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This is my first one-shot!(: I'm ecstatic about this. I have had this idea for a one-shot for a while now, and have written many, many, MANY different versions of it. This is the one I liked the best, so I'm posting it. Read, Review and drop me a little constructive criticism because I know it's not going to be that good the first time! PLEASE no flamers(: Read on, and enjoy!

I felt like a peeping tom. No, I was a peeping tom. I was also a stalker. Fantastic. I shifted my weight uncomfortably and felt something sharp stab me in the butt.

"Ow!" I hissed placing the camera I was holding in my lap as I reached behind me to remove the troublesome branch. Yeah, I was in a tree.

Not just any tree, however, the one closest and facing Mathew Meyer's open bedroom window. The Mathew Meyer. The infamous bad boy skater, Mathew Meyer. He was gorgeous to say the least. With short black hair, bright red bangs that were always in his eyes, and three electric blue spikes, plus bright light hazel eyes; every girl swooned. He had a nice body, or so I'd heard (in the girls bathroom), with him being tall and lean. Even I had to admit I had a small crush on him. But unlike all the other girls, it wasn't just his looks. It was his personality. When you got right down to it, he was so funny and-

Buzz. Buzz.

I pulled my cell out of my pocket and groaned. The reason I was stalking, peeping and probably another billion federal offenses was calling. Should I pick it up? I think not. I wasn't mad per say, just a little frustrated and flustered. If I got caught, my mom would kill me and I would forever be that creep that stalked Mathew to everyone. I really didn't want to be up here, with a camera, spying on Mathew. I know your probably thinking, hey, your seventeen and able to make your on choices, so just say no? There was a hostage involved. My poor, precious-


This time, I picked up the phone. She would kill me and my poor baby if I didn't.

"Yeah?" I answered, using a bitter tone.

"So, you know what you have to do right?"

"I have to take a picture of a shirtless Mathew, right Lizzy?"

I couldn't believe I cut ninth period study hall for this.

"Yes. A good one too. If it's blurry or you don't have one, I will cut your baby. I will rip his abdomen open and rip out the intestines!" She practically yelled.

"…Liz, sweetie, he's a stuffed animal. They don't have intestines. It really worries me that you could think of something that gory. "

She paused. I could see her in my mind twirling her blond hair and having that thinking look in her dark brown eyes.

"Psh. Even though you're my best friend, you shouldn't. It's just from all the horror movies. Anyways, I had to emphasize the pain I would inflict on your adorable little piggy Bacon! If I didn't, you wouldn't do this for me!"

"Your right about that…" I mumbled.

"Hey, at least you get to see him without his shirt on! That's a huge plus!"

"I got to go Liz. Bye." I said before hanging up.

Liz was my best friend and she had a slight obsession with certain hot guys at our school. She thought she absolutely needed something to remind her of them. Liz was…special. And by that, I mean crazy or possibly psycho. She couldn't get a good shirtless picture of him (She had zero camera experience.) so she kidnapped my poor stuffed animal to use as a hostage to do it for her. If it was anything else besides Bacon, who was there when my parents divorced, I wouldn't have done this.

I fiddled with the bright green camera Liz gave me and adjusted the lighting so I could get a good picture the first time. I had taken a few photography classes and I took pictures daily, so I knew my way around any camera.

I really wasn't the type of girl to do something like this. Something insane and with a high risk of me getting caught. I mean, I had a 4.0 grade point average, in 4 AP classes, never had a detention in my life, never cut class (until today) and I had a spotless record. I planned to keep it that way. I was the goody two shoes. I just had to get through the next five minutes, in which Mathew would come home, change shirts (thus giving me a picture) and going back downstairs so I could go and run to my house. Hey, I said I stalked him didn't I? Let me tell you, stalking someone is NOT like it is in the movies. You get super nervous and the only perk is that you feel like a ninja (except you can't wear black. California sun and all.). Or that you get to wear awesome sunglasses.

My rambling was interrupted by the sound of a car pulling up. Yes! I could get this over with, save Bacon and go home! I heard the jangling of keys and creak of their door opening. Only a few more seconds before I took the picture so I checked to see if I had the lighting right on it and that it had the right settings. I made the lighting a tad darker because the Californian sun is really bright with no clouds. I tucked a piece of my light red hair behind my ear and lifted the camera.

I looked through the window for the first time today. In the northeast corner, there was a small black bed, in the southwest corner a dresser and in the farthest corner was a small closet. Next to the bed was a medium size desk with a stereo on it, and by the looks of it, an expensive stereo. It had the right amount of mess to it that every teenage boy had. I leaned a little farther on the branch and felt it shake violently. I let out a little shriek and looked down. Big mistake. It was almost a ten feet long drop to the ground. I slowly pushed my self away from the edge and exhaled. My hands were shaking as I clutched the camera. That was…terrifying. If I had fallen, I wouldn't have survived. Physically, maybe. But emotionally? No, I would have been humiliated. I looked up from my hiding place in the tree and looked through the open window.

My mouth dropped as Mathew walked in the room. If he seemed gorgeous far away, he was drop dead gorgeous up close. Everything was pretty much intensified from this close. His hazel eyes seemed brighter; his blue bangs were a color shock to my eyes and his face…there were no words. And I was taking an AP English class. I closed my mouth (which, appropriately dropped open when he walked in) and picked up my camera. He glanced around his room, as if looking for something, and walked over to the drawers, opening one. He rummaged through it, and grabbed a black shirt with a band name on it. He threw it on his bed, and started to grab the hem of his shirt.

I raised the camera, my finger poised just above the button. Mathew finally lifted his shirt off of him and threw it on the floor. I could feel my face go red as I stared at his body. His stomach was…defined. Not a six pack, but not fat either. I shook my head and pressed the button. I looked at the picture. It was a little blurry. While I still had time, I clicked another picture as he reached for the shirt. This one was a bit unfocused. As he lifted the shirt, I pressed the button. Three things simultaneously happened when I pressed that button.

One, I got the perfect picture of Mathew, completely focused and without a shirt on. It was the one where he had that heart stopping smirk. It was the picture I'd soon cherish.

Two, Mathew put on his shirt with 3 Doors Down on it and walked out of the room, completely unaware of me in the tree.

Three, I unknowingly scooting closer to get the perfect shot, on one of the weakest parts of the branch, and after I tucked my camera in my pants pocket, it bent forward, making me fall out of the tree. While falling, I shot my hands out, desperately hoping to catch on something, anything, to break my fall. That thing happened to be the windowsill. I fell straight down on it, or at least my arms did. Pain rushed up and down both my arms and hands, but I forced my fingers to close down on it. I continued to fall until I was hanging by just my hands, grasping at a one inch windowsill. I'm pretty sure that when my body jerked to a stop, I heard a popping sound from my left arm. I took a minute to just breathe. Scariest experience of my life, I thought, panting.

I looked up at the open window and decided I had two options. Option one: Fall and hurt myself more. Option two: Try to climb in the window. Option two was my best bet. So against my arms' will, I started pulling myself up. That didn't work. I was the girl who could do one push up in elementary school. But I had to try again, but this time, use my feet to help myself up. My arms again screamed out in pain as I used them and my feet to help me up. I hauled myself into the window, scratching my arm my arm on a loose sliver of wood and landed on the (carpeted) floor as the window slammed shut. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I slowly got up and looked around his room. I was in trouble. There was only one way out of the house and that was the front door which was blocked by Mathew and possibly his parents. I had to wait until the perfect moment to escape without someone noticing. This could take hours. Great. I got up and sat down on his bed, careful to be out of his door's view.

Buzz. Buzz.

Was it me or did that sound like a nuclear bomb going off in my pocket? Just me? I took my phone out of my pocket and looked at the name. Lizzy. Again. I'm not surprised. She's never had any patience.

"Yes?" I half whispered, leaning back on the bed, trying to see down the stairs. Oh, the bed smelt good like cinnamon.

"So? Did you get it?" She rushed.


"Oh god. What happened? Did he see you? Are you in jail? Do I have to bail you out?"

How do I say that I'm trapped in the house with a really hot guy in that I have a shirtless picture of?

"No…I'm kind of in the house." I said slowly.

I heard a pause and I winced, preparing my self for a Lizzy outburst.


"Yeah. Long story short, I fell out of the tree, and climbed in the window." I lifted my arm and saw blood running down it. "I'm also bleeding, and I'm pretty sure I popped my arms out of their sockets. Oh, but it gets worse. The only way out in through the front door."

"You really messed up. You are so screwed. Say hello to a restraining order and being know as a stalker."

I can not believe this. She's the one that came up with this plan in the first place! I'm not the freak with a fetish with hot guy objects and/or pictures!

"You're the one that made me do this in the first place!"

"YOU could've said no. And I don't know you. If you get caught, we never met, I'm not your friend and you don't even know my name."

Oh now she doesn't rub in the fact she has a hostage.

"But I-"

She hung up on me. What a great friend. (Note the sarcasm.) Now I had a huge problem, and my arm's bleeding. (Not on his bed. That would be…even worse.) I needed to find a Band-Aid for the huge cut on my right arm. Where do most people put medical supplies? I'm thinking either the bathroom or the kitchen although they might put it in a cabinet.

Holding my left arm to my chest, careful not to jerk it, (careful not to get blood on the floor from my right hand) I crept up to the wall near the door and peered out. Huge white stairs led down into what I guessed to be the living room, to the left was what I guessed to be his parents room, next to that a guest room or something, but to the right was a huge teal bathroom. I could hear Mathew talking, the T.V., and a girl, a little girl, I though, no older than ten.

Thank God the bathroom was next to Mathew's room. It would be a lot less work to move to the right, lying low because of the stairs than having to go downstairs and sneak around people. However, there was the problem of how I was going to sneak by the opening of the stairs with out anyone knowing. I thought about it for a while and decided to do what they did in the movies, crawl (with one arm).

I got down on the white carpet, careful of the blood and my left arm, and started slowly crawling across the floor. When I reached the middle of the stairway, I glanced down. Mathew was on the couch, watching something (and looking really hot), and there was a little girl in the kitchen doorway. I couldn't really see her, not from this angle. I shook my head and continued to the bathroom. First aide always came first, than a personal investigation into Mathew's life.

I pulled myself up on the (closed) toilet seat and looked up. There was a white cabinet right above the toilet. I reached up with my right arm and gently pulled on the white knob until the door opened. Inside was numerous prescription drugs mixed with over-the-counter drugs that were divided into two shelves. There was a box of Band-Aids in the corner on the shelf nearest to me. I grabbed the box, thankful that they were the huge square kind. I carefully opened the box and pulled it out the Band-Aid. I ripped off the package and after searching for a trashcan, dropped it into the trash next to the toilet. I slapped the Band-Aid on my wound.

"What are you doing in me and my brother's bathroom?"

I froze, my blood turning into ice. My only thought was 'It's all over. I'm so dead.' I turned slowly to see a little girl in the doorway with a confused expression on her (adorable) features. I let out the breath I was holding, a little relieved. Mathew, I couldn't outsmart but a little girl, I can.

The girl looked about seven, with a relatively round face and big, hazel eyes. She had long pitch black hair that came in waves down her back. She had a small round nose and rose pink lips. You could see the resemblance between her and Mathew. Maybe they were siblings?

"Um…" Oh God. Lie. Lie. LIE. I can't lie to a little girl though! It's just messed up! I'm going to hate myself for this. Something a seven year old would believe! Seven year old girls like fairytales right? "I'm…your…fairy godmother?" I lied, half smiling at the end. Oh God. How the hell was I supposed to back THAT up? Out of all the things to say…I just had to say that.

"Fairy godmothers have wings and a wand!"

Oh crap.

"I'm on a special assignment. They took my wings and wand away!" Me:1; Fairy-tales: 0. Oh yeah.

The girl's face brightened and she smiled.

"Really? You have to meet the bestest big brother in the whole wide world, Matty! Oh, and you have to come a play with me, and help me bake my cupcakes! You and Matty will help me make great ones!" She tugged on my hand.

Aw! Mathew helped his sister bake! He had a soft spot! He wasn't really a bad boy at heart! Then I realized what she meant.

I panicked a little. This adorable little girl could blow everything. I needed something going along the lines of the whole fairy godmother thing. Think girl, think. You've watched Cinderella as a little girl! I gently tugged my hand out of hers and watched her expression darken.

"Listen, what was your name?" I started, desperately hoping she believed me. I hardly ever lied and I was pretty horrible at it. (Or so I was told)

The little girl crossed her arms and pouted.

"YOU'RE my fairy godmother! You should know! Unless you aren't!" She said, stomping her food on the ground.

That girl was smarter than I gave her credit for. I wanted to tell her the truth, but what would I've said? Hi, I broke into your house because my best friend thinks your brother is hot and wants a picture? I would be arrested! Or worse!

Okay, in Cinderella, did her fairy godmother know her name? I'm guessing no.

"I am! Not even Cinderella's fairy godmother knew Cinderella's name! So what's your name?"

She thought about it for a minute and then her whole face brightened.

"I'm Hope! Now please? You have to come help me make cupcakes! They're pink too!"

Her eyes widened at that last statement and a huge smile was plastered on her face. I was swallowed up by those cute eyes and I was so close to saying yes. She was just so cute! I felt like I was kicking a puppy by lying to her and saying no!

"Hope, I wish I could! But people just can't see me, or else my whole mission is ruined! But you can bring me a cupcake; they are my favorite dessert…"

I bit into the last piece of the pink flavored delicacy and silently moaned before tiptoeing out the bathroom door. I took a deep breath and slowly went down the white steps, one by one. Hope was a good person. She was going to distract her brother while I sneaked out the front door. I'd have to bring her a card or something once I get out of here. I learned that her parents don't get home until later so that was a plus. I felt sorry for her also because it must suck to have parents that work a lot. (My mom's job is a stay-at-home mom.)

I pressed myself against the wall until I saw Hope in the kitchen doorway. I gave her the thumbs up. She nodded at me, her eyes determined. She turned and ran into the kitchen. I could hear her from the stairs.

"It's the kitty! She's hurt! Matty you have to help it!" Her voice was urgent.

I have just corrupted a little girl. What was wrong with me? I am going to buy her a stuffed animal and card. Well, maybe not card. I don't think Hallmark has one that says 'Thanks for helping me get out of your house with a picture of your brother shirtless. I really appreciated it!'

I crept down past the kitchen, but not without a glance. They had a huge table in the middle of it, and what looked like brand new appliances everywhere. The walls were more of a dark teal color. I kept moving, looked in awe at the huge flat screen TV. Across from it was a long, white couch without a single stain. Next to that was a long black lamp. I have to say, I was jealous. My mother had no fashion sense whatsoever. I was only a few feet away from the door. I took another step…

…and was slammed against the wall. Not very hard, but hard enough on the arm that popped that it made me gasp in pain. It was like someone was shooting my arm. My hands were trapped above my head and there, very close to my face, was the very handsome, Mathew Meyers. His hazel eyes were blazing, his bangs in his face and all I wanted was to kiss those lips. This made me blush. I've never had that thought about any other boy. After all that, my thoughts were mostly towards the fact I was dead. Or I was going to be dead after this. What was I supposed to say? I couldn't betray my best friend!

"What the hell are you doing in my house, Savannah?" He said, gritting his teeth. (But still looking sexy as hell.)

Oh my God. He knew my name! He knew what I looked like! That's what I was thinking up until I realized what situation I was in.

"Umm…" I said, speechless. I didn't have anything to say. There were no more badly performed lies up my sleeves. I was done for. I gazed up at him, waiting for the final blow.

Then around the corner came Hope, in her little pink sundress, and she looked mad.

"GET AWAY FROM MY FAIRY GODMOTHER MATTY!" She screeched, louder than I would have expected. Mathew's head whipped around to stare at her, mine doing the same. She came to a stop a few feet away from Mathew and glared at him with as much venom as a cute little girl can muster.

I looked up at his face (again) and realized something. He was distracted and his hold on my hands loosened. I knew it would kill my arm, but I had to get out of here and fast. I ripped my arms out of Mathew's grasp, and before he could turn around, I ran to the white door, turned the knob, threw it open, and ran as fast as I could towards my black Dodge car(I wasn't born a guy, I don't know cars!)Which was parked a block down the street. I knew he wasn't chasing me, but I still didn't stop running until I was in my car.

I took a minute to breathe, once again today. I felt like I'd had a heart attack. I was never, ever doing ANYTHING for Lizzy again, even if she has a hostage.

I closed my blue locker door with a slam, double checking that I had the books I needed. I looked down the halls of my high school. The walls were an off white and there were clusters of ten lockers, top and bottom, with five feet if blank wall between them. I shifted my books around that were in the crook of my arm. My left arm was swollen, and hurt whenever I moved it, so I avoided anything that would potentially hurt it.

I didn't give the picture to Lizzy. I just couldn't. I felt it would be taking advantage of him and so I kept the photo on my camera. Bacon wasn't harmed, I got Lizzy's mom to get him back for me while Lizzy and I were at school.

I started walking to my fourth period class through the crowd of kids. As I passed a bunch of gossiping girls, a hand shot out from the crowd and grabbed my left shoulder. I let a little whimper of pain. One of the fingers was hitting a sore spot on that arm. I turned to see a very pissed Mathew and two of his friends behind him, a girl and a boy. Today he had on a white shirt with Eminem on it, paired with loose jeans. He pulled me to the side, still whimpering and pushed me against the wall. Again. I kind of love this trend. I whimpered on more time when my arm hit the wall roughly. He leaned in closer, his eyes curious but also hurt.

"Are…are you scared of me?" He asked.

"No. It's just that I hurt my arm, and its swollen and you digging your fingers in it and slamming it against the wall-again, I might add-doesn't help." I said, matter-of-factly. I didn't know where I got this courage, but I wasn't complaining. If I could last until the end of the conversation then I'd be set.

His (perfectly shaped, pink, rounder-on-the-bottom-then-the-top) lips formed an 'O' as he pulled his fingers off me.

"Why were you in my house yesterday? And why does my sister think you're her fairy godmother?" Mathew asked, once again his eyes were amused and serious.

I gaped at him. I really didn't have an answer to that that didn't consist of the fact that my best friend was psycho. Lizzy might have her flaws, but we've been friends forever. I'm not going to throw away her trust for some, granted gorgeous, boy.

"I can't say." I mustered, trying not to stutter.

He pulled his eyebrows together, looking confused.

"Why not? Did you want to steal something? Did you steal something?"

"I…really can't say. No, I didn't steal anything. I wasn't even supposed to go in the house. I was just supposed to…" I trailed off, closing my mouth. I didn't mean to say anything about the plan.

"You were supposed to what?" Mathew whispered close to my ear.

It took every ounce of self control not to shiver. I just felt so good, his warm breath on my ear, and his scent was amazing. I looked away, looking for someway out of this. Then, turning the corner was Lizzy, her blonde hair pilled on top of her head, searching for someone. I ducked beneath Mathew's arm, and ran towards her. I flashed a small smile, grabbed her arm, and turned her towards the direction she came.

"Hey!" I said warmly.

"What were you doing with Mathew? Did you two make out? Are you a couple?" She said, firing off questions faster than I could answer them.

"What? No! I wasn't doing anything with him. We just…bumped into each other." I said, lying for the hundredth time this week.

Her face fell. "Oh."

And we walked in silence to our class, late.

"No, no, no! There has to be something here!" I moaned, throwing boxers over my shoulder and on the floor. "I need something, anything, memorable but not perverted."

I looked around Mathew's room. It was a complete mess, and it was my fault entirely. Since I didn't give Liz the picture, she made me go back and grab something to give her. I just needed a necklace or a ring. I wanted something simple but personal to Mathew that wasn't sexual. I opened the next drawer and rummaged through that. There was nothing but shirts. I groaned. I was starting to hate that stupid gorgeous boy who had no personal items for me to 'borrow'. I grabbed a random shirt as a last resort, walking out of his room. It would take way to long to clean up the mess I made.

I tucked a piece of red hair behind my ear and walked nervously towards the stairs. As I reached the top of the stairs, I heard a voice.

"Aw, hell. Not you again!"
Surprised I whirled around to stare at Mathew, making my self unbalanced in the process. I teetered on the edge for a few seconds before falling. My mouth popped open, and when I hit the floor, I screamed. I landed on my left side, you know, the one I hurt three days before at this house. I really needed to say away from it if I kept getting injured. I dropped the shirt as my eyes started to tear. I heard him swear.

"Shit, are you okay?" He asked, running down the stairs.

He finally reached me, kneeling down over me, those bright red bangs hanging loosely in his face. He turned a hyperventilating me towards him and looked at my left arm and shoulder.

"Fuck. It looks like you dislocated it, but it doesn't look new. You've probably been in a lot of pain." He said, looking at me with those beautiful hazel eyes. "Although you might deserve it for breaking in my house…"

My mouth dropped. What the hell! I was mad now.

"It's not my fault you're so gorgeous that my best friend wanted a shirtless picture so she kidnapped my stuffed animal until I got one! It's not my fault I couldn't give it to her because who knows the things she'd do to it! It's not my fault you were so sexy I could just come up and ask for something! It's not my fault that my best friend forced me to grab something else!" I yelled, getting closer and closer to Mathew's face.

He smiled, a heart dropping smile.

"Thank God. I'd feel like a fucking idiot if I did this to a stalker/thief."

I pulled my eyebrows together in confusing. What did I miss? What was he goi- Mathew cut off my thinking by kissing me. Oh…wow. I stopped thinking. I stopped breathing. The only thing I did was kiss him back. I could feel his bright red bangs tickling my face, I could feel his fingers getting tangled in my dark red hair and I could feel my right arm come up and run my fingers through his hair. I pulled back a few more seconds later. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to. My left arm was killing me.

He kissed me. HE kissed ME. Oh my.

"Why'd you do that?" I said looking at my left arm.

He licked his lips. "It was a heat of the moment thing. Most girls wouldn't be complaining. And I just like you."

"Oh…" My mind was blown. He liked me. I was the girl who broke into his house and tried to steal some of his things! He was crazy.

Mathew ran his fingers through his hair and thought for a minute.

"I uh better take you to the hospital." He finally said.

Mathew slid his arms down around my waist and slowly picked me up. He turned and yelled up the stairs.

"Hope, Matty is going to take Savannah to the hospital. I'll be back in a few. There's food in the fridge."

We left walked to his black Sierra truck in silence. In the car really wasn't much better. A really awkward silence filled the car.

"Turtle." I blurted out, and then blushed.

Mathew turned to look at me for a minute, confused and then looked back at the road.


"Turtle. There is an awkward turtle in the room. Did you not notice the silence back there?" I said, annoyed.

He smirked and reached for a knob on the dash. In an instant, music filled the car. I got why he was smirking.

"Oh ha-ha. Very funny. That's not what I meant." I mumbled crossing my arms the best I could while trying not to smile.

He pulled up into the hospital driveway in a few minutes and within minutes, we were in the hospital. After fifteen minutes of filling out boring paperwork and Mathew hitting on the nurse, I stood up and handed the paper to her. She was in her mid-twenties with dyed blonde hair and a small figure. I glared at Mathew with my brown eyes.

"Okay Mathew. You can stop flirting now." I said rudely.

He turned to me, flashing another smirk.

"Why? Jealous?"

"Yes, yes I am." I said, just as the doctor called my name. I left him, baffled and smiled. Payback was sweet.

Long story short, I had a dislocated shoulder and he had to pop it back in. It hurt worse to pop it back in than just living with it, but soon the pain ebbed away and my whole arm felt better. He prescribed a pain medication in case I still had some pains.

I walked out into the waiting room, spotting Mathew reading a magazine. He put it back and strolled out the door with me. As we reached his car, he turned to me.

"Your arm better?"


"Good. Now I can do this."

Was I missing something again? What was he going to do? Hit me? Call the cops? Oh my God what if he-and Mathew kissed me again.

The only difference was, the first kiss was sweet and innocent. This one was something else. It meant something. He pushed me up against the truck, his hands drifting to my waist, still kissing me. I played with the hair on the nape of his neck, pulling him closer to me. I could feel his tongue on my bottom lip, so I opened my mouth, tasting Mathew. We both pulled back, Mathew resting his forehead on mine. He had to bend down a little because of our height differences. We breathed heavily.

I started walking to the passenger side door, my thoughts consisting of 'OMG HE REALLY KISSED ME! HE LIKES ME'. I opened the door and hopped in. Mathew got in a few seconds later, his truck starting with a rumble.

"Are you ever going to show this picture of my amazing body?" He asked jokingly.

"Nope. I'm going to keep it." I said smugly; already think of what I was going to do with it.

"What are you going to do with that?" He turned towards me, his light hazel eyes amused.

"I'm going to blow it up, and make it into a pin-up poster. I can see it now, hanging on my wall…" I teased.

He laughed, and I swear angels swooned. It was a deep laugh, one that would make anyone near him laugh too.

He tapped his fingers on the wheel nervously. He was nervous? Why? What did he have to be nervous about?

"So…will you go out with me sometime?" He gulped, fear clearly showing.

"You really want to go out with the girl who has a half naked picture of you and has broken into your house twice now?" I said in disbelief. He's insane.

He laughed again. (Swoon) "What can I say? It's sexy when someone does something they don't usually do. Plus, the fact you can break in my house can be used in many ways…" He trailed off, winking. "And the pin-up poster! At least I know I'll be the first thing you see when you wake up! We would make a great couple." He looked at me seriously for the last part.

"Yeah. I'd really like that." I said smiling, my brown eyes brightening. I wanted to know more about Mathew and I wanted him to know more about me. God help me with this arrogant fool. It was funny how things turn out way different than you planned how you said or who you thought you'd go out with. Mathew wasn't the guy I dreamed of actually going out with, but here I am.

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