I AM A ROCK. Did you know that rocks have great memories? Or maybe it's pebbles. No it's rocks, or, or. Oh who cares. Well did you know that rocks have great memories? Wait, did I just ask that, yes, no, maybe. Oh who cares.

The other day me neighbour Bob came up to me. Actually, he was already there, but we had had a bit of a tiff and so weren't talking so much. But he came up to me and began to tell me about this fine rock, three paces over. Oh a fine complexion he said, a fine complexion. Good smooth cover, he said, he did. And a beautiful purple spot, right on the top. Said I should give her a holler. So I thought about it, thought and thought, tried peeking up, though I couldn't see her. So I thought and thought some more. Bob had to keep reminding me, but I eventually decided to pass. Sure I bet she was real fine, but, ah, maybe next time.

So Bob and I were talking again, and he mentioned another rock. Even finer he said, he did. Well this time I gave it s good hard think. And I decided, nah, next time.

Well the days began to grow darker, to perfect time for a rock. When it's all dark and cold, the perfect time, I always say. You could do anything in the dark, and no one would see ya. This time of year the water always began to rise. Ugh. I hated water, few years ago I had been on the edge. Just sitting there with the water covering you. Ugh. Bout a month I stayed there, a month to long. Lucky for me, I got moved back here. Away from the water, near Bob. That was my lucky year. I always felt sorry for those rocks by the water now, but it weren't me anymore.

Occasionally, every now n then, a person would come down and splash in the water, or build a pile of rocks. Everyone enjoyed that. It was always such a sight, and quite a noise to. Once this family came. Two parents and a couple of kids. A boy and a girl they were. So they came down and laid out this great big picnic. Sandwiches and cakes and jelly. Oh it was such a sight, such a sight. And guess what? They ate it all up. Not one little crumb for those poor ants crawling round. So after they ate they all sat round talking. The two kids seemed to be getting a bit bored, so they ran off with shovels and spades to make this big lopsy castle. The Pa came to help them and straightened it up a bit. Then the Ma came with some nice shiny shells, and stuck them on. It ended up quite a fine sand castle. Well I was waiting to see if they would go into the water, people always did. And guess what? Guess, guess. No really guess, I can't remember. Oh wait, I remember. They did go into the water! See I remembered. They splashed around, and dived here and then. Making the biggest racket ever. And they came out dripping and soaking and laughing. Oh so much laughter. They packed up after that, just packed up and left. Never saw em again either.

That was a bit of excitement for that day, a sure bit of excitement. Oh but there was another thing, right darn more exciting. Me and Bob, we were just sitting there, yakking away as we always do, when, my gosh, we heard this loud noise. And guess what it was, it was a boat. You know, one of those fancy boats with the white sales and everything. The boat stopped, just on the water's edge, an' a couple of people got off. The boat weren't here for long, just left after that. The people did to, didn't even stay to do anything. Just began to walk off away up the path.

Well, there has been some exciting times down here, some real exciting times. And I'm sure there'll be even more. Maybe I'll even talk to that fine rock with the purple dot. But you know what, who knows, who knows.