For all of you who read, reviewed, and shared with me, I offer you my sincerest apologies. Before I fell off of the face of the Earth (and FP), I promised to never just vanish with an incomplete tale like so many other authors. I hate it when that happens, and so I am wallowing in the deepest hollows of self-loathing at the moment, I swear.

Real life did manage to catch up with me, and I failed to let anyone know I was on hiatus. Shameful, I know. However, I AM back, but I'm not working on Bound By Fire at the moment. I do have other chapters, but I don't feel like they're ready to be read yet by all you deserving people. I'm leaving my old chapters up at the moment, but everything has been rewritten (hopefully) for the better.

Right now I'm working on some other ideas that have been floating without mercy around my cluttered mind, so I'm devoting my time to those annoying little thoughts that call themselves the beginnings of plots.

Thanks so much for understanding, and I swear I will return to BBF one day!

-Lonely Tylenol