And now you're gone,
You've up and left us,
And we must say,

And now you've left,
While we're still here.
But that's okay,
For you we cheer.

You did it all,
You made it far,
And we all know,
You've worked damn hard.

You fought like hell,
To make it there.
We watch with pride,
With love and care.

And you stand up,
And face the crowd,
And we stand up,
Cheering loud.

We scream and yell,
And root you on.
Though we are sad,
That you'll be gone.

But we are thrilled,
For your success.
You should know,
You are the best.

To my best friend, my soul mate, my other half.
Congratulations on graduating!
I will miss you like no other.