Teachers CH5

Lahna and Ty settled into a routine with each other. She would sneak out around 11 every night and back to her room by 6am the next morning. She almost got caught once by her dad who was up early using the bathroom one morning but other than that, it was an amazing time for her. They would practically ignore each other at school, other than a few sensual looks during the day. Then they would come home and tease via the windows until her mom and dad went to bed. She would sneak out the back door but always had a window or two unlocked for an emergency way back in the house.

Once over with Ty they would talk about their day, sometimes snack on fruit or something small and have amazing sex. She would fall asleep in his arms and wake up in the morning and make it back to her house. By now they were using condoms since there was no way they could keep pumping morning after pills in her system and her mom and dad would not put her on birth-control without an interrogation.

They had been having sex every night for the last two weeks. It was Friday night and another game night for the football team and her as a cheerleader. She made it back home to change and then out the back door and over to his house by around 1am. Walking in his back door, she immediately started stripping off clothing. "It's been a long day ... I need one of those hugs that turns into sex," she giggled.

Ty seemed distracted but quickly seemed to brush it off and focused on her. Within a few minutes, they were naked on the living-room floor of his house going at it hard. That night, he pounded her body from behind filling her pussy to the brim with his throbbing, thick manhood. Her pussy clamped down on his throbbing cock. She bit down on her lip and reached between his legs and took his heavy balls into her hand. They were aching for release. Lahna turned around and stuffed his dick back in her as she lay on her back on the floor. She looked him in the eyes as he began to fuck her harder and succumb to her tight pussy. Approaching her own orgasm, her pussy squeezed his cock repeatedly as her hands gave permission to his swollen balls. He let out a groan as he exploded into the condom. Her orgasmic contractions seemed to squeeze every drop of his cum out of him.

Lahna drifted off to sleep in his arms wrapped up in a blanket on the floor. She had a troubled sleep and oddly something woke her up around 5am on her own. She had a heavy dread on her mind as she rolled out of bed and dressed to go back home before her parents woke up.

Walking back into her bedroom around 5:30am on Saturday she fell onto the bed and tried to search herself for the way she felt. She knew what it was. She had thought about it for days but had ignored it. Something was missing. It should have happened three days ago … her period. She was late and no sign of it.

Later, at breakfast, Lahna asked her mom to take her to the library. Her mom agreed and dropped her off around 10am at the library about eight blocks away from home. Lahna also knew that the library was only two blocks from a Planned Parenthood.

Within an hour, Lahna was sitting in a chair in front of a counselor looking at a paper saying she was pregnant. Even though she was suppose to have a parent with her but they did the test anyway for her. Lahna was in a state of shock. The counselor was talking but Lahna heard nothing.

When Lahna's mom came back to pick her up at the library, Lahna had been crying for awhile and tried to hide it from her mom. Lahna said it was sinuses. She went to her and stayed there the rest of the day, turning down lunch and dinner. Lying on her bed, she stared for over an hour at the ceiling without making a noise. Then she alternated between crying and cussing and praying.

Lahna looked out the window near dark and noticed Ty coming in with groceries. She wondered what she should say to him … and how. Softly she asked herself, "What am I going to do?" She could not seem to answer her own question. She drifted off to sleep crying.

It was 8am when her mom came to get her for church. Lahna asked not to go. She told her mom that she didn't feel good. Today Ty was supposed to be helping Kay move a few things out of the house to her new apartment. Lahna saw Kay talking to Ty and it hurt her and made her mad at the same time. Lahna was pregnant with Ty's baby and that bitch was talking to Ty. How dare she talk to him! Lahna's emotions were all over the place that morning.

Lahna was supposed to come over that night but she didn't and she did not even try to let him know. The next morning at school Lahna's friends could clearly see she was really feeling down. Lahna blamed it on breaking up with a distant fictitious boyfriend. Her friend Kelly could tell it was more.

In math class Ty tried to make eye contact with Layne but she could not look at him in the eye. Kelly sat beside her in math and noticed how he would look at her and she would avoid looking at him. In the hall after math, Kelly pressed Lahna for an answer, "Lahna, you have been in another world for awhile and now you are like depressed and all … what is going on? Is it Mr. Cory? You two look like you have something there."

Lahna repeatedly and firmly denied anything with between her and Ty Cory. "That is gross Kelly. He is like … old and all," Lahna protested. She truly felt like Ty was amazing and age just a number but she had to play down her nosey friend's inquiry.

Later that Monday night, around 11pm, she walked out the door, eyes red from crying, head hurting from thinking of the issue non-stop. Lahna walked slowly over to Ty's back door thinking, "What am I going to tell him?"

Ty could see something was really troubling her when she stepped in his back door. She tried to hold it together but started to softly cry for a minute.

"Ty, can we just cuddle tonight and you hold me?"

"Sure babe, please tell me what is wrong. I want to know what has you so troubled," he said with concern in his voice.

She waved him off for the moment and they went upstairs to the bedroom. They didn't take their clothes off but just decided to lay there in silence. He massaged her neck when she refused to talk. She eventually took her shirt off. She had no bra. He moved the massage to her back. She had been silent for over an hour before she finally shed her plants so he could massage her butt and legs. Somewhere in it all he had already removed his clothes.

Around 1am he was drifting off to sleep when she whimpered in a soft low voice, "Ty, I'm pregnant."

Ty heard her clearly. His arm around her went slack. His only words were, "Oh my God, Lahna. Are you sure?" His questioning tone made her mad.

"No, I just guessed at it. Of course I am sure! I am week late on my period and Planned Parenthood confirmed it Saturday for me." She was instantly sorry for snapping at him. She would have asked the same question if she were in his shoes.

They talked through the night with Ty cuddled up close behind her. They were both scared and worried. Ty was silent for almost 30 minutes while she talked and cried and cried some more. Every time she would say the word 'pregnant' it seemed Ty's soft dick would get hard for a few minutes before going soft again. Eventually, the on again off again pressing of his dick in her back annoyed her and she had to ask him what is his issue.

"Ty, we are both scared, we have both cried about this … why the hell are you getting hard on me?"

"Lahna, the reason Kay and I have had issues is because she could never get pregnant and I always from day one wanted a child. She and I have been married for almost 12 years and no baby. She cheated on me because she was tired of being in a marriage where the pressure was on her to have a baby. So, when you tell me that I have made a baby with you, I am terrified but as a man, excited to have made a baby with you."

That eased her mind and made her feel closer to Ty as well. It did not solve anything and within a few seconds they were again talking about everything.

"Lahna, I am done. I mean, when everyone finds out that you are pregnant, they will immediately suspect me. I don't know if I should resign teaching mow and run to another state to hide or just stay and know that any moment a police officer will walk in my classroom and haul me off." Ty signed.

Lahna took on a serious tone, "Ty, don't you dare give up. I need you now. Don't you quit on me!"

"I am not quitting," Ty said with a tremble to his voice. "I am just being realistic. I mean, look at it Lahna! I am a teacher having sex with an underage student. I will get at least five to ten years in prison."

"Nobody will suspect you," she said.

"Funny you say that," Ty muttered as he rolled on his back and put his hands over his eyes. "Friday I had lunch with Mr. Ellis the science teacher. He sorta scolded me. He said some of his students were talking about you and me. It seems they have noticed how we look at each other. Trust me Lahna when I tell you that I am done. My life is over."

"Ty, I got it. You are worried about prison. I am worried about a baby growing inside me!" Lahna was getting a little loud as she spoke. She sat up in bed and continued. "I am 15, I am not ready to be a mom! I can't even cook a decent meal yet! I want to finish school, go to college … but most of all … I want to LIVE MY LIFE!" She started to sob.

Ty sat up and waited a few minutes for her to calm down before trying to put his arms around her. They never went to sleep that night and she left his house at 6am. Both of them were beyond exhausted but they had to power through the day at school as if nothing happened.

In math class, Ty put on a movie for the day. He said to himself, "To hell with a lesson plan. Where I am going there are no lesson plans anyway." He was so tired he could barely stay focused. Every time the door opened to his classroom he expected a cop to come in. Living in fear was miserable.

Halfway through her class with Ty, Lahna walked up to his desk as everyone else watched the movie. She asked in a noticeable voice, "May I use the bathroom Mr. Cory?" Then she leaned in to him and whispered, "Promise me you won't give up. I will fix this for the both of us … somehow."

Later that night, after dinner with her parents, she was so tired that she fell into bed and drifted off to a troubled sleep.

The next morning she woke up with an idea forming in her head. She was going to have this baby because she couldn't live with an abortion. It was not who she was or how she grew up. She could not see herself taking care of the baby and selling out all her dreams either. Then there was Ty. They would suspect him and he would likely get caught if she didn't do something.

Tuesday ad Wednesday she stayed to herself and never went to see Ty. She spent the time in her room thinking. She would talk to her friends and try to sell them on the idea that all is okay. Thursday night she couldn't wait to get out of the house and over to see Ty. When she walked in his backdoor at the usual time, she found him sitting in a chair in the dark in the living-room. He had several empty bottles of alcohol around him.

"Hey dear," is all he could muster for her as she walked in the dark room.

"Ty, hang in there … please. I have an idea."

They talked for an hour about everything that had happened. Ty wanted to talk about life in prison. During their conversation she made her mind up as to what to do to fix this but she knew she could never tell him until it happened. He would stop her.

"Ty, tomorrow is the game. It is a home game and I want you there. I also want you to ask Kay to be there. Don't let her back out. I need you two to be seen together."

Ty was stunned. "Are you sure? What are you planning?"

Lahna was getting frustrated, "Ty, damn it, just do it, please!"

He agreed to be there and ask Kay to attend after several more attempts to pry out of her what she planned. Eventually she took Ty's hand and led him up the stairs toward the bedroom.

"Ty, tonight might be the last time in awhile where we can get together. I need you to make love to me like you really mean it. I know what I have to do and it scares the hell out of me and it will be a lonely road. I want to know that I am doing the right thing."

Ty pleaded with Lahna, "Babe, I don't even know what you are planning! I don't want you to do something crazy to save me, understand? I love you and I guess I deserve what I am going to get. You save yourself!"

"Bullshit, I don't regret being with you Tyler Cory! I may have never taken much responsibility for my life before you, but you made me grow up and that isn't a bad thing. I am going to do what it takes to fix this for both of us even if I have to lose to win."

She led him to the shower and they both got in after regulating the water temperature and helping each other take off their clothes.

Eventually, they made it to the bed and started softly kissing each other. Tonight, Lahna wanted to capture again the thrill she had felt since they first met. Tonight, she was determined to put the problems out of her mind.

As they kissed, her kisses started to move to his neck, then his chest, and then his manhood. He was still clearly stressing out and his dick was about half hard. She smiled and took it as a challenge to excite him. As she caressed and played with his dick, she felt it grow in her hands and her mouth.

They soon switched to the 69 position and not only did his dick seem to grow under the caress of her lips, but his tongue was softly circling her clit and plunging deep in her freshly pregnant sweet spot. Squeezing her ass and playfully running a small finger in her asshole drove her to a new level of excitement. Eventually, he pulled her slowly up to meet him face to face again. They held each other tight and kissed passionately, tasting each other via the kiss. She then felt his thick hard cock push slowly inside her wet eager pussy.

After several minutes, Lahna switched positions. She got on top of him and started riding him in 'reverse cowgirl' style! Lahna plunged her hips down hard and rhythmically to take him deep inside her. It was her new favorite sexual position. She discovered it weeks ago on a porn site and was eager to try it. Tonight was the night.

She liked controlling the pace, and the point of stimulation from his cock on her sensitive g-spot. Her pace quickened. She reached her first orgasm quickly, leaking her girl juices down his shaft, but she continued her thrusting hip motions. She could feel how hard he was inside her. She loved his moaning as he neared his climax.

She didn't have to worry about getting pregnant this time. Instead, heeding her deepest sexual desires, she drove her hips down hard onto his throbbing cock. She could feel the head of his member pushing at her cervix. Driven by the sensations inside her; Lahna orgasmed again.

She felt him stiffening inside her signaling his impending orgasm. He grasped her tits with his hands and rammed his hips into her harder and deeper. Ty seemed determined to bring on his orgasm and shoot every warm gooey drop of his cum as deep inside her pregnant pussy as possible.

She sighed contently as she felt him unload the contents of his balls deep inside her, giving her aching, pregnant pussy the final orgasm she so desperately craved.

The next day was Friday and game night. Ty was there and so was Kay. It bothered her that he was even speaking to Kay but if she was to have her life back, she would have to learn to share him. As the game ended Lahna worked herself into an invite to a Saturday night party out at a football player's house. She thought all Friday night about what she was planning to do. She did not go see Ty. She needed a little time apart to make this happen.

Saturday around 7pm Lahna showed up at the party with her two cheerleader friends, Ashley and Jennifer. They were not as close to Lahna as her friend Kelly but they were fun to hang with. Lahna's mom trusted them. That was going to change after tonight. She couldn't let them in on the plan. They had to just do what she knew they would do … tell on her.

She had been at the party for about an hour and was enjoying talking to her girlfriends Ashley and Jennifer. Lahna was really nervous and kept delaying what she knew she had to do. She was there to have sex with three or four guys to throw the suspicion off Ty. She had to do this! After discussing the latest gossip, she excused herself from her friends to go get a drink.

On the way to the kitchen for another nasty tasting beer she literally bumped into Kenny Jacobs, a senior at her high school, age 18, and the football quarterback. She made small talk with him for about 10 minutes in the kitchen as she drank some courage in the form of beer.

"I wish they had something better tasting here," Lahna said as she dropped the empty beer bottle in the trash.

"I think they have a liquor cabinet upstairs in the master bedroom," Kenny smiled and said.

"Guys are so predictable," Lahna thought. This was it! She had to do it or Ty would never get away with it. He would be in trouble and she would not let him go to jail over this. She had to do this! Anyway, Kenny was a hot looking guy and according to all the girls she had talked to, he had some skills. She was going to try and let herself enjoy it.

They made their way upstairs and to the room. Kenny pulled out a bottle of Jim Beam and handed it to her. It was the worst tasting stuff she had ever drunk and it burned but she could quickly feel herself relax. Kenny eventually took her hand and pulled her to him. He kissed her firmly on the lips. Within minutes they were getting naked. Twice the door opened and someone stuck their head in to see who was playing. Lahna thought that it was a good thing to be seen. It would spread the story quickly.

Standing by the bed in Kenny's arms, Kenny again kissed her but she refused to let him kiss her another time on the mouth after the first surprise kiss. His hands quickly reached her clit and tits and started the customary fondling. Lahna tried to relax as he eased her down on the bed and let him work his magic.

Lahna let Kenny's hands caress her body as he kissed her neck and gently squeezed her breast and nipples. He positioned himself between her legs. His hard dick rubbed the soft folds of her pussy. She started to actually get a little wet with the newness of this experience. He smeared her wetness between her legs while still kissing her neck. He moved in a motion that would seem like he wanted to enter her missionary style but then change the angle so that he entered her from the side. Lahna was surprised and started to move her hips with him.

He stopped once and pulled her up and into the doggie position. He again slowly entered her from behind. Lahna actually had a few waves of pleasure sweep over her as Kenny's manhood plunged in and out of her. She felt a little guilty, like she was cheating on Ty. Kenny kissed her back and started a fast paced rhythm moving in and out of her tight pussy.

He groaned in pleasure as his body betrayed him and he unloaded himself inside her. His body shuddered in orgasm as she coaxed and drained out of him every precious drop of his hot potent cum. It was enough to fill her tight little spot.

Lahna didn't orgasm but Kenny did blow a load and that was what she needed him to do. "One down and several more to go," she whispered to herself as she awkwardly got off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. Luckily she did not have to go out in the hall for the bathroom.

Kenny walked with Lahna out of the room but quickly ditched her to go brag to his friends. Layna encountered a couple guys a few minutes later who had heard she just fucked Kenny. Word travels fast. They were from another high school and she didn't know them. That was a good thing so she started talking to them.

They were Bryan and Greg, both 16 and where not into football but liked crashing a good neighborhood party. They were somewhat drunk and pretty bold. Within the first five minutes they were asking if she would have sex with them.

Lahna took a deep breath and decided to go for it. She told them she would only do them one at a time and, of course, they eagerly agreed.

Bryan was tall with dark long hair. He was awkward but oddly charming for a guy who was a gamer. They went into a side bedroom this time. The master bedroom was locked. He was shyer that she expected so she pushed it along and started undressing in front of him. His dick was immediately hard and ready for action. She guided him into position to go down on her. That was the price he had to pay for wanting to fuck her. She took a sip from Bryan's alcoholic drink. It tasted worse than the Jim Bean and burned twice as long. Alcohol was not her thing but she needed it to relax.

Eventually, she let him put his dick in her since he was horrible at going down on her. At least he got it wet with his licking and she didn't tell him but there was still some of Kenny's stuff lubricating everything. Within two minutes he told her was going to cum.

"It figures," she said so low he could not hear her. As bad as she felt about having sex with this guy, she mustered up a half-hearted, "Come on, fuck me hard Cum in me!" She knew she had to do this to save the father of her baby. She so wanted it over already.

With the next stroke, he shoved himself in her harder and balls deep. He was not that big but his shove hurt. He couldn't hold back and his cock began contracting hard and spewing thick jets of cum deep into her. He came so hard he almost literally passed out.

As he finished and got off her, she couldn't help but think of Ty and his vast ocean of experience. Ty was a true lover. She missed Ty.

Without even a minute to clean up Greg walked in as Bryan walked out. Lahna truly felt like a slut but this was part of the price she had to pay to save Ty. She grabbed a pillow case and wiped as much of the excess cum off of her as possible but it was still dripping out of her.

Lahna started talking with Greg who was clearly eager and nervous. He had never been with a girl before. He was a virgin so this was his lucky night.

Lahna wanted this night to end so she took the lead as they talked and unbuckled Greg's pants. She was already naked from Bryan's encounter. Within a few minutes they were at it in the bed. His body tingled with euphoria as he drove his cock into Lahna's already cum dripping pussy. His balls hung low and slapped her clit with 16 years of cum loaded in those balls.

His legs shook with adrenaline and disbelief as he pounded her wet swollen pussy. Although he outlasted Bryan, Greg wasn't going to last much longer as he watched his cock disappear into her beautiful cum soaked body.

His body tightened, he felt a warm sensation rise in his abs, and he looked at her as if helpless to stop it. He let out a low pitched groan as he shot a huge load of cum in her. She was already dripping with cum from the last two guys and this load was incredibly huge. It splashed out around the side of his shaft and all down her asshole making a puddle on the bed under her.

Lahna grabbed her clothes and walked out of the room after saying goodbye to Greg. She was naked and dripping cum as she walked down the busy hall to the bathroom. She knew she needed witnesses and this was the way. "One more," Lahna thought, "then this horrible night will be over."

When she got to the bathroom it was occupied and she had to wait. Quickly about five guys surrounded her flirting with her and making all the expected comments. She was tired, sore, emotionally a wreck and she knew that if she started crying now it would be epic and last all night. Counseling culd come later but right now, She had to hold it together! She just needed to not fall apart but the whole night was starting to overwhelm her. If she quit now she had three potential pretend daddies. She knew she needed more to keep Ty totally off the radar. Tonight she felt like she didn't want any more dicks for the rest of her life! This was beyond horrible and disgusting.

The guys were pressing around her and she felt like she couldn't breathe. She backed up to a small table in the crowded hallway and felt trapped. It was then she just sorta gave up for a minute and said, "Hell, why not. Who wants some sloppy seconds?"

Several guys started pulling out there dicks. Lahna bent over the table and waited. The first guy eased himself into her and started pumping. He looked a bit older, maybe in his 20s even. Within a few minutes he unloaded in her and disappeared in the crowd with a smile. She was still bent over the small table in the hall.

Lahna went numb emotionally. She felt detached from her body. Tonight didn't seem real. She started to softly cry.

Immediately after he pulled out, another guy put his dick in her. This next guy was pretty huge. Even with a sore, worn, swollen pussy she felt him stretch her as he began to go in and out of her. His hands held her ass as his manhood sank inside her cum lubricated pussy. She felt the current guy start to go soft in her. She looked around to see that it was a tall well built younger black guy. He was a little shy with everyone now watching and cheering him on. Lahna decided to hurry him along with a little encouragement.

Choking back her tears, she said to him, "I can feel you throbbing; damn … you're SO close! Just cum inside me … c'mon, babe… DO IT!" Lahna wanted this to end. She pulled away and spun around and sat back on the table so she could see his face. At the same time she grabbed his gooey wet dick and guided it into her wrecked pussy.

He held her firm ass securely as his cock probed confidently in her vulnerable sweet pussy. She caressed his big black bull balls as he relaxed and get back into a rhythm. She felt him finally spasm and throb hard, delivering thick hot spurts of his cum deep inside her.

It was over! She was done! As he pulled out tears came to her eyes and she ran into the bathroom that was now available. She noticed her two cheerleader friends had been watching her get fucked from further down the hall. This was the worst night of her life but it might buy her and Ty … freedom.