Chapter Three

It was my third day of rest, and still had another four more days off. My feet were still hurting but I had managed to limp around a little. I think it was best if I did have a few more days off though so that my body was in good shape for next week. I did not want to look like a fool infront of Logan again.

Jenny had been round for the first few hours of each day, being my personal slave when I couldn't be bothered to move and sneaking wine into my drink the one night, she thought I was stupid. Like I couldn't taste it in my throat. But even as the door bell had just knocked for some reason I knew it wasn't Jenny. I hopped like a bunny to the door and pulled it open to be face- to face with no one other then Holly. She looked kinda...pissed off. Before I could even invite her in she stepped in anyway and immedinetly, rolled her eyes at my flat and the condition it was in.

"Daisy. Nice flat you've got yourself here. Very vintage," she grinned, in this fake cheery way. It was probably my amazing old wallpapers that were years old that made her like it so much. Or the carpets gruesome colors.

"Thanks. I try my best with it," I giggled, like I was really happy she liked it. I really didn't care what her thoughts of my apartment were like.

"Anyway getting down to buisness here," she said. Pulling one of my only pillows from the floor onto the sofa she sat on it first and then carried on her sentence. "I heard about your accident. How sad. But this wasn't the deal Daisy. I'm paying you big bucks here and yet your having time off sitting in the house, all because of your foot. This wasn't the plan. For all I know he could be having sex with a woman this minute and I wouldn't know because the woman who I hireds busy having a week off!" She stands back up again from her rant, her face perfectly stone sober and still in place.

"Look I'm sorry. The doctor told me to take a break," I apologised. I understood where she was coming from, she was paying me and I wasn't doing what she has said. She was worried about her fiance but I really couldnt walk that well.

"I don't care what the doctor said. You either come in tomorrow with some exscuse that your okay or I'm offically going to drop that money of yours." With that said she gave me one last glare and made her exit shutting the door quietly behind her.

I sat there for over an hour knowing if I didn't start paying debts and loans soon I would be out of here. I knew I had to do only one thing and that was to go back to work, even if I could walk or not.

I made it to work rather early the next morning. My uniform already on. And my hair up in a plait. I wasn't in the mood to get leturced about being late so I decided to surprise them all by being here early and with my exscuse to work.

I was met with Sharon who was in charge of me. She looked me straight up with a confused face as to why I was here.

"I decided to come back a little early then I was planning, you know I had enough rest and was so excited to see you again Sharon, your so amazing," I smiled. She give me this dirty look and rolled her eyes walking off shouting for me to start on ground floor with the staff rooms first.

I giggled knowing she was ticked about me being back, she didn't like me either but it was kind of funny pissing her off because she wasn't the one who could sack me.

I was finally on my break when I could put my foot down which was really swollen from the hard work the poor foot had been doing. I had found that there were a few cliches with all the people who worked at the hotel. It was like being in school again. You had the bar staff who were on one table. Then the managers and co staff who just told people what to do. You then had the gardeners who kept the hotel gardens nice in the middle of everyone. Then you had the bell boy and girls. And then the staff who were on desk. And then there was the housekeeping staff. And me. They were giggling away to whatever a redhead had said to them all. They looked happy enough that they didn't need a newbie like me on the table.

That's when I found three girls on a four seater table all casually talking, but not so fascinated in there conversation that they wouldn't involve me. I decided to take the remeinding seat.

"You don't mind if I sit here do you?" I asked them. The asian girl shrugged her head like she didn' care and went back to reading her newspaper, the blond smiled while drinking her tea and the girl with the pixie cut hair held her hand out.

"Of course not. I'm Talilulah by the way. And the blond over there is Polina and thats Brenda," she said and pointed to the asian girl.

"Nice to meet you all. I'm Daisy," I grinned, picking out my sandwiches I had made this morning.

"Love the name," Talilulah smiled, the only one really particpating in speaking to me. "Don't mind the other too, there to focused all the time to make conversation with anyone. Thats why there at this table. Polina because she's texting constantly and Brenda because shes a huge book and newspaper nerd."

"I heard that," Brenda piped up, not looking up from her newpaper as she said this.

"And thats why I said it," Talilulah laughed. "Anyway you must be new here, were all kind of new but your like very new aren't you? Whats your position here."

"I'm in housekeeping staff, unfortunetly," I muttered.

"Must suck. I here their pretty strict there. Well you know like they keep you in order. I don't personally do it myself, I take the hotel phone calls but Polina here does it too and apprently the lady in charge of you all is kind of a bossy boots." More then a bossy boots. A grumpy old lady more like.

"She is, everyone calls her Sharon the canon behind her back because she explodes quick if we do the littlest thing wrong," Polina piped in before going back to her texting.

"She is annoying but I guess that comes with the job."

"Unlucky for you, really. I mean we have this one lady Georgia who's in charge of us but shes quite nice, shes never down our throat she just lets us do our own thing," Taluliah said taking a bite from her apple.

"Want to swap jobs?" I joked.

"No way," Tali laughed. We carried on talking for a little before break was over. I had decided that not everyone was actually bad here, even if the hotel was fancy. There always had to be one person down to earth that you could actually talk to. Walking to the third floor I noticed one room already open before I had even unlocked the key. I decided to be nosy and I knew it couldn't be a guest because no one had booked this room. I peeked my head inside to find no one in there. Strange.

Maybe the door wasn't closed properly from before. I decided to give it a clean why I was here anyway. Making the bed sheets that were kind of messy looking. I was just about to go into the en suite bathroom and opened the door when I felt steam pop out the room it was then that I saw a towel wrapped around the most handsome body ever. Golden tanned, ripped in so many places and muscles that were to dream over. I didn't half scream when I saw Logans face. He himself had a shocked face, but not as worse as mine. Not when I couldn't help but not take my eyes off his body either. My eyes twisting in every place from how he had infected me.

"Oh my god, Mr Elliot! I am so sorry, I really am," I said turning my body away.

"It's okay Miss Monroe. But what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be resting for another few days," he actually looked pretty concerned as to why I was backactually, he looked angry at me.

"Oh that. My foot. It's all better. Seriously, a few limps here and there, but you know my job comes first," I laughed it off, but he didn't seem amused. His hair was wet and he had slight curls when it was like this his hair messy but I could at any minute jump him with the look he had, I had to keep turning around and looking down because I felt so awkward around him.

"Let me see it," he mentioned sitting on the bed, waving me over. Oh my, I felt my face flush from how much our distance was from each other. And to know all there was from seeing his private parts was a towel made it extremley even more difficult. I did as he said though and then felt him push his fingers onto my feet that was covered from my tights. I tried my best not groan at the pain I felt when he poked it but it was kind of hard when the foot had not properly healed yet. "Does it hurt?"

"No," I answered with one short move.

"Don't lie to me. Your terrible at lying," he said with a voice like he was my father. "I can't believe you came back to work. You know any other woman and they would of loved the chanced to have a week off and still get paid. But not you," he shook his head, some of the wet from his hair hitting my cheek. My face went bright red again.

"I'm sorry, I just really felt bad you know, making the others get more extra work to do," I said. He looked even more amused at this.

"Your a weird one, you know that," he laughed. That beautiful laugh.

"I try my best," I pouted. He looked at me then, like for real, like he wanted to tell me a secret. Like he was cheating on Holly? He could tell me, I was open to that three thousand pound cash I had to keep thinking about, if this was going to work out great. I took my gaze off him and looked at the floor again.

"Sorry about the room being open, I tend to use this room alot because not many people come up on the third floor, it's pretty quiet. Most of the time anyway."

"I'll make sure to knock next time then. I mean this is kind of embarassing," I laughed pointing to him half naked.

"It's not. Don't tell me you've never saw a mans body before," he kinked his eyebrows and I started to laugh really hard then at his silly face.

"I have, I have. But... not my bosses I mean come on that's a little weird right?" He shurgged and pointed to his body.

"Maybe, okay a lot. But hey, it's a good view right?" he smirked.

"I think it's time for me to be going. I can't stand in a room with to much ego you know what I'm saying," I joked slapping him playfully getting up.

"Of course of course. It wouldn't be professinal would it. Imagine if someone saw us they would think we was up to something. Gosh I hate people like that," he said. People like that. People like what, who watch him and make stories and gossip that he's cheating. People like me. "Like I would ever cheat on Holly, I mean come on I love her. They really annoy me, and she gets paranoid with me being sorrounded by so many women," he said so serious.

"Well I think thats my que," I said quickly. Making my way to the door. I needed to get out of there now, espcially when he was talking about a person that sums up who I am. "I know you and Holly are just adorable, you just got to both have trust thats the key to your relationship," I said chipery, quickly waving goodbye not leaving him time to answer me back. I let out a huge sigh when I was outside the door. Here I was supposed to be working, and yet I was goggling some handsome mans, amazing body. I shook my head quickly making it down the hall to carry on finishing my work for the day. I was on a top roll I had dusted all the floors. Polished all the cabinets and changed the sheets frequently and the bathrooms were squeaking clean. I was on my way out the door just about to inhale a cab when I saw Logan walk outside. I was just about to say hi when a woman with adoring light brown hair greeted him friendly with a hug.

I remembered the amount of cash I was getting if I caught him cheating. How it would help me out. How if I quickly got him in trouble, then I wouldn't have to like him even more. Since the more we spoke the more I was finding it hard to do. It was like backstabbing someone in the back. I needed to quickly get this over with, before I had it in bad.

I took out my black glasses (always handing for major stalkage times) and sat back on a big rubbish bin around the corner just enough away to hear them. They were talking and then laughing.. and then hugging alot more, like they were excited to see each other. I took out my phone and put camera mode on and took a few pictures of them hugging and then talking alot more. I shook my head, and here I thought that maybe.. just maybe Logan was different you know. And you know cheating, I thought he had the decency to at least call it off with his fiancee first. I pulled a cab and made my way back, disspointed...

It had been two weeks since I had saw Logan last. I was going to tell Holly I just didn't know how to yet. See it was normally easy for me to do this step you know. Once you had photos for evidence or you know anything for evidence the rest was easy. Yet I was beginning to think that maybe this was the hardest part. I felt like Logan was becoming a good friend of mine and by going against him I was a bad friend. Even if we had only spoken on a few occasions he was a good man, well I thought he was. So picking the easiest option I chose to just stay out of his way and try and hide in places if I saw him coming. I still had no idea what I was going to do about the photo. I needed time to think.

Except today just had to be different because someone had booked the place for a wedding for the weekend. This meant that everyone of the staff (including us house keepers) had to be in tact shape and help each other out. Even if our jobs were completley different. If there was help needed they would pick you to help out even if it wasn't usually your job. I had just found that out when Sharon had saw me rushing up the stairs. I remember her exact words.

"Weddings are the most important thing in a hotel, you mess up. They will fire you on the dot."

So thats probably why I was serving drinks of wine and sandwiches to some posh couple on the far end table. I was wearing an outfit total different to what I normally wore. It was a white shirt with a black bow and black trousers to go with. If I thought my house keeping outfit was horrible then I sure wanted to rip this one off. I would of rather wore my usual maid one. I felt like a man in these horrible black pants. They did nothing for my butt, what so ever.

"Is this the sparkling wine?" The lady with the perfect dress asked me. She wasn't the bride to be but was some related cousin or something. I knew all this because all the girls waitressing with me were gossipers and new nearly everything about all the guests here. It was slightly sad but interesting at the same time.

"It's" I had no idea what the difference was between wine and sparkling wine. I had never heard of sparkling wine before.

"So you have no idea if it's sparkling wine?" She looked at me like I was an alien from a different planet. You know crazy for not knowing everything on wine.

"I'll take it back and ask if it is sparkling or not," I said. Trying not to cause an argument. It was slightly embarassing aswell, considering she was raising her voice over a glass of wine. I tried to pull the glass off of her when she was just about pull it back and it accidentally spilt all the two of us.

"Now look what you have done you foolish young woman," the lady shouted, causing everyones faces to turn towards us. It felt so shamefull. I tried not to look at anyone and aplogised as much as I could.

"I'm really, really sorry," I told her, grabbing a cloth nearby and wiping her dress. She pull the cloth of her and threw it in my face, which was still dripping of wine down me.

"How dare you wipe that scraggy cloth on my face. Do you know how much my mouisterizer is," she shrieked. I heard everyone around me whisper things some saying how bad I was and others saying how much of a commoner I was. I felt so embarassed, that when I looked up I didn't notice Logan pulling me out the large reception room with him. Him quickly apologising before he took me out.

Once we were outside he pulled me into a small room, showing no signs of any emotions just his handsome face. Then he shook his head.

"What went on in there?"

"I-I- I'm not right for this waitressing poistion. I think I got the wrong wine for her. She wanted sparkling wine.. and I didn't know if it was sparkling or not. And then I tried to take the glass back and ask someone if it was and she didn't buldge so it tipped over both of us," I gestured to the wine that had stained in my white shirt, if I wasn't crying I would of realised it was kind of see through showing my bra. Without a word he pulled me into a hug. And he felt so warm.

"Don't worry about it, okay?" he wiped the tears away from my head. "I will not sack you over something silly like that. That woman obviously thinks shes something special when shes not. Alot of the upper east side are like that unfortunetly," he mumbled the last part. I heard it though.

"Your from the upp east side, how can you say that?" I laughed, looking at him. H eshurgged his shoulders and sat down next to me.

"I wasn't originally from here y'know. I wasn't born into money either. I've made everything I have myself," he said. He was alot quiter then he usually was, I guessed this was a sore subject to him for some reason.

"Then you should be proud," I pipped up after a few minutes.

"I am. I am proud. It's just some people treat you so different with the littlest money you have. Like people think with money you can be bigheaded y'know. I mean I have way more friends now then I did when I was fourteen living in England."

"I thought I could hear a little british to your voice," I smiled, he just looked at me and smiled back.

"Yeah I moved when I was fifteen. Mom and Dad couldn't afford to let me live with them. Dad's job had fired him and mom had always been a mom at home type. Jobs were hard to find for them. So they decided to give me up for adoption, said I would have a better life without having to scrap for the littlest peices of bread and sleep on a thin sheet on the floor. I begged them not to make me go, but they still found carers for me anyway. They turned out to be wealthy not like so rich they could afford anything, but they had enough money that they wanted me to move with them to America to New York because my step dad had a job there. They were an okay family but they were always constantly working and never had time for me. I just wanted my old life back you know. At least I knew they loved me back in london. So I decided to run away, well I wrote a note and told them they wernt my family and that I would find someone to sleep. I met people in different places, ended up doing little favours for them and in return they would let me stay at there place. I ended up going to a really great college because I worked so hard for it. Got on the right tracks of the right people, ended up making money then started creating properties as soon as I left college and I'm right now." I didn't expect him to tell me such a story about his life. It was nice to listen to though. It was nice he had time to tell me such a background on his life. Like a friend would.

"Wow. And here I thought you was some boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Guess I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover huh?" I croaked out, scared of saying the wrong thing.

"I guess. But you know if I could go back and see all my old friends when I was fourteen I would. I mean I knew they were my friends because they wanted to be not because I had money. Now I look at everyone who's nice to me and think.. is it an act. Or are they just nice to me because I have the money to be nice to. If I was some low income person, would I be treated like dirt." It made me think of the plan, the money. Everything I was doing with Holly. How she wanted to catch him out. How I had a picture on my phone of him hugging a girl. If I showed Holly this.. would I be one of those people just out for money aswell.

"I know I'm only an employer here. But I don't look at you and be friendly because your some big mr boss guy and have loads of money. I couldn't care less. I've never had money, I've wanted it on plenty of occasians but money can't buy you happiness right," I was telling him. Even though it was really aimed at myself. Money really couldn't buy me happiness..

"Thankyou Daisy. You know there's something different about you. Your a special girl, remember that." He said. We stared at each other which felt like minutes, my blue eyes staring into his green ones which felt like forever until he broke it off. He gave me a cute grin and opened the door. "Better go..we have people waiting," he said.

"Oh yeah. Right how could I forget." I stutted remember we was still in the hotel, just the room next door.

"And Daisy?"

"Yeah?" I asked, smiling at him.

"Nice blue bra by the way. Matches your eyes," he smirked. And with that he left me remembering my shirt was still clear through and my bra was showing through all this time while we was talking. I blushed. Making my way out the door, making sure I swapped the shirt first off.

Authors Note: I couldn't believe how long I had wrote for this chapter until it was actually done. I must say I think it might be my longest chapter yet. I get so engrossed I forget I write so much. Anyway I hope you liked the chapter. I know it may be a little fast paced but theres so much to the story still. I actually have a picture of how I portray Daisy. If you know who Jessica Lowndes is then Daisy looks alot like her except her hairs not as dark as Jessicas since Daisy has chocolate brown and Jessica's is black. I haven't got an image of how I think of Logan, I think it's because I think of this perfect amazing handsome man that even google couldn't picture him right. And I know Logan's background was pretty out there, but thats the type of guy he is...well when it comes to Daisy he can't help but tell her everything like a bestfriend would, he trusts her.

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