Math Anxiety

What is this even asking me to do?

No, I can't ask. She's busy explaining something else.

But how can I pass this year if I fail? This is ridiculous.

It seems to me the world would be just fine if this nightmare wasn't forced upon us.

Trying to figure out our lives, how does this help us?

No one deserves this. No one.

Scratch my neck, tap my pencil, bite my knuckles.

Calm down, girl.

You can do this.



I thought this was Algebra II, I took Geometry last year!

They honestly expect me to remember this?

No one told me I'd have to.

I can't fail.

I'd be disappointment.

It doesn't matter to them how well I write

Or act

Or draw

Or how well I do in other fields

Or how hard I'm trying.

One failure makes me nothing to them.

I'll never escape.

Breathing faster now.

I can't cry.

This room is full of people,

They'll stop ignoring me once I'm trying to hide.

I can't cry.

I won't.

Nothing makes sense,

Will it ever?

I can't be the only one who feels the way I do,

But no one looks this desperate.

So afraid,

You can do this.

Just think.

But I have to face it;

I'm too ignorant,

Too weak,

Too useless.

I have to focus.

I can't cry.

I can't stop.

Hide behind my hair,

Of course they're still ignoring me.

Of course they won't save me.