A Jasmin Flower's Friendship

A rose's friendship is charming
But vain
Their thorns pierce through your heart

A bluebell's friendship is pleasant
But woeful
Their sadness rings all in part

Most friendships are common
And are always there
But one is all too rare

The oldest one
The boldest one
The one that never fails

The plain and simple beauty
The small and happy soul
Is always there to lead
A friend that is in need

A friendship that is
Always faithful
And is never in the end

A Jasmin's friendship is wonderful
And priceless
Their magic brings everything out

Of the lifeless

I wrote this poem for my best and oldest friend Jasmin. We have known each other since first grade. I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday. -Hey Jazz! I miss and love you and I hope to see you soon.- I haven't seen her in months because I moved away temporarily. But this is dedicated to her and our friendship. :*)