"Don't you feel cliché'?" My roommate asked me.
"I don't know how else to do this so he won't think it's a joke."
"How about you put on a straight face and are like 'for serious guys'"

I had combed my hair forward in front of my face, put on my only skinny jeans and a button up top and some vans. I was ready to face this.
"You sure that you actually?"
"Nope" as I lead her out the door. "I'm not sure of anything, but I'm sure he's damn cute and if I dress like a gay kid he'll understand that I like him"
"You sure it's not offending?"
Crap, I had not thought about it like that.
"Well he's dated other emo kids before right Belle?" She sighed at me.
"That's pretty offensive and do I look like a Disney princess?"
I smirked at her as she attempted to keep up with my stride in her high heels. I was so desperate to do this, I'm just going to grab this guy and kiss him.
Okay so I'm not going to do that.
"Shut up, you're incessant thoughts are hurting my head!"
I stopped in front of her making her slam into my back. "You should really watch where you're going drunkard. By the way, try not to get too drunk. I want to be able to get somewhere else tonight and not worry about your ass."
"Tonight I'm all about supporting you."
She smirked at me while bunny hopping along to my stride.
"How are you doing so well in skinny jeans by the way?"
"I've lost circulation to my crotch." I answered tightly. We were rounding on the uni, these parties never end well. I've seen people standing naked and singing I'm a little teapot by the end of them.

Inside the party and it would be 2 hours before my Kyle would arrive. I just thought 'my' Kyle didn't I? While sitting there slowly psyching myself out for my first attempted gay asking out I seem to have engulfed a few drinks. Which don't affect me, because I'm a boss.
I decided to shake the few hours by creepily watching Elle as she interacted with a bunch of college kids supposedly playing some drinking game. She noticed my looking and winked at me before deciding not to take the tables shot.
It was really dull except for the weird looks I received from people who knew what I actually dressed like.
My usual hair is wavy light brown, sort of a side fringe. Pretty in with the v-neck tops and three quarter pants. I wear glasses that have a small frame and generally flip flops or trainers. So I'm starting to feel a bit ridiculous with what I'm wearing. I groaned, I'm not going to do this.

I walk over to Elle and tell her I'm going to leave. Not too sure if she was all there but I know she'll be the one doing the naked I'm a little teapot dance later on.

I walk out starting to feel the effects of the alcohol and slightly slowing my walking pace keeping my head down.
"Hey there" A boy said to my timidly. Oh how cliché', it just had to be Kyle and I just had to be drunk.
I look up and shit myself slightly. "Hey" I say pulling my sober act.
"Mitch?" He says overly confused. "What the fuck are you dressed as?"
I was about to respond before he went on, "I get it alright, I've got so much shit for being gay. Are you out here waiting for your friends to come and pretend to rape me because they think it's funny? I'm so sick of your shit"
He trudges past me knocking my shoulder making me fall backwards a couple steps. "I'll not pretend to rape you." I mutter out of my not-even-that-drunk mouth like a dumbass.
He turns back to me as I turn around to face him. "Why do you guys even bother, you're attempt at gay jokes aren't even funny."
It was perfect timing, a boy walked past going 'HAHA NICE ONE MITCH FUCK THE QUEER." And this group of people behind him said FUCK THE QUEER.

"Fuck the queer" I muttered sadly, I don't even talk to those boys. What cock blockers. However it must have not sounded like that to Kyle, he turned away and stormed inside the party.

"You made him cry!" Elle ran up to me shouting too loud.

"He's not crying!" I pause. "How drunk are you already?" I sit her down. "I have to go fix this, I'll be back soon, don't end up in some boys bed. I'll fix this…"
I can't fix this, I don't even think I'm gay, it's not worth it.
"You either!" She giggled back.
But he's crying…. I can't just let him cry it wouldn't be considerate of me.
I trudge myself into the bathroom where he is standing there with 3 empty shot glasses in front of him. Great now he's drunk, this is just pathetic even if I did make a move the chance he'll remember it is impossible.
"What?" He groaned seeing me enter the bathroom.
"I like you" I saw him roll his eyes. "No, I do..."
"Fuck the queer, they didn't mean it literally." He started walking out into the main area grabbing his stuff. I follow him out as he heads back for the door. "Hey look, you already ruined my night just leave it."
I walk next to him, only slightly taller. He pulls his hoody on and puts on his fingerless gloves. I jog slightly to keep up with his step but the effects of the pants were starting to take place.
Now would just be the perfect time to pull him 'round and kiss him. If only I had balls.
All it takes is to just grab his hand and pull and we'd be face to face.
No, the point is he is storming off in rage because I upset him.
"Listen I actually, I like you!"
He stopped turned to me and sharply replied "I have a boyfriend." He pulls a small flask out of his bag and starts drinking from it.
Great, more alcohol, if I say it makes it easier I sound like a date rapist.
Ugh, I'll do it, I'll be romantic…
I grabbed his hand and span him back around. We were face to face and I was looking down at him, his flask sharply hit my nose and I fell backwards.
"Shit! .. Are you ok?" Kyle asked me keeping distance. I had my hand placed over my nose, which was fine just a nose bleed however he didn't know that.
He waited,
"Yeah" I muttered nasally.
"They say you're meant to tilt your head back when you get a nosebleed" Kyle said unhelpfully. If only I knew my being in pain was a better way to talk to him then actually talking to him.
He swigs his flask again, "My dorm is close... I'll get you some ice."
I follow him as he walks slightly drunk to his apartment.
"What's your boyfriend like?" I ask him.
"He's sweet, he studies photography."
"Is he emo?" This…. This is one of those things you shouldn't say.
"Look okay, just get your ice and out of my life got it?"
"Ouch" I mutter.
"Deal with it" He snaps back.
The walk lasted around 3 minutes before we went up to an average dorm, his was on the third floor and it was deserted. "So, where are the pictures then?"
He simply glared at me while he wrapped an icepack in a tea towel and handing it to me.
"I think I'm dying from blood loss." I say collapsing onto the couch turning on the TV with my ice pack.
Kyle took another swig, "Hey!" I interjected "don't make me look after you"
"oh... look, how awkward a 20 to 1 on the top most romantic movie dates, "you know, I could do all this for you." I say as the scene of Titanic with Jack pulling rose into the top of the ship, holding her arms out and 'flying'. "I'm a romantic fella."
"You're such an asshole, no one's around to watch you make fun of the gay kid."
I switch off the T.V and walk right next to him, being exactly a head taller I look down and say "I'm not kidding." He glares back. "Look just let me prove it"
"If you can make this shit night better, than take the stage otherwise let me go and actually have a good time instead of letting jerks like you ruin It."
"Again, that was really quite painful." I hit my closed fist against my heart.

He sighed. I won YAY. "Why are you wearing skinny jeans?" He asked me sourly.
"I can take them off if you really don't like them" I had taken the lead and was leading him to my house, which I knew would be empty due to the fact I skipped on the family vacation (Mum and Dad's, Hey son, we're going, you can come but we know you're really busy with school and wouldn't want to intrude- vacation). The house is big but not as cosy as my dorm with Elle.

"Don't seem to surprised okay."
"Yeah, whatever just get on with it." He muttered, I opened the door to my house, I left the lights off so that he wouldn't be expecting anything. "Here just," I reached out my hand and telling by the tension in the air he grabbed it reluctantly. I lead him through down a flight of stairs and told him to stand still. First I put on the underwater light which is a light pink (mums choice in colour) and white which reflects up through the water.
I turned on the fountains and little jets all around the edge of the spa started filtering in and set the stereo onto... "What music do you like?"
Kyle stared blankly at his surroundings, "I don't really mind..."
"You know," I said awkwardly as I was filing through the music that was preset onto the stereo, "I think bow ties are sexy."
"Maybe" Kyle responded shortly.
"Offensive" I responded. I stopped on We the Kings, turned to him and said "well, get in." He stuttered… "Boxers!"
"I wear briefs." He said. I shrugged and started stripping off.
I may be sneaky but I put the acoustic version of Secret Valentine on to play in around 8 minutes, meaning I have two songs to romance him till the songs overflow.
"Are you drunk?" I say remembering how much he had taken.
"Seeing straight is problematic, but it's alright." I sigh; this could put a damper on the whole... HE REALLY LIKES ME thing.
"I can't slow dance you romantically till you're in the pool, or should I?" I grab him only wearing underwear and skinny jeans (which I hadn't managed to get off) and he was wearing only his briefs. I take his hand and start twirling him and dancing.
"Stop!" He says staggering a tiny bit. I throw him into the pool, slide off my skinnies and jump in, in time to support Kyle during his dizzy state.
"Saved your life" I said poking my tongue out. The song had changed now to Stay Young – We the Kings, and grabbed his hand, my hand on his waist, pulled him close and started lift him in circles and dancing, "Now, this is dedicated to you!" I sang along, he was staring up at me and when I looked down the song had changed. Acoustic Secret Valentine, "one second" I got a remote and opened the windows to where the moon and stars could shine through, swam back to Kyle and grabbed him both hand on his lower back and pulled him close, his head drooped to my chest , the song progressed and he slowly tilted his head up as I slow danced him.
"I'm not going to kiss you." I smirked.
"I didn't want you to." Kyle slurred.
"Come on." I pull him out of the spa, put a towel over him. He was staggering pretty badly. He must be one of those people that don't get the effect of alcohol until ages later.
I'm practically lifting him with one arm. "Can you take me back to my apartment?" He said slowly. "You can stay the night if you like" he said turning his head to me and staggering over to the side.

I laughed it off but I couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed, he's really drunk. I practically carried him back to his apartment while he slurred random statements of his life none I really wished to listen to. Mostly about his ex girlfriend though. "You know" He said to me taking another swig, "You look awful in skinny jeans." He stammered a second as we stopped in front of his dorm. "There's something I really want to do."
He pulled me up all the stairs to the top level and then showed me through a large window with a ladder next to it and climbed it, while I was right behind him shitting myself that he would fall off.
He got to the top and sat down on the edge and I sat next to him. "What was it..?" I said.
He started humming, "and if you take that last step I'll follow you."
My stomach dropped. "Kyle, you're drunk get off the side." I step up and stand behind Kyle trying to pull him up.
"Listen" He whined pulling out his flask and getting depressed as it was now empty. "Imagine having someone you love so much that you would jump off a building with" He grabbed my hand messily pulling me closer to him. I pulled him off the edge and into my arms.
"This is probably more third date material" I sighed as he seemed to drift off consciousness.
Great end to the night…

"Good night Kyle."

He slumped on me and fell asleep instantly. I lay back on the roof and stared at the stars.

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