Crossed the platinum, silvery sword;
hands in hands, with minds disconnected.
Going thy way, with thyself's desire.
I went my way with thy happiness fulfilled.

No- could not be happy with it.
But it wasn't thy choice- thou weren't thee.
'st was the ghost's calling;
whispered sweet nothings dripping poison.

O, purple, corrosive poison-
That devil whose mother named remorseless.
The heartless soul that drifts as he awakes,
Took over my best friend's untainted gift.

Soaked and coated it with immense hatred,
My best friend, thou couldn't be saved.
We've parted ways—thy are thyself.
With the devil merged; thou are one.

Thou art not my best friend.
Thy remorseless shell spoken so;
Farewell this is-
My devil, devil, devil...