Zed Axis

With one motion
Water dances over land
Thirst for sunburn
First to gush
At mouth's touch

Swim swiftly
Sweetie, in circles
Sunslide on mirror hide
Gasp at surface
Nearly shadowgone
Till you breathe in

Sense flame
Tickling your circumference
Turning round
Quest of otherworld fire
Impossibility and a moment
Release without breaking

But that doesn't quite do it
Depth and ocean are synonymous
Bear one torch, force over fancy
Fear only fantasy
For nothing final

Thus, as deserts coalesce
Pause and equal
Glass made for water
Sea hewn in earth
Look in either, see both

Relit, switch and bend infinity
Sixty second countdown
What goes up
Nine gasps past dawn
Red claws do diamonds dig

Wet-chested green
Mist convenes
Vines yanked behind
Allow passage into dense
Lightkissed woodry

Then, the waterfall
First time for the kettle
Over the precipice
A jump kept ever
The picture we frame

So there's a see-saw
Slow harmonica near
Tap the watch if you can
Hear the sand beneath liquid
Constant, with blindness

Sting a few times a day
Let the venom weave
Sift the goldcatcher
So it sparkles
And you keep collecting

The only road sign
Is direction
Similar path
Hidden undertone
Subway series carry home

And I didn't shave today
And you told me good