Chapter 36

There was enough time for Vito to get back to his nest before sun up, so he was going to stay with Traversi overnight. The two alpha chatting causally to each other about various concerns, the little human girl in Traversi's lap. She appeared slightly comfortable with Traversi, no doubt trusting the monster who hadn't harmed her and spoke her language. How Vito was supposed to gain her trust was anyone's guess. But then again, he didn't need to. He just had to get her to Glenn and then she would stay put.

Or at least stay put as long as Glenn did. Having a child to protect might give the human more cause to escape. People did a lot to protect there young. Vito mentally sighed. He was obsessed with that skinny little human. Keeping him in the city, in his nest, in his bed. Arato wanted him badly as well. Something which only gave Vito more cause to chain the human up. Something he may have to do at some point. If nothing else to keep the man out of trouble.

He had made a lot of progress with the human male. While he doubted Glenn trusted him yet, or would even not run if give the chance. He knew Glenn knew he was safe with him. That he would do anything to keep the people around him safe. While Glenn would still run away, Vito also felt like Glenn would also hesitate now. The forgiveness the human had shown him was a clue. As was the way the human called him master without strain in his voice. That and he was willing walked up to him and kissed him after Vito had save him. As he continued to talk to his friend and equal, he couldn't help but think over his situation with Glenn, finding more and more points which were good, and more and more points which were bad.

Then something happened, waking him from his voices. The device in his pocket began buzzing, making him jump. Both the child and Traversi looked at him strangely. He quickly pulled out the phone, frowning as it was still. "That was ..." He jumped and looked at it in surprise as it did it again. Then it was out of his hands.

The girl had it and was flipping it up. "Emilie!" She squealed into the phone. That was the only thing Vito understood as the girl began speaking in his own language too fast for him to understand. She paused and bit her lip as whoever she was speaking to spoke to her. "I think so..." She said slowly. Slowly enough that Vito understood it.

"Emilie... I think Fausto mentioned that name" He mused out loud, thinking back to when he had questioned the younger infected about what had happened at the centre. Fausto was still able to under English and was able to give him a full rerun of the conversation between Glenn and the other humans. "The human female Glenn spoke to at the communications centre!" He declared, "Old friends with Glenn, Fausto thought" though how the woman had managed to get a call to the phone now, while she hadn't been able to before was confusing to Vito.

"I see" Traversi said, watching the scene with interested eyes as he watched the human child who had been in his care go though multitudes of emotions. He stood and walked over to the young girl who was answering unheard questions with 'Yes' or 'No'. Mostly Nos, noted Vito. He hoped that was good.

Traversi gently but firmly pulled the device out of the girl's small hands, who immediately started squealing in distress and demanding for it back. Her little hands hitting against the infected legs in her own attempt of defiance. Vito moved over and pulled her into his lap before she annoyed the other Alpha. She froze, looking up to him with big brown round eyes. She looked about to cry. He placed his arms round her and drew her close. She didn't relax enough to cuddle into him, but certainly relaxed slightly, her head resting against his chest. Silently they watched as Traversi talked to the unseen woman.

"What!" He demanded the infected demeanour changing from calm and aloof to tense and ready to fight, "When did this happen?"


Brent was up high, in the rafters of the market building. In part so he could move around easily, but most so he was a good distance away from the infected nest which lay below him. Most of the infected were looking at him hungrily. The half starved on in definite hunger, the healthy ones in something else. Fedele had left him to his own devices once he was inside, warning him that there were two types of people here at the moment and while he could control his men, he couldn't guarantee the others wouldn't start something.

"Human!" Fedele yelled from somewhere, making Brent wince involuntary. While he had been left to his devices, he had been told to stay in a certain area. But Brent was not some Infected's slave. He was a free human and was going to do whatever he felt was the right thing to keep him safe.

Ignoring the angry 'not-alpha' he continue to roam up high, knowing there must be an access panel to the roof somewhere. He had no intention of staying put in a nest and unless a building had collapsed on top of this one, there would be no way for the wolves to get to the roof. He moved slowly and carefully, it was very dark up in the roof. He was calling Fedele a 'not-alpha' because while the man insisted he wasn't, he looked and acted like one.

"Human if you don't get your ass down here down, I will get up there and screw it!"

Brent snorted but looked down to see Fedele looking at him from on one of the stall roofs. "I'm busy" He growled, moving into a position where he could shoot at the infected but still run though the rafters if he needed to.

"Doing what?" Fedele asked giving him a dark look.

"Finding a safe exit..." Brent trailed off frowning. Fedele was silent as he watched the human press on the thing attached to his ear. The communication device. "Em please give me good news" he asked.

"Sorry Brent, no dice. There's a storm over head. Second one in a number of days as well, its really weird" Em commented, Brent able to heard her typing away at the keyboard. He could hear the frown in her voice. Storms were rare here. Once every couple of months at most. Two in a week was unheard off. "Ask your guy who Traversi is" Brent frowned but looked back down at Fedele who was waiting expectantly.

"Who is Traversi?"

Fedele blinked surprised, before tilting his head, "The hospital's nest's Alpha. How is that relevant?" His tone wasn't threatening, just confused. Brent wondered why but then realised Fedele had mentioned two names in their earlier conversation. Two Alphas and inferring there was a third.

"Good question, Em, care to answer?"

"I may have him on the other line"

"How the fuck did you manage that?" Brent swore, half in disbelieve, half in amazement.

"He talks human like your guy. Quite polite as well" Em commented causally, "Either way, he and another alpha called Vito are heading your way to give you assist as quickly at possible. Or at least the nest assist. I would suggest getting your ass out of there"

"No shit" He commented dryly, "Thanks for the update. Shame that I have wolves blocking my escape routes and the storm tunnels are going to be flooded at the moment"

"Then take the roof?"

"Was planning to, but I have an angry infected looking at me from below, warning me not too" Brent commented, eyeing up Fedele. Weighing up the risks of whether the infected would be able to follow though with his threat.

"Tell him the others are coming then" Brent looked away from the infected and frowned like he could see the woman. Emille sighed at the lack of response sensing Brent's doubt from having known the man for so long. "Look if you were in the same situation I'm sure you would like to know someone was coming to help!"

"Fine, Fedele" He looked back down at the infected who was no longer there. "Huh"

There was a loud band and the beam he was crouched on creaked. He glanced over his shoulder to see Fedele pulling himself onto the beam. "Yes?" Fedele growled as swung himself up so he was crouching on the beam. Brent gulped at the look in his eyes, mentally calculating how long it would take him to get to an exit. Not quick enough without shooting the man and causing a scene with the nest. He didn't have enough bullets to take them all out.

"Emilee got a hold Traversi and a Alpha named Vito" He said, not missing not Fedele was moving closer to him, nor the pause when he said Vito's name. "Apparently they are on their way to help"

"That so? Just how did this human get hold of them? He in the city too?"

"She. Emilie's a woman. I don't know..."

"Called Glenn's phone and Li answered. Turns out Traversi saved her from wolves" Emilie supplied, "Two seconds"

"She called Glenn's phone and a girl Traversi saved from wolves answered. He talks human too" Brent relied, sitting on the beam, knowing it would do no good to flee at this point. He was not like his brother when it came to confrontation. Glenn was smart, more the smart really. But when it came to fight or flight, he ran most of the time. Brent, on the other hand, knew when to wait it out. Knew how to get out of a situation and if that meant fighting so be it. Though if Fedele tried to go though with his threat, if did not matter if he was outnumbered and likely to be eaten by wolves. He would shoot to kill.

"That so" Fedele murmured sitting beside him, apparently content to watch this play out as long as he was sure the human wasn't about to disappear on him. Fedele had a strange feeling about this one. A warrior, and a more importantly a survivor. Really Fedele should have let him die rather then risk him taking Glenn away from them. However he could not help but feel a sense of curiosity. Just who was this man, and why was he so familiar?

"Hey Traversi, meet Brent. He's the friend I was talking about" Emilie said, his tone serious but inviting.

"The one with Fedele?" A strange gruff voice back on the phone. Brent blinked twice. Huh. He'd forgotten you could connect calls. He had been away from technology too long. Traversi's voice was rough and broken, just like Fedeles. But there was something in it. Maybe something one gained from being in charge. That let Brent know this was a formidable man.

"Yep I am. Two secs, I'll put you on speaker so he can hear too" He answered pressing a button on the earpiece.

"Fedele?" Traversi's voice echoed though the roof.

"Traversi?" Fedele said his tone shocked and amazed.