The wind wrapping around throat I can barely breathe

Staying up past twilight my painful thoughts consuming me


Now I remember why I went to bed early..

So I won't be up alone, my thoughts eating me up inside

Reminding me I'm on my own.


Watching the sky changing while everyone is sleeping

Wrapped in the sheets of their bed.

I'm fighting the shadows consuming me in my head.


Whispering of the lost and whispers of the pain

Everyone calmly sleeping safe in bed

I'm going slowly insane


The noises in the dark

The extra shadows that aren't there

I'm scared and alone crying in despair


The shadows are my nightmares

Whispering my pains and regrets

Telling of all my failures so I cant ever forget


Now I remember why I went to bed early..

To escape the shadows creeping in

I'm caught awake past midnight

Now they finally win.