You enchant me

You have some sort of spell over my mind.

Every time I see you I melt inside

But the minute you leave my sight

I harden again and feel the pain.

I promise to myself I won't love you

I say that I'll forget you

But the minute I see you,

I melt again.

It's an ongoing cycle that has no end.

I want to hate you

I want to loathe you

But I can't.

Your hands hold my heart

They hold it tight whenever they feel like it

And let it go whenever they want.

I have lost control of my own heart

Now it's all yours.

I can't lie to myself

I can't convince myself that I don't love you.

But do I really love you?

I can't even tell.

Does love hurt this badly?

Is it supposed to be this horrible?

When I gave you my heart,

You didn't give me yours.

So is this love?

This feeling that you cause?

My mind and body tell me it is

But my heart's cries of pain say it isn't.

So should I trust my heart, or my mind?

Some of my friends say you act differently around me,

But my other friends hate you.

Should I listen to them?

So many people influencing me

So many things telling me different thoughts.

I just don't know what to do.

I try to ignore you,

I try to avoid you,

But no matter what you're always there.

Right when I least expect it you show up.

What's worse is you don't know what power you have.

You don't realize it when you're hurting my heart

Or when you're soothing it.

You're so oblivious to all of this

But I'm not.

But I still don't know what to do about it.