Wait Til Ellen Comes

Author notes: I wrote this when I was ten years old. I have typed it up exactly as it appeared in my notebook. You will undoubtedly find this to be as hilarious as I did (and there are personal author comments within the story mocking myself as well. I filched the title from a story I read at the same age (Wait Til Helen Comes) no doubt thinking that my take was clever and unnoticed by all...and you can also tell that I was reading Harry Potter at the time I wrote this.

Kerry and McKenziBeth lived in the same neighborhood. They went to the same school. McKenziBeth's father was Kerry's mother's boss at work. But they had never seen each other before.1

One day, Kerry's mother took her to a business party because she didn't want her to stay in their apartment alone. There were a lot of adults. There was only one other kid. She was very small. She had very long, bushy brown hair tied back with a black ribbon. She was wearing a black shirt and skirt with a red bow at the neck. She was crouched in the corner reading a thick dusty book. In gold writing it read, "Spells and Curses." She seemed to be muttering something. Kerry guessed she was around seven years old.2

"Hi," she said. "I am Kerry Waldrop. Who are you?"3

The little girl stared at her suspiciously. "McKenziBeth," she muttered, trying to hide the book behind her back. "My daddy's the boss."4

"Oh, really? My mother is over there talking to him." She pointed her out.5

McKenziBeth glared at her. "I know how to do the Dark Arts," she informed Kerry. "My grandma teaches me. I could make you disappear if I wanted to."6

Kerry shrugged and walked away. The girl was obviously a spoiled brat. Who wanted to talk to her?7

Kerry was a sensible girl for her age, which is eleven. She had shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. She was tall with a dark tan. She was very athletic and good at charming people, but she couldn't' charm McKenziBeth.8

Kerry's mother flitted over to her with her boss. "Have you met McKenziBeth?" she asked.9

"Yes. She's small, isn't she?"10

"She's delicate and sensitive," her boss said meaningfully.11

"She told me she can do the Dark Arts."12

He forced a laugh. "She is also, um, creative."13

The dinner party was over at 9, but their parents continued to date. Kerry was usually forced to baby-sit McKenziBeth, because, as her mother said, "You need to get to know her anyway now that Bob and I are seeing each other." McKenziBeth usually hid in her room, read books, and talked to herself, so Kerry did not mind, even though she disliked her and McKenziBeth hated her.14

McKenziBeth's mother had been in a car accident and gone into a coma. According to McKenziBeth, her mother had been buried alive while she was still in a coma.15

Their parents were engaged on October 18, and they were married in April. McKenziBeth didn't come to their wedding. She was very unhappy about their marriage and had thrown a fit when they got engaged. But they had married, and they moved to McKenziBeth's house.16

Kerry had to share a room with McKenziBeth. The night after she moved in, her mother stuck her head into their room and said, "Girls, Bob and I are going on our honeymoon. It's only for a weekend. I'm leaving you with Miss Brown. I expect you to be on your best behavior."17

An old lady stuck her head in. "Hello, children."18

Kerry smiled and said hi. McKenziBeth glared. That was her favorite expression. Kerry was beginning to believe she was a witch.19

Miss Brown hobbled out of the room. McKenziBeth turned her glare to Kerry, who had picked up a book and started to read.20

"This is my room. It should only be mine. You can't take it from me! Bob is my daddy. He'll never be yours, never!" McKenziBeth hissed. "You shouldn't be here. They give you everything. Pretty new bridesmaid dress. One hundred dollars, who cares? New bed. Doesn't matter you don't need it. New room. No one cares if I don't want to share it. A NEW DADDY. But he's my daddy and not yours. Everything else will soon be mine, mine, mine! My room, my clothes, my bed!"21

Kerry ignored her and turned a page. This made McKenziBeth furious. Her eyes flashed, and Kerry noticed they had no color. 22

McKenziBeth yelled, "Accio boon moi! There! I said it! Now Ellen will come! I told her to in Witchish! You wait till Ellen comes! You won't be stuck-up then! She'll make you unhappy as I've been, she'll make you suffer as I have suffered! She will hurt you, Kerry!"23

She glanced at Kerry. Kerry turned another page. McKenziBeth really yelled then.24


Miss Brown hobbled into the room. "Girls, what is that noise?"26

McKenziBeth lay on her bed and was silent.27

"We were only arguing," Kerry explained.28

"Well, it's 10, about time for bed. Too late for this racket."29

She kissed each girl's cheek and told them to get ready for bed. Then she turned out the light and left.30

Kerry turned out the light and climbed into bed.31

"You'll see when Ellen comes," McKenziBeth told her.32

Kerry dozed off. After a while, she woke up to McKenziBeth's face leaning over her. But something was wrong with her eyes. They looked like a cat's!33

Kerry yelled and turned her face away. McKenziBeth seized her shoulders, and shook her. "Ellen has come! Follow me."34

Kerry kicked her and jumped to her feet. "Crucius!" cried McKenziBeth (note: Can you tell I had just read Harry Potter for the first time when I wrote this or what?). Kerry was suddenly in such intense pain she had to follow her. The pain eased.35

McKenziBeth went into the den. It was dark. An old woman Kerry guessed was Miss Brown was rocking by the fireplace. Kerry glanced up at the trophies. There was a bear head, a bass, an antelope, a bear head, Miss Brown… wait a minute. Miss Brown? 36

Kerry looked again. Miss Brown was hanging up on the wooden background like the other trophies. What's more, she was dead!37

Kerry screamed and tried to run, but was filled with agony. The woman in the rocking chair slowly turned around.38

"Hello, Kerry," she said, "I'm Ellen."39

Kerry screamed again. Her face was a skull! She still couldn't run. All she could do was stare.40

"Kerry, Kerry," it chastised, "it is rude to stare." And suddenly Kerry couldn't look at her.41

"My granddaughter has summoned me. You have made her unhappy. Bad girl. You bad, bad girl now. You don't' make her feel good, like the song says you do. (note: LMAO, what the hell was I thinking?) Bad girls are… punished."42

McKenziBeth looked delighted. "Give her a hug," she commanded. Kerry started forward, her arms outstretched. Suddenly Ellen seized her and pinned her arms down. She tied her to a spit and yelled, "Riddikkulus!" (Note: another Harry Potter reference) It rotated slowly. Kerry began to perspire (note: big word for ten-year-old, lol. Vocab?) Pretty soon, the heat was so unbearable she screamed (Note: so before that she was cool with being tied to the spit?) Over and over she screamed.43

"You think you're in pain, girl! That is the pain my grandchild felt," she continued over Kerry's screams. McKenziBeth climbed into her lap. Ellen continued to talk. 44

"You took my grandchild and made her think she wasn't special, that her daddy liked you better. You took her room and her happiness. We will take that from you. Who needs it when they're dead?" (note: why aren't they blaming the mother who married the father rather than the child? Lol)45

McKenziBeth cheered and clapped in excitement when Kerry's dark pretty hair fell into the flames. Her hair was soon so covered with fire you couldn't see any brown. Kerry hollered louder, but nobody heard. Flames leapt into her mouth. Soon she wasn't screaming anymore.46

Slowly flames covered Kerry's body until none were in the fireplace. Kerry was the fire.47

McKenziBeth and Ellen laughed and applauded as if it were fireworks. Ellen got up and sprayed water in the fire (note: where did this water come from?) but it would not go out.48

Suddenly the fire that was Kerry flew up the chimney. The roof was on fire!49

Ellen and McKenziBeth tried to get out, but all the doors were on fire. (Note: thought it was te ceiling?) So they too screamed as they suffered the fate Kerry had.50

McKenziBeth had never told her last name. (note: and Kerry never found out the name of the guy her mom married? How?) It was Fyer. When Kerry's mom married, Kerry became a Fyer too. 51

The end52