Six months.

Today marked the sixth month of me leaving my people. I marked off the day with a sigh and sat by the window that overlooked the sea. Today felt like any other day which I found surprising. I thought I would feel more freedom but I felt nothing. I guess all the banished returned because they couldn't find what they felt to be missing. As I stretched I realized that I did feel something: a sharp pain in my right wing. I turned around to look at it and I took in a sharp breath as I discovered the source of the pain. My beautiful lavender wing had a rugged hole in the middle of it which made it impossible to fly. Not that I was going to be flying anytime soon anyway, all of my people with the exception of Zander, Rekos and Rikia believed me to be banished and banished angelus couldn't fly. Only the three of us knew that I had fought my way out. I wasn't going to be stuck there under the rule of Rekos, I didn't belong there and everyone knew it. At least if I was going to have to leave eventually I might as well leave while it was under my power to do so. "Poor Zander," I thought to myself with a small smile. "He knew it was coming and he tried to stop it but it happened anyway." I slowly spun a nearby pen in circles as I remembered how it started and the events that followed. I admit it could have gone smoother and better but they didn't. I don't think any of us really thought anything was going to happen.