. I mean for God's sake, I'm a teacher. You're a student. I'm married." He dropped his gaze from her eyes and sounded more like a hurt puppy than the strong manly Ty Cory that she knew.

"Hey, don't make such a big deal out of everything, we're just human. From watching the Tudor's on HBO I am guessing people use to not care too much about the age thing. To me, age is just a number."

"Marriage isn't just a number."

"Trust me, you're over thinking all this. I'm not thinking about marrying you. That's just, you know, odd." Lahna started to get frustrated.

Looking Lahna directly in the eyes, Ty said, "What is it you want then?"

Lahna thought for a few seconds and decided to be bold to make a point. After all, what did it really matter? She stood up and, in a flash of clothing under the cover of the dark night, she took her top and bottoms off and tossed them on the ground over by the gate.

Ty's eyes opened wide. "I, uh, I," is all he could say.

"I'm sorta guessing that whatever you're feeling right now is more biology 101 desire stuff than math numbers and marriage and all. I mean, I think what I want it is not that big of a deal." Lahan took the next step as well and straddled his leg as he sat on the steps. She eased her bare self down on his leg.

Ty gasp slightly as he ran his hand along Lahna's arm and up to her shoulders. "One minute we're just talking and the next you're just walking around like its nothing to be naked in front of your math teacher."

"Guess that's just the way it is. You might have to get used to it," Lahna replied with a smirk on her face.

"I can think of one thing I can definitely get used to," Ty commented back to her.

"What's that?"

"Kissing you," Ty whispered softly, "touching you, fucking you." His comments came between soft passionate kisses starting on her neck.

Lahna moaned softly, a flood of arousal shooting through her body and her mind becoming a haze of images, memories of experiences in the past. Lahna's lips selfishly took his in a hot, deep kiss. His hands roamed and pulled at her hair, tugged slightly at her nipples, and tightly grasped her ass until they were both breathing heavy.

He picked her up in his arms and carried her toward the garage. Once there she could see it was his workshop complete with a huge couch. In no time at all they were lying on the couch naked. She felt his hard thick manhood press against her belly as they kissed and cuddled on the couch. Their bodies entwined and moved together, his fingers sliding in and out of her wet womanhood.

Her body was pulsating and the feeling of his hands and kisses all over her sent her into a sexual squirming frenzy. Ty stopped moving against Lahna for a moment, fighting back the strong desire to penetrate her wet eager pussy.

Pulling himself from those thoughts and right back into the moment, Ty pulled Lahna's lips toward him for a deep passionate kiss, one hand tangled in her hair and the other caressed its way over her body, down her sides until he reached her inner-thighs. The heat of her sweet wet pussy warmed his fingers that had earlier gone cold and clammy from nervousness.

"How is it possible that this is actually happening right now," Ty wondered aloud as he kissed her lips. Ty rolled to the floor and pulled Lahna down on top of him. He skillfully took his cock in his hand and guided it into place. He could see the pain mixed with erotic pleasure expressed on her face as he pushed his hard dick inside her strained sugar walls.

The pressure of him in her made her moan with a little whimper at the end of the moan. He stopped her a couple times but she started moving up and down on his rock hard pole after she seemed to catch her breath. Ty whispered out her name as the pleasures started to flood over him.

He felt Lahna's body go tense and relax as his dick slowly slid in and then out of her pussy. Ty's kisses grew deeper as Lahna moved her own hand between Ty's thighs, teasing his balls with soft little tugs.

With some effort and some resistance on Lahna's part, Ty rolled them over again so he was on top. After several more slow and deliberate deep strokes that stretched lahna's throbbing pussy to the max, Ty pulled out to keep from exploding cum in her. He then began a slow decent down her body, peppering every inch of her skin with light and moist kisses.

Lahna whimpered as Ty circled her hard nipples, teasing her and watching her as he did so. There was nothing more erotic that seeing the effect he had on Lahna with just a touch. The sensual way Lahna's body would arch into his mouth drove him wild with lust. Ty trailed his tongue over to her other breast, taking her other nipple between his teeth and giving it a slight tug.

To lahna all this was sensory overload. She had never had real sex like this. All her other experiences were nothing compared to this. She craved and also slightly resisted his firm touch, his taste and his passion. She wasn't going to rush this, even if her body felt ravaged by all the attention. As much as it sorta hurt down there, she couldn't get enough of him.

Ty moved his tongue from her breasts down her stomach, stopping every couple of inches to place light, wet kisses over her skin. He felt Lahna's skin warming under the soft touch of his lips and tongue before he continued on his slow playful descent down her body.

Lahna gripped his hair when Ty teasingly ran his tongue over her clit, feeling her try to raise her hips for more. Ty had his hands firmly gripping her hips, holding her down against the cool concrete floor of the garage. He held her to keep her from bucking up with every touch of his tongue.

This moment was all about her. This moment was about taking it slow, devouring her, caressing her, making her feel absolutely incredible. Lahna wiggled around on the floor a little, trying to get away from the continued torturous assault on her clit.

Ty licked his lips before feverishly kissing along the inside of Lahna's thighs, knowing how much it was driving her insane with desire. Lahna strained to hold herself back, strained to keep from trying to buck her hips up under Ty's firm grip. He breathed in deeply, running the flat of his tongue over the length of Lahna's soaking wet slit, the sweet taste of her arousal stirred his passion to devour her completely without stopping or bothering to breathe. Without hesitating for a second longer, Ty slipped his tongue as deeply inside of her as he could. He felt the surge of arousal run through Lahna.

Encircling his tongue around Lahna's pulsating clit, Ty could tell that she was about to cum. He wanting to draw it out that much longer, making her want it more than anything else in the world. It was torture, yes, but this pain was pleasure.

Ty trailed his lips back up Lahna's body, teasing every sweet little spot as he waited for Lahna to physically catch up with him. The instant she did, Ty's lips were all over Lahna's in a deep slow sweet kiss, his fingers trailing lightly over her inner thigh, separating the dripping wet lips of Lahna's tortured pussy. In an instant, Ty drove his hard dick inside of her. She gasped, wrapped her arms around him and dug her fingernails deep into his back.

As his lips devoured hers, she exploded in an intense lingering powerful orgasm. The most intense one of her life! He continued to kiss her while she came long and hard. Ty had never had so much intensity in his orgasm when he came. His warm creamy seed burst into her tight pussy and almost squirted from the sides of his shaft as it oozed out of her while he continued his in and out motion.

Lahna's arms were around him as she almost convulsed from her intense orgasm. Her pussy was still throbbing as she grasped at Ty's very gooey dick still buried deep inside her. Even her breathing was ragged. Ty leaned back to better look down at her, smiling as he saw Lahna's eyes flooded with lust, desire, pleasure, and satisfaction.

They stayed like that for a full minute, catching their breath in silence, still connected by their most private of parts. Finally Lahna said sheepishly, "It, it feels like a dream. I can't believe I actually, I mean we, really, did it."

"You aren't dreaming," Ty whispered against her lips as he slowly pulled his still firm dripping manhood from her swollen cum filled pussy. "If you are dreaming then I must be too. It feels too real … all too real. Definitely not a dream," Ty said as the seriousness of what he had just done set in on his conscious.

Lahna sighed when Ty seemed to pull away from her. "Don't be like that Ty. Stop looking all depressed."

"I need to say this Lahna," Ty began as he stood and started scrounging for his shorts. "You shouldn't have forced yourself on me. You keep teasing me and going after everything. Now look at what I have done." He found his shorts under a nearby work bench and put them on. Lahna just sat up still on the concrete floor, his sperm still dripping out of her.

"You're just saying all this cause you've already cum and are starting to feel guilty. I hear guys do that." Lahna let out an exaggerated pouty lower lip that he found so cute.

"Lahna, in the last twenty minutes, I have committed several felony crimes, cheated on my wife, jeopardized my job, and cum in you without birth-control. I think I have some things to be depressed about!" Ty sounded a little annoyed with how unconcerned Lahna seemed about the whole thing.

"Everything you said is, first of all, nobody else's business. Second, it's sorta normal for human beings when you think about it. It is silly to worry about it. I had an amazing experience just now. I loved it, and from what I can see still dripping out of my stuff, you had a good time too. Why worry about it?"

"Lahna, you are not getting it. This is serious stuff! I must have been crazy to do what we just did," he said, throwing up his hands.

And I thought I was the crazy one," Lahna said mockingly.

"You are," Ty said. "You are crazy for wanting me sexually."

"How is that crazy?"

""It is just crazy Lahna. We can't do this again, ever. Understand?"

"Look Ty, I like you, I have for a couple years. I can't stop liking you just like that."

"Lahna can you see the seriousness in any of this? I mean, I may have gotten you pregnant just now!"

"Or maybe you should sit in Health class once in awhile and consider buying me that Plan B morning after pill thingy. No big deal, just calm down, okay?"

"Fine, fine, you need to get dressed so we can get back to where we both belong." Ty started pacing the garage.

"Well, I would but my clothes are out there by the gate. I'll get right on that." Lahna stood and felt a cramp mixed with a pulled muscle deep inside her vagina. She stumbled and Ty caught her."

"What's wrong Lahna, you okay?" He instantly turned into the caring lover she dreamed of. He softly kissed her lips.

I'm okay, I think, just sorta sore from that big thing you have down there between your legs. You should have told me it was that big." She could see his smile at her comment and his penis, again, fill out his shorts.

He scooped her up and took her outside into the night air to her clothes. She gingerly got her shorts on after wiping all the cum from between her legs with her shirt. Holding her shirt in her hand, she stood there with her tits bouncing in the moonlight as they talked.

"Lahna, I will stop by the drug store tomorrow and get Plan-B for you."

"Cool, just meet me out here around the same time tomorrow night and give it to me then." Lahna smiled almost immediately as a thought ran across her mind.

"I could get it for you tonight if you want, you don't have to wait until tomorrow night. I can get it sooner you know?"

"Yeah, but I need a little time to recover before taking it," she said.

Looking a little confused, he simply said, "I don't follow you."

She stepped closer toward him and wrapped her arms around his waist as she tenderly kissed his bare chest. "I'll take it tomorrow night after I have round two with you."

"Round two? Lahna, I don't think it is a good idea for a round two."

She turned and slowly walked to the gate back to her yard. Looking back she said, "For the next 24 hours I have your cum swimming around in me. That's sorta hot when you think about it. I guess my pussy is holding your cum hostage so you gotta come back tomorrow night with the Plan-B I guess."

Although he frowned she could see the lump of flesh in his shorts jump at the thought of being in her again.

Ty stood there and watched her go out of sight. He was scared, worried, terrified, and guilty but most of all he was excited for tomorrow night to come.