Every day I'd wake up with a sinking feeling in my heart.

A sigh would heave through my soul, making my lips part.

I'd remember that you're so in love with your new flame.

My lips would rustle together, as I'd whimper your name.

You'd just keep on flaunting your new love right in front of my eyes.

My hand would rush upwards to cover my mouth and stifle my cries.

The sinking feeling of defeat in my chest will just keep on escalating.

We parted just yesterday and look; now you have again started dating.

Well I can't do it, I don't wanna do it; I don't wanna be lonely anymore.

With all my dreams for the future crushed, I'll go back to how I was before.

I wanna get back at you so bad; I wanna rub it in your face.

Show you that I've moved on, on to a much much better place.

My heart has found a new home where it won't be crushed like it was.

And I am doing this twisted thing only just because

Right in front of my eyes, I see you smiling

How can you be happy after what you did to me?

Why didn't you need to mourn even a little bit?

Didn't I ever mean anything to you baby?

Please just go ahead and tell me our fairytale was all just a big lie.

Please stop making fun of my feelings right in front of my eyes.

I am gonna fall in love again, and with someone much better than you.

You don't deserve me, now I know what my friends said was so true.

But guess what? Now I'm surrounded by people who love me.

So I'll get back up and start dating right in front of your eyes, you'll see!