may 20th 2011

"i don't care anymore"
she says, walking through a house
made out of glass calm before the storm
bullet-proof windows bleeding

"who sees them, i mean"
she says, bearing scars on forearms
for all to see(not sure why she'd want
to do something like this, this
torturing but its all the same, i think
a slow way to demise high school time)

but anyway
she's stopped for now, hasn't done it
not since acouplenightsagowhen—

"i felt disappointed in myself"
she says, dropping a knife too large to hide
into the sink basin mom gasps makes a noise
in her throat too loud to drown out with my chemical
romance definitely a day to remember
she comes home with a box, smiles because she wants
to die her hair now, purple streaks here there
i tell her sure, go ahead, it's her hair
she can do whatever she wants

i dribble words in black nail polish
on white computer paper eightbyeleven
snow white so they come off blurred
not clearly there a blur in rain some tears
off a windowpane—

"trust believe hope"

when you're around i'll have to hide the knives

a/n: i'll always love you even if you don't stop.