It was just a dream.

I lied motionless on my side, clinging tightly to the pillow I always slept with. My heart was pounding, my body was tense and covered in sweat, my breathing was shallow and rapid. It was just a dream. It was just a dream. I told myself and tried to calm down. I didn't even had the strength to move. The pillow that I rested on was damp with sweat and most likely tears. I remembered sobbing in terror in my dream.

It was a horrible dream. It was the type of dream that felt incredibly real. The type that you found almost impossible to believe that it was just a dream. My legs were still burning and my heartbeat was rapid. I had to remind myself yet again that it didn't really happen, that it was just a dream. No. It wasn't a dream. It was a nightmare.

My nightmare was about me running from someone - something - that wanted desperately to catch me. I didn't remember when or how the nightmare began. All I could remember was ordering my legs to go faster and daring to look over my shoulder. I shouldn't have done the latter. When I looked behind me, I was almost frozen in terror. It wasn't human, I was sure of it. The thing was tall and fast. I was shocked that it didn't get me already. Its whole body was black and what could pass as long human hair streamed behind him. What scared me the most were his eyes. They were completely white and looked determined to catch me. I ran faster.

The dream could have been going on for hours, I couldn't tell. I just kept on running. I didn't care where I went and what I had to do, I just kept on running. I started crying when I saw a dead end. I didn't slow down. There was no way I was going to dare to. I slammed against the wall with all my might. Nothing. I was shaking all over. I pounded the wall with my fists, screaming and shouting. A heartbeat later, a shadow loomed over me and I knew that it was just a few steps behind me. The last thing I remembered was opening my mouth to let out one last scream only to hear that scream echo throughout my bedroom while I was trapped in my blankets, shivering and jumpy.

I was exhausted. It really felt like I did just run away from something for hours. I nestled my head on the pillow more comfortably. I released my hold on my other pillow and adjusted it before hugging it once more. I kicked back the blankets that had once covered me from the waist down. My eyelids were just about to shut when I felt a long strand of my hair tickle my neck. A grunt escaped me as I flung a lazy hand to brush it off my neck. Honestly, as much as I prided myself on having healthy long hair, I really wished I could just chop them off since they were a nuisance most of the time. One of these days I should-

A thought suddenly hit me. Hadn't I gotten a haircut just last week? Hadn't I instructed the lady with the scissors to cut off my hair just below my chin? Didn't I already rid myself of my long hair? Then what was that I just brushed off my neck? Whose hair was that?

There was a movement behind me as I realized that I felt something breathed down my nape.