My very first OneShot! What do you think?


by DMuna

Go out with me? -Aaron-

I turned my head around and saw him looking down while he was scribbling down on a his empty notebook, pretending not to see me while I knew he probably noticed that I was glaring at his stupid messy blonde hair.

I turned to the front again, facing a non-stop talking Mr. Graham about trigonometry and eyed the little piece of crushed paper on my hand. I took my pen and started writing down on it.

How many times do I have to tell you that I will never go out with you? And what is it with sending stupid letters, what are we, 8th grade? .Hannah.

I crushed the paper into a tiny ball and looked ahead. Seeing that Mr. Graham was writing on the board and decided the coast was clear, I threw the paper ball behind.

A few minutes later, it was on my desk again.

A hundred times maybe? I just asked you twice you know, plus you didn't answer the first one. By the way, paper chatting is so much fun. -A-

I wrote back.

Which part did you not understand me when I told you earlier that 'I haveplans'?…it is fun until you're caught, you moron. .H.

That was a no? I thought it was a 'how 'bout next week?' kind of thing.
And ha! You admit this is fun….pretty exciting, huh? -A-

It was a BIG no. Still is by the way. And I'm not answering your question. .H.

Such a shame. I even planned a great dinner for us…seems like I have to charm the other girls with my cuteness.

Please, just go, I don't care. And stop bugging me, will you? I'm trying to learnhere.

Yada yada yada…. I don't know what the hell Mr. Graham is talking about, and neither do you. And plus I'm kinda bored.

Does that have anything to do with me? Go annoy someone else, maybe someonewho's as annoying as you….like Dolly Jenkins? I bet you guys would make a happycouple.

You're kidding right? I can't stand that chick, as hot as she is she's kind of dumb. And stupid, and annoying, and she squeaks when she laughs. And who the hell would name a child 'Dolly'?

You? When you guys get married you'd probably name your daughter Dolly Jr. Lol!

That's not funny.

It is! And you're right, this is kind of fun.

I'm glad you find this amusing. But truth to be told, I wanna marry you instead, cupcake. Then maybe I'll name our first child Hannah Jr. What do you think?

I gaped at his hand writing, why did he want me that badly? I'm not a girl any guy would look at when I pass by. I have dull brown hair that would get tangled when I don't brush it so it goes all curly and bushy (ugh) and eyes as dark as it can get. It could even be black if you look closely enough, so what the hell does he want from moi?

No comment.

Finally! You're considering about that date now, aren't you?

What makes you think so, you pig?

Cause you just said no comment. Meant that you're not going to say no and you might consider it. ;) am I right?

Meant that I'm not going to say yes. Am I right?

See? Considering considering considering. You know I'll wait for your answer, honey.

Could you stop with the pet names already?

Why? Baby, I like it.

Because. How would you feel if I call you pet names?

Awesome! And I'd like a good pet name too, like….Sexy, gorgeous, nice ass, perfect and maybe big.

Big? Oh my.

You and your dirty minds!

YOU and YOUR dirty minds. I was just saying on—-

My pen went out. I scribbled the pen on my note book and the perfectly black ink didn't come out. Great.

I shook my head and took any pen that I had in my pencil case and wished I didn't, it was a pink color. I searched for another color, blue would be fine. But none was lying there. I groaned.

"Is everything alright, Miss Samuels?"

I jumped and looked up at Mr. Graham who was watching me beneath those thick glasses. I nodded quickly and gave him a wry smile. "Everything's fine, sir."

He nodded and continued writing on the board while I finished my sentence.

how big your ego is. Duh.

Oh my god, you have a pink pen? What are you, 8th grade?

I swear I could imagine him smirk!

Shut up. And stop sending me these stupid letters.

Then don't reply it, duh. For a bright girl like you you're kinda dumb as well.

Dolly Jenkins' dumb?

I heard him laugh and couldn't help but grin. People around me were probably wondering why I was smiling alone like a crazy person.

"Everything alright, Mr. Peterson?"

He coughed a little before replying a simple, "Yeah." Mr. Graham eyed him suspiciously before he wrote another question on the board.


I rolled my eyes.

Are we on that again? How many times do I have to say no again? Hundred times?

Why won't you say yes? Am I not worth your existence? :(

Peterson, you're always in my existence. It's annoying how every time I walk I could feel your steps behind me and you breathing down my neck. Did I mention how annoying it is?

So that's how you really feel, huh? Then if it bothers you that much I could easily use my lips if you want to. I assure you it won't be annoying, it'll be yummy.

Stop it you gigantic pervert!

I am gigantic if you know what I mean, love. ;-)

I scoffed when I read it. Disgusting.

Ew, fuck you.

You fucking me? Love to.

I glared at the paper; he must be grinning from ear to ear. "Why I ought to—-"

Somebody snapped the paper from my grip and I looked up, my eyes wide in shock as I stared at the person. Mr. Graham looked behind me and then back at me, finally realizing I was writing letters when he was teaching all this time.

His eyes went dark and his mustache twitched before he yelled at us, "Both of you, detention after school!"

I sank on my chair as the bell rang, watching people rushed out of the room. I waited for Aaron to walk ahead and get out of my sight before I kill him with my bare hands. I will kill him, believe me. Mr. Graham glared at me (or maybe at Aaron) before he left the room.

Realizing as it was only both of us in the classroom, I quickly stood up and stormed out of the room…until he grabbed my wrist and turned me around.

I went range, "You stupid pigheaded man! You got me detention—"

Suddenly he crashed his lips on my parted one. He held my wrist tightly in case I ran away while he tried to get me to kiss him back. I sealed my lips close as he tried his hardest to kiss me deeply like he intended to. Poor boy.

I was about to push him away when his tongue pushed my lips apart, trying to get my invitation to my sealed lips. I gave him it. What? I was melted when it comes to French kisses. He traveled his way in my mouth, tasting every inch as I sighed in pleasure. He let go of my wrist when he realized that I was practically enjoying his lips on mine or his tongue down my throat and wrapped my arms around his neck before he hugged me deeply. I smiled for no reason.

I gasped when he squeezed my ass, surprised of the touch I parted away but stick my forehead to his.

He sighed and tried to catch for some air. "So….date?"

"Why? Why do you want to go out with me?" I asked in curiosity.

He smiled sweetly and took my hand in his strong grip, "I like you. I like the way you laugh, the way you don't care what people thinks about you, how you smile, your weird fashion style, your kindness, your eyes and your beautiful face. Point is, I like you," he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, "A lot."

Shock, that was what I felt. Aaron Peterson liked me? Me? Of all people? He wanted to go out with me because he liked….me?

Do I even like him? Well I do like his sense of humor, his warming brown eyes as warm as coffee, his pretty smile, his messy blonde hair (You'd say bedroom hair, I'd say coming-out-from-a-hell-hole hair) and his broad shoulders or his lean tall amazingly delicious tanned body…..Oh my god!

I like Aaron Peterson.

I can't believe this, all this time I thought he was annoying me and had this urge to kill him...I liked him. I like him!

"So?" He smiled at me stiffly, scared of rejection.

I merely tackled him while I wrapped my arms around his hot body and crashed my lips to his, tasting his flavor all over again, "Yes!"

He grinned sheepishly like a boy who just got his Christmas present. He held me in his arms as he kissed me back, trailing light kisses down my jaw and nibbling my neck, "Finally." He chuckled.

I was about to let him have sex with me right there, didn't care if we were in an empty classroom or the fact that anybody could walk on us (God how I wanted him that badly, never realized it until now) but he grabbed my hand and dragged me out.

"Where are we going?" I asked as he escorted me outside to the hallway.

"On our date," he smiled widely.

"What? Now? Where?" I followed his quick steps.

He stopped in front of a classroom and turned around, taking a step closer to me. With the biggest smirk he had, he opened the door and held my hand tightly, "Detention."

I laughed.