You were my first crush.

But all I can remember are your hair and eyes.

Both were brown like melted chocolate.

Your hair was ruffled like you'd just gotten out of bed.

Your eyes were kindly and young.

But I changed schools and forgot you.

I can't believe I let myself do that,

But it was because I met another.

Another boy with hair like yours

And eyes similar to yours.

But he was different from you.

We liked each other for two years.

Two wonderful years of childhood bliss.

But then we fell apart.

To this day I don't know what went wrong,

We were only 7, but I still loved him.

I suppose we fell apart because of our peers.

My friends didn't like you,

Yours didn't like me.

Is that why we are no longer friends?

Is that any sort of reason?

Were those people even our friends?

Who knows now,

But I wish you could know that I still love you.

Maybe not the way we once did,

But you will always be in my heart.

Both of you.

I will always love you two,

No matter what happens.