Not right,
Not wrong,
Just different,
Rather odd.

Not you,
Not me,
Just us,
Not meant to be.

Not madly in love,
Just a slight crush,
Wasn't 'in like',
Wasn't even 'in lust'.

Not a big deal,
Not crazy for you,
Just thought you were sweet,
To tell you the truth.

But sometimes I wonder,
If I should have tried,
To face the harsh world,
With you by my side.

Could we have done it?
Our odd little pair?
Dealt with the world?
And not had a care?

You were my crush,
It's not a secret.
But not pursing it,
Is my biggest regret.

But I'm sorry to say,
We weren't meant to be.
It is the truth,
About you and me.

Just in a poetry mood, it would seem.