What about them could be

Considered imperfect?

Who's to say that

Two people have

Ever loved each other

More than—

Or even as much—

As they do?

Perfection in the way

She won't let go of his arm;

Perfection in the way

They look at one another—

As though there's no one else around,

No one else in the world.

Perfection in the tears

That she allowed to spill

When she received the text message

That told her

He had been hurt.

Perfection in that

She was the first one to know.

Perfection in the way

He sighs and corrects her,

Even somewhat fatherly.

Perfection in the time

They've stayed together

Through everything.

Perfection in the way

He knows he can't

Deny her anything

If it's really what she wants.

Perfection in that

She watches over him,

Even if he doesn't think

He needs it.

Perfection in her voice—

Quavering just a little—

As she tells him:

"You can tell me anything.

I'm your girlfriend; I'm always there for you."

Perfection in his not

Talking to her,

Because it might

Hurt her.

Perfection in her eyes

When he comes closer to her.

Perfection in their

Unafraid, unashamed attitude.

Perfection when he tells her

He loves her, and she

Just smiles back at him.

He knows;

She doesn't need to say it.

Perfection when he whispers it,

And she replies:

"You smell good."

And perfection in

Every little thing

They do for one another.

If this isn't perfect,

What is?