Undone Stitch Of Light / Temporary Elevation

My conscious knew that this door I was inclined against was unlocked
and would consequently cause me to stumble into your space uninvited,
Yet I was enslaved by an intense aspiration to gift you my love
which was fuelled by listening to your voice, but dishonourably,
I didn't use my brain properly when deciphering your ill-advised words

And once again I'm left wondering if I will ever be capable of
not only acknowledging an epic breakthrough in poetry and recognising
a compelling stranger in the mirror, but also being able to sing the high notes and
causing the glass to shatter, thus finally having success in offering a feeling of hope
to that deserving person and fulfilling an area of my heart that is currently empty

And I also ponder if I'm ever past searching in the dark for illumination and my soul mate,
eventually grabbing myself by the ponytail from nine levels up and attempting to throw myself
from the open window that is constantly drenched with tears, would anybody share an undone
stitch of light from their heart, allowing me to expose their tenderness from that and then let
day drink the sorrow gone, at last wrapping their fleece around my shoulders for comfort?

Nevertheless, I understand that I've just got to keep accepting temporary elevation
until I'm no longer deemed too inexperienced for permanence, which I try to reassure myself
will inevitably occur if I continue to invite potential fresh air to take off his raincoat, sit on the
rocking chair hardened by wisdom and simply talk to me, so now I must reflect no more of how I
was enslaved so appallingly by the fire I courted that is you and find angelic circumstances instead.