I am in pain, and I am trying to seek comfort from everyone who is around.

The smile on my face was lost a long time back, and now it cannot be found.

I am so broken inside, there's nothing inside me that can end this numbness.

I am so broken inside, that I am slowly being consumed by my own darkness.

I am so broken inside, and I have fixed myself so many times before,

The bandage trembles in my fractured hand, I can't do this anymore.

Now here I am, looking at the world through a dark smoked screen,

Everywhere I turn, anyone I gaze at, everything looks so depressing.

I'm about to fall and I need a hand that will reach out and make me hold on.

I'm about to fall and I need someone to hold me from night through dawn.

I feel like I'm vacuum covered with hard shells, I feel that empty inside.

Unshed tears don't burn at my eyelids anymore; it's getting easier to hide.

I'm broken inside, but it's not irreparable, not if you try to heal my scars.

I'm broken inside, without you by my side, please tell me you're not too far.

I'm broken inside, I'm shattering, and I need you to fix this mess that's me.

I'm broken inside, trapped by my own walls. Please come and set me freeā€¦