A loud crack from behind me brought me back to reality. I was here, not there. I knew that cracking sound well, Rekos just popped into my room. With my luck he had also broke something. I flicked my good wing in annoyance and glared at the wall as I spoke.

"What do you want Rekos? To see if I changed? I haven't. Did you come to remind me of what I left?"

"I'm not here for that. I also am not Rekos."

I turned in surprise and drew in a sharp breath when I saw who it was. Standing there in slight amusement was Razel.

"What do you want Razel? Only angelus are allowed in here and you are the farthest thing from them." I stood slowly and walked to the center of the room. "Tell me how you managed to get in here Razel Nyghtstar."

Razel flinched at the sound of his full name, he hated that all of us knew it and he hated it even more when we spoke it. Soon he recovered himself and managed to answer me. "It was brother Rekos, he asked me to check on you. He would have come but he was busy attending to Rikia." He opened a window into our world and stepped to the side. "Look for yourself and see what has become truth."

I stepped forward slowly. I didn't want to know what I feared to be true. But I had to know, I had to see it for myself. What I saw was what I feared. Her short brown hair was now long and jet black. She had a raven perched on her shoulder and faithfully waiting for a command by her side was a griffin. As I watched with dread she reached for her sword and lifted it to the sky. Her sword was now black and had an emerald stone set in the handle. I turned away, unable to watch anymore.

"Do you see Arisa what has happened?"

"Yes I do." As I stood there the back of my neck started burning. A glance at the clock showed that it was happening earlier than it usually did. For weeks the pain had stopped but it looked like it wasn't completely gone.

"Razel, you have been here long enough, it is time for you to leave."

I quickly turned away from him, I wasn't going to become weak in front of him. I moved into the empty circular room and sat in the middle. To my annoyance he sat beside me.

"Leave Razel, while the door is open for you." I spoke slowly fighting off the pain that was building. His presence was making come faster and I didn't know how long I could fight."Go, now." For awhile he sat in silence then finally spoke.

"When the time is right I will heal your pain, but you must allow it and trust me. If not you will continue to have this pain for the rest of your banishment."


"So it begins Arisa Youngstar."

He said those final words and I exploded into pain.