They think that love is just a name

For a non-existent abstract feeling

Glorified by books and songs we sing.

Yeah, we will show them.

They say love can't buy you food.

They don't realize that people in love would

Happily starve to death.

I wish they had a little bit of faith

In love, but we'll show them.

They don't know, they don't understand

That the problems trying to drag down my shadow

Disappear when you hold my hand.

We will show them.

They think that we will fall.

They don't believe that love conquers all.

But when I'm with you everything blurs,

Every face seems the same.

We will show them.

They say that I can never put you before me.

They don't realize that love transforms

All the sporadic "you and I"s into we.

We will show them.

They say I won't be able to adjust

To married life, but I trust

Myself, I know I'd be able to

Happily give up everything for you.

We will show them.

Your love is all I'll ever need, everything else

Is relative to time; before you their appeal pales.

I can give up hotdogs and pizzas in a second,

When love will take over as my best friend.

I wouldn't care if my nails are not painted,

If my old clothes are slowly getting tainted.

We will show them.

They think that I am a fragile flower

That'd be crushed if I'm not financially independent.

They don't realize that love is the only power

That can make begging for money seem insignificant.

We will show them.

They think that I need to earn

So I can spend for myself the way I want.

They don't realize that our world will burn

If we don't share everything we own.

We're together, not alone!

What's mine is yours.

I have never been this sure.

They don't believe in stories lovers tell.

They think a thing like this is not possible,

So we'll show them.

They keep on showing their doubts in us.

But this aching in my chest cannot surpass

The love I hold for you in my heart.

Their taunts can never tear us apart.

We will show them.

We'll show them that they are wrong.

We'll walk perfectly in sync, we'll stay strong.

The world I see with you is a whole new place.

Even in the darkest hour, you put a smile on my face.

We'll show them just how wrong they are.

There's a happily ever after out there.

And it's for us, it's ours to claim.

We will show them.

They think that love is just a name,

Just an excuse for imagining things for dreamers like me.

So maybe they are the ones who haven't seen reality.

Our love is very real, so we will show them.

A/N: I'm a very upset right now, and this is what I wrote for my soul-mate. I know critics can find a thousand flaws in it, but you know what? This is from my heart and I'm very happy with the way this shaped up :)