It's that kid:

The scrawny, gangly, tall kid

Who hid behind

The glasses and the beard.

It's that kid:

The pale, pale, pale

Ghost of a girl.

No one ever took the time

To uncover her heart.

It's that kid:

The rich, blonde one

With the car

Everyone wanted, and

They hated her

For making them jealous.

It's that kid:

The one whose hair

Framed his face

Without letting it

Be seen.

It's that kid:

The one everyone thought

Was such a womanizer—

(He's a virgin,

But who cares about

The truth?)

And it's that kid:

The one you made up those

Nasty rumors about,

When she scared you;

She knew too much, of course.

It's the ones

That you never spoke to,

That you disregarded,

And so did everyone else.

They never fit in, so

I guess they drew

The short stick?

We've come back

With a single purpose:

To show you

We're worth it

For once in our lives.

It's a revolution of misfits,

And we call ourselves…

Teen Academy.