The biggest bullet in the world is you
As you say things that you can't undo.
Precise and venomous, like the viper's bite,
You draw out the agony with a painful respite.
You lull them to a false sense of security,
Letting the hurt fade to blessed obscurity…
Then when the blow comes, it hurts all the more,
As an emotional tsunami rises up from before.

The heart starts to shatter when each wave starts to break,
Sea salt rubbed into the wound of a love being fake.
If there are plenty more fish, then you are a shark,
Draining all hope until there's nothing but dark.
Post apocalyptic, the hearts you touch become dead,
The mind starts to flinch from the words that you said.
You know them the best, you know just the trick
To draw out the trauma so the death won't be quick.

The idea of romance, that people can care,
All crumbling to dust under your basilisk's stare.
The saddest thing is that your words are still false,
The product of anger, fear and impulse.
The words spill like vomit, none of it true -
Just a bunch of bullets that you can't undo.
Each time they leave is another chip at your soul,
But you keep on digging and throw the spade out the hole.