This is too much for me.

I just want to breathe again
without the strain all around me
making it hurt. I remember
what it felt like to look
someone in the eye and be free
from anger or guilt or inferiority.

What if I'm losing my mind?

But I'm not, because that's just
stupid. People have big problems
and mine are little, so just
shut up. I don't know anything.
Stupid, stupid girl.

That's what they say and I
say, but it isn't helping.

It's like there's a little
goblin in my head, hammering
at the wall with a pick axe,
all day, bang bang bang,
and it hurts so much.

And I hide away crying
all day, tied up in myself,
and it hurts so much.

I can't tell them because they'll

This is too much for me.

A/N - this hasn't been as fine polished as most of my other pieces. This is just raw feelings, and something I had to get down before it smothered me. So I'm sorry for the rant :)