Title: Enigma
Category: Fiction ยป Horror
Author: MydaddyisSuperman
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Horror/Romance
Published: 05-21-11, Updated: 05-21-11
Chapters: 1, Words: 1,743

Chapter 1: Prologue

Leave tonight or live and die this way.

We called them the Enigma. We had no idea what they were or what they wanted. All we knew is that we had to avoid them; to avoid them at all costs and to avoid dying. That was our main purpose in life, to run away.

None of us could explain how or why we were brought to this world and we couldn't even tell you where we were. All the memories before this world were a blur, faint recollections that stayed hidden at the back of our minds but present enough to remind us of the freedom we once held. It was like running your hand over a foggy window, it never cleared perfectly and slowly the condensation built back up. We called this world "The Slaughterhouse" because that's exactly what it is to us.

It sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, even to us at times we have trouble accepting the position we have been placed in. However, we do not live in that fantasy for long. A movie would be a much better situation because at least then it's only a movie made to serve the purpose of amusement for its audience. This is not the case though. This horror is a reality, you can say that this is only a story but what do you truly know? Our lives are real and our horror is definitely a reality.


That was how much time we had, eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds. When we said it like this, it didn't seem so bad. It made the reality that eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds was actually twenty-four hours. Twenty-four hours of hell.

However, we didn't fear death in those eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds. Oh no, what we feared was the blood-curdling pain. We would have gladly welcomed death with open arms because death meant an end, a completion of our lives. However, we could not achieve this death; instead we could only reach a state of temporary death. It was like a CD with a scratch on it. The same part was played over and over and over again until you were sick to your stomach from the repetition.

We didn't count our lives as living, not when we had to suffer the way we do. The pain was simply too excruciating. Dear Luna, how it was horrendous. You felt every ligament tear, every bone snap and pop, and every part of your soul shatter.

Death was never the same, you couldn't prepare yourself for it or numb yourself like one normally could after repetitive activity. How could you prepare yourself when one minute you are fighting for your life and the next, you are gazing down at your body, half-eaten. You can see your organs leaking from your side and your screams rip at your ear-drums.

After you've died so many deaths, you even start to notice things about your death that you never would have noticed with the one-time offer that comes with a normal death. You see that your organs are a sickly beautiful picture when you see their gel-like pinkness peeking from the deep red of your blood. How can one get used to something like that? How do you prepare for this gruesome awareness?

Day in and day out, all we live for, all we breathe for, and all we die for is to survive and to escape the Slaughterhouse. We live and die within those eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds and then we are reborn, only to repeat the same thing over again. One day, we will reach our freedom or go mad in the process.

Leave tonight or live and die this way.

Each of our faces and bodies, which included height and weight, are designed to look exactly the same. These bodies we reside inside resemble tall, unnaturally skinny mannequins that are one solid colour, except our large eyes and the black smudging that appears around them.

However, there is one way to distinguish each other despite our identical appearances. This is because each of us is coloured differently. There are a total of sixteen colours, one for each person who is stuck here. Black, navy, pink, silver, white, gold, silver, bronze, purple, blue, brown, red, yellow, orange, grey, and transparent. These colours are vital information to memorize, one needs to know which colours go with whose name. This is a matter of survival, to know who the allies are and who are not.

We also are androgynous, or rather, when a person is neither male nor female by appearance. No one could remember what their sex was before coming to this world, all we could remember was the fact that there once was the difference of sex and gender to set people apart. However, distinction and uniqueness was something this world did not provide outside of our colour difference. Thus, in a world with no idea of gender, we also have no need for clothes because there is no sense of shame. There wouldn't be anything to clothe ourselves with anyways.

We had all lost track of time, the days running together as the death count rose. We had no idea how long we had been trapped within this world, there was no way of knowing. Not when the world we live in is simply a city of ruins with no other life form other than the sixteen of us and the Enigma when they appeared in search of a hunt.


Twenty-four hours is what we had to survive before the Enigma turned into dust and we were freed from this world. No one had reached this yet; at least not from our group of sixteen, the only sixteen to walk this earth. It was just a knowledge that had been planted inside our mind since we had arrived in this world, we could not explain how we knew. After the twenty-four hours were up, we would be freed, returned to wherever we came from. This was the only fact we knew.

In this world, a full day was twenty-five hours. Twenty-four hours to fight for your life and a single hour to be reborn, realize the hopelessness, and then prepare to start again. In that hour, everything was quiet, a moment where we get a faint grasp of what peacefulness is. However, this is always disturbed by one of us consumed by their madness, their yelling and screaming piercing the silence of the night.

We all reach that point of madness at least once every few days. This happens when someone realizes that there may be no hope of ever escaping and that we are potentially doomed to forever walk and die on these forsaken ruins. Most of us return back to our sanity after falling into this state of depression but some don't. They can't be blame though.

There are three different groups within this world. Us, currently a group of seven and then there are the Dreamers which are those of us who have become lost in their own depression and have taken shelter within their own mind. There are currently three of them but we fear their numbers will grow in time, much sooner than we hope. The Dreamers have given up all hope in surviving and escaping this world and choose simply to not fight back when the Enigma come out. They are usually the first to go.

Lastly there are the Cannibals, as they like to call themselves. They like to think of it as a joke since we do not feed but instead are fed on. However, they look at themselves as the highest on the food-chain with the exception of the Enigma. They cruelly call the Dreamers, the Bait. They are a malicious bunch of people who hold no hope on ever escaping this world so they make it a game by torturing all those who oppose them. Keelan, their leader, must have been a terrifying thing before he came to this world. He holds no sympathy for any others other than himself and makes it a goal to kill everyone else off before he is killed himself. The Enigma are unmerciful creatures but at times, we look at the Cannibals as being more fearsome, simply because of their lack of humanity.

All together, we call ourselves The Stolen. This is the name we have given ourselves because we were taken from our homes, from the life we once held, and placed in this world of unknown. This world we call "The Slaughterhouse".

However, we will escape, even if we have to die a thousand more deaths, a million more deaths. If we give up now, we will either become a Dreamer, lost in our own minds or become a Cannibal, without even the notion of empathy.

I refuse to become either. I will leave this world before it can take my sanity and humanity. There is no other option.

Leave tonight or live and die this way.


The white Stolen lifted its head and looked at the being in front of it. Rae had been daydreaming again as it tends to do when they had an hour to regroup before the Enigma were released again.

"Kip, sorry. I was daydreaming again, wasn't I?" Rae looked up and addressed the Stolen standing in front of it that was coloured a shiny gold.

"It's fine," the gold Stolen replied, "I just thought I'd wake you up before the Enigma do."

As soon as the gold Stolen stopped speaking a piercing shriek shattered the air around them, causing all that were in the area to cover their ears that had already started to bleed in those few seconds.

It was time. The Enigma were out to hunt. May the Luna pity us tonight.