I felt the warm tears fall,

They water the eyes that held so much inside,

The eyes that held sadness, happiness, and endless love,

The tears that pool those eyes warmly as they cleanse them,

I felt the said tears trickle down to my warm cheeks,

Cheeks reddened with hurt and need,

The tears that trail down slowly as if to mock me,

As if to call more tears to spill and join,

I wanted a release and here it was,

I wanted a shield and I was granted it,

Tears were my release,

Fake facades were my wanted shields,

It isn't easy to pretend when hot tears trail down to uncover that mask,

Each trailing down, tearing down your emotionless face,

Each tear representing a different emotion,

Tears that trails the farthest affects the most,

Such a dead soul can release such live tears,

The tears are droplets of my shattered soul,

The soul that is now dead,

Dead for no tears will come,

It is finally done,

It felt the last warm tear,

The last piece of my broken self,

The last drop of soul,

It felt it fall,


As if to mock me,

Killing me with the emotional tear,

Representing love.