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Legend: "Talking" 'Thinking' Dreaming/Flashback

Chapter 7~

The park is a fantastic place to hang out. It was a place where you don't see rich people strolling because they have their own garden in their own mansion, so why should they leave their property? That's what I thought anyway. Too bad Matthew Freeman didn't count as one of those rich people. I mean, he was rich, but what was he doing in the park anyway?

I was playing with a squirrel, watching as it followed my hand holding the piece of butter smothered nut. I've seen this one before, as he was the one who chased away all my other little 'clients'. He also had a black oval on the top of his head, and creamy colored fur around both eyes. I called the animal Runt. Yeah, wasn't creative nor nice, but it fit his fighting personality very well as he seemed to enjoy tormenting other cute squirrels.

"Maybe I should call him Matthew instead..." I muttered to myself. I like to fill the silence with my voice if no one's there, it's just a bad habit.

"Thinking of moving from the last name stage already? Am I that good?" My eyes widened in surprise, then made my face go blank, putting on a facade. There was no need to let him know that he startled me.

"No, its just that this little thing is just like you-hurting other people for no reason." I didn't look up, but threw the buttered nut at the squirrel. It landed in the animal's opened mouth. Wow, Runt's got a good catch and reflex. "So I thought about calling him Matthew. It's too good to deserve your last name anyway."

"Well, a squirrel has a closer relationship to you than me. Doesn't that say something about you?" I closed my eyes and furrowed my brows, trying not to lose my temper. 'One, two...' "I mean, I knew you were desperate, but this is kind of over and beyond, don't you think?" 'Three, four, five...' "Come on, Morris, we all know that I'm too perfect." I frowned. 'Six, seven... Oh screw it! I HAVE to ruin that face of his!' Twirling around my head and standing up, about to pound at the guy.

"Listen up pretty boy-" I stopped my fist about a foot from his face. The normally clear and smooth skin of his that I was to scrape off his skull had one cool looking bruise on his cheek, right below his eye. It was purplish blue and quite a shiner. I couldn't help start to crack up. Someone actually aimed a punch at him besides me? That's the best news I've heard all day!

"It's not funny," he said. I tried to give a sarcastic comment through my shrieks of merriment, but couldn't. How funny was this? I clutched my side and covered my mouth, biting on my tongue and trying to stop. When my laughter died down to occasional snickers and chuckles, I sat at the bench, throwing another buttered nut at Runt, smile still plastered on my face.

"Eh... Jamie?" He called out to me. I looked up at him, realizing that I nearly forgot his presence. He looked a bit surprised at me. "N-nothing." He stuttered, looking away. Was it just me, or was he blushing a little? Nope, he was blushing. I grabbed his hand and dragged him down to sit at the bench, which startled him.

"Aw, is little Matt embarrassed?" I cooed, pinching his cheek with both hands. He waved me away.

"No!" He sputtered. I snickered and poked the bruised. He jumped and I blinked.

"Did that hurt?" The look he gave me was almost crazy.

"What do you think?" He spat. I shot him a smirk. Of course I knew it hurt, which was why I poked him.

"Well, aren't you big and strong?" I said.

Matthew's POV

When she laughed, I couldn't help but feel offended. It was a freaking bruise! What was so funny that caused her to nearly topple over? Then again, the look on her amused face was... almost pretty. And she answered! She answered to me calling her first name without hesitation! She even called me 'Matt'.

I was about to open my mouth and spit out something mean when she sat back down on the park bench, a serene smile on her face. This one wasn't a pretty one-it was very new beautiful. Was this really the same Jamie I head met before? The tilt of her head when she looked at me, the 'hm?' that came through her closed lips. I couldn't help but let my face grow warm. I knew being around this girl would be trouble.

When she grabbed my hand, I felt a spark. Did she feel it too, or was it just me? It didn't hurt like a regular spark. The only thing that happened was a quick tingle and a pleasurable feeling. When she left my hand alone, I found myself on the bench. How'd I get there? My heartbeat quickened and I was probably redder than before. Please don't let her notice...

"Aw, is little Matt embarrassed?" She said. It sounded more like a purr in my ears. Another spark when she pulled at my cheek. It wasn't even a shock anymore, instead it felt amazing. It took me a second to realize she spoke after the initial surprise of her pet name for me. 'Matt...' I said in my mind. Not a lot of people called me Matt anymore.

"No!" I called out, attempting to stop her pulling at my flawless face (Besides the effing bruise, that is). Yeah, I was, but I won't say it. Under normal circumstances, I would've added a smart retort, but now my mind felt muddled. My bruise under my left eye stung. Damn, did she touch it! I wanted to smack her and my hand twitched, but the gentle tilt in her head of curiosity had me stop. Jamie looked like an innocent kitten. Shoot.

"Did that hurt?" What kind of question was that?

"What do you think?" I exclaimed. Was this girl stupid or what? A jab at my heart caused me to feel guilty. I hope I didn't hurt her too bad with my calling out and offending her in my mind...

Jamie smirked. "Well aren't you big and strong?" I turned my nose up in the air, half taking it as a compliment and half taking it as an insult. My outward appearance was just fine, but the pounding in my rib cage wasn't stopping anytime soon.

Jamie's POV

A verbal fight quickly ensued. Shows how much we care about each other, eh? It's no doubt in my mind that we both hate each other very much. So why did I find myself listening to his sad story and rubbing his back in circles? I don't know what came over me, but I sympathized the poor guy. It started out with this.

"So where'd you get the big boo-boo from?" I noticed his face fell and he turned his head to face the fountain at our right. Yeah, the park bench was about two meters away from the small structure.

"My friend." I raised a brow.

"Oh? And you still call him friend?" He didn't say anything. It was so obvious he was lying, but I played along to the story until I found another hole in the story. "Well did you beat the person up?" He shook his head. "Really?" It sounded more like a statement than a question. "You don't seem like the kind to back down." I couldn't see his expression, but I kept on going. "You that weak? Or are you just scared? What happened to-"

"I couldn't, okay?" He very nearly screamed. Then he went quiet. I looked up at him in surprise.

"Why not?" I asked in a softer tone. He didn't move, didn't turn around, didn't look back.

"Because... it was my dad who hit me."

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