Sometimes leaving was best. They say that cowards run, so I guessed I was just that. I sat alone, the only one in the train cart. The seat underneath me was torn, old and deteriorating. I left my mind blank. The only thing I could feel was the dryness of my cheeks, the heavy weight of my limbs. I couldn't bring myself to cry. Nothing seemed real; it was like I was living in a water colored painting. The edges of reality were blurred.

Was I really on a train going nowhere specific? What was I doing? And why was I doing this? The questions then faded away, unimportant. Why did I even have time to selfishly think about myself? So I sat and stared straight, into nothing.

The stopping of the train jerked me, and I put an unsteady arm out to catch myself. The announcement of the city we had entered played in the background, but I didn't care. The walls of the train blended together, the same gray color. With a steady pick up in speed I felt the train move. A deep voice faded into my mind.

"Hello?" A hand waved in front of my face, snapping me violently from my trance. "Yeah, this would be me trying to talk to you." I blinked a few times. "Usually a response would be satisfactory at this type of moment."

My eyes, my eyes felt dry and tired. My eyelids remained open against my bodies will. I slowly tipped my head up to the voice. I stared at him for a few moments. His icy blue eyes stared at me with curiosity. His brown hair stopped a little past his ears. I couldn't believe it, but he had a gleaming white smile. I wanted to smack that huge smile off that perfect face and watch a frown replace it. He didn't deserve a smile like that, no one in the world did. Couldn't anyone see that everything was messed up?

He grasped the seat that was placed in front of me and slid it over so that now we would sit in front of each other, like you would in a restaurant booth.

"Didn't you hear me?" he said as he sat in front of my disappearing self.

"This is me ignoring you," I replied with my voice soft and without a hint of emotion. My tired eyes slipped up to his face. His smile still held.

"Ah. A little cranky, are we?" I looked into his cold blue eyes.

"You don't know me. Therefore, you wouldn't know what I am like when I am cranky."

"But I can guess-"

"You would be wrong." I tore my eyes away from him. A small chuckle escaped his lips, and I glanced at him in fury. That stupid smile still laid on his face, unchanged. I felt my stomach growl, hungry. Suddenly food sounded good, better than good. I bit the inside of my cheek. How could I think about eating?

"Where are you going?" he asked clumsy. My attempts of ignoring him were being disregarded. I turned my head and looked out the green tinted window.

"Somewhere." I could feel his eyes on me. Who was he anyways?

"What are you doing by yourself at one a clock in the morning?"

"You care because?" He didn't answer he just stared at me with a smile. I turned my head to meet his gaze. I could see the red in his eyes.

"And you're drunk."

"So you think."

"So I know." I glanced away from him and felt immediately heart broken. My hands started to shake.

"Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but yours happens to be wrong," he replied sarcastically. My body's heaviness finally caught up with me. I couldn't look in the guy's face anymore. His eyes were wrong, they were liars. They were clumsy, unworthy, and weakening. I needed to get further away from him. I slowly stood up placing my hand on the top of the seat to hold my weight. I started to walk down the aisle. My legs were failing me. I couldn't walk in a straight line. My eyes felt heavy. I was thinking about closing them so they wouldn't burn.

"Whoa, whoa!" a deep voice whispered into my ear. I felt strong arms holding me up. "What happened to you?" I didn't get to answer. The train jerked forward, and I stumbled knocking my head against the metal handle placed at the top of the seat. My world went into a deeper black I didn't know existed.


The lighting was what woke me up. It streamed across my face from a nearby window. I blinked a few times trying to remember everything, anything. My mind came up blank. I slowly moved my sore body, stretching. Where in the world was I?

The room I was in was decorated significantly, with elaborated paintings adorning the colored walls. The bed I was on was large and much bigger than anyone I had ever been on. The dressers were polished and made out of fine wood. I glanced around scared and absolutely confused.

My whole body was aching, and my bones were heavy. My tongue was like sand paper in my mouth. I lingered at the edge of the bed for a while. Just sitting there and waiting for someone to come. Who that someone was, well that was the question. I slowly let my feet touch the soft carpeted ground. I eased my weight onto them and I took a couple of staggering steps forward. My head was dizzy and the world spun a few times before it righted itself.

Double doors were standing as my way out. I took small steps forward and eased the door open a crack. I poked my head out and peered into the rich hallway. It was huge, as big as a hallway you would walk down in school. The floors were made of wood. Paintings lined the walls and there was a couple of hall tables with bright flowers.

The emptiness seemed to echo in my ears. I took a step outside into the hall. I still didn't see any sign of life. The sound of my light footsteps bounced back to me. I continued down the hall looking at my familiar dark jeans and my black tank top. What happened to me? Where am I? I asked myself, but I didn't have an answer.

Suddenly my head snapped up. I could hear the faint whispers of talking and laughter. I automatically straightened up my poster and continued toward the voices. The sounds picked up and grew louder as I turned left down into another hallway. A door was left ajar and I could hear the deep voices that escaped through the crack.

"Ace, you goin to Xander's party?" The room grew in laughter. I failed to see how that was funny. I was stuck at the door. I felt weird if I just pushed the door open and disturbed whoever was in there. I took a deep breath and gently pressed my palm to the ajar door and pushed. The door didn't creek and for a moment I just stood there taking in the scene.

Teenage boys littered the room. A big screen took up most of the wall on the opposite side of the room, a pool table was being used, and people sat on the couch holding video game controllers. A card game was going on at a circular table. I felt like shrinking back into the hall.

"Well, maybe we can bring a few people over there after a while. He does seem to like my leftovers." Smiles spread on many of the guys faces. The guy who had just spoken was bent over at the pool table, and was just about to strike one of the balls when he glance suddenly slipped up to the door. His iced blue eyes meet mine and for a moment I thought I saw something like panic. One of his friends that stood next to him noticed his hesitation.

His eyes still looked at me, serious. I took a step back.

"Ace, who's this?" a voice questioned from the other side of the large room. The guy that was looking at me from the pool table, which I guessed was Ace, snapped his eyes away from me and straightened up with a smile. Everyone in the room suddenly brought their eyes and their attention to me.

"She looks a little rough, what have you been doing?" the same guy who had asked who I was continued. A mixture of laughter made me think of what he was implying. My eyes narrowed in on the guy who had said that.

"What's your name?" my voice came out a little raspy and dry, but it was strong. There was no way I was going to let him say something like that about me.

"Bryan, but you can call me whatever you like, baby." This brought fury through me.

"Ok, I'll call you an unintelligent bastard." Everyone seemed to freeze. "And I didn't do anything close to what you're thinking with your Ace friend here." I said seriously.

"Ohhhh!" the room echoed together. Bryan smiled and nodded his head as he looked at me.

"Well, I set myself up for that one," The unintelligent bastard continued. "I like you."

"You also don't know me," I added. His blond hair was long, just as Ace's was.

"Ace, who is this highly intelligent girl?" I brought my eyes up to Ace who wasn't smiling like anyone else was. He put his cue and started to walk toward me.

"I'll be back," he announced. He slipped past me and whispered "Follow me." So I did, but before I closed the door on the teenage boys I heard Bryan's voice.

"Bring her back too!" I smiled, but for some reason I realized smiling wasn't what I was supposed to be doing. What was wrong with me?


I sat across from him at a small table in a huge kitchen. There were two ovens, and stainless steel sparkled from all of the appliances. I looked down at the fresh fruit and bagel on my plate. I glanced back up at his icy blue eyes. They were intense, and stared at me narrowed. I saw a little bit of redness under them. His lips were set in a straight line, and his black hair was ruffled and a little damp. He was wearing a gray hoodie and a dark pair of jeans.

"You're someone I don't know," my voice came out raspy.

"Then you're not from around here," he replied with a hint of a smile, but his smirk left almost immediately. He nodded down towards the plate.

"Eat." I peered back at the food. I picked up a pineapple with my fork. Then dropped it. I stared at him.

"Eat. It's good," he said with more of a commanding voice. I ate it. I took several more bites with him just staring at me. I took a sip of water. Water pooled into my mouth, and I felt the water sinking to my stomach. I was amazed when I pulled away, and the glass was drained.

"What am I doing here?" I directed the question at him. Instead of an answer, he slowly got up from the chair, and rose to his full six two height. He was intimidating as he walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottled water. His intense gaze shifted across my body then into my eyes.

"Who did this to you?" he asked between his teeth. Was it just me or did I hear anger laced into his voice? I didn't answer him. I just looked away from those iced eyes and onto the wooden table.

"No one did anything to me." A smile erupted onto his face, and he started to laugh. He walked over to the table again and sat right next to me. He set the water in front of me.

"Are you serious?" His smile flicked off his face as soon as it had gotten there. "You're trying to tell me that," his rough hand reached out and grabbed my wrist, but he did it softly, as if my wrist was a wilting flower, and he didn't want any of the petals to fall off. I winced with the slight pain, "these bruises on your wrist magically appeared there?"

"Well…" He didn't look like he believed in magic. "No. I fell… down the stairs in my apartment building," I forced the words through my lips. Why was he doing this to me? I didn't want to relive it. I wanted to erase those memories. I wanted to start over.

"Who are you trying to save?" His question made me jerk back. "Who are you trying to protect?" He dropped my wrist, and that's when I felt the pain in my body. My bones felt heavy, as if they were weighing me down. My eyes were still tired and dry. Every time I shifted my weight I winced. Bruises were probably all over my body. My muscles felt sore, like I had just run a mile. I lifted my hand and touched my face. It felt swollen.

Silence dropped over us for a couple of minutes.

"What's your name?" he suddenly asked me. I moved my eyes over to his face. He was looking at me weirdly.

"Keira," I replied. "Yours?"

"Chace." We sat in silence.

"Chace," his eyes seemed to change when I said his name, "what am I doing here?"

"You hit your head against a metal bar in the train and blacked out."

"I hit my head?" Well, that's embarrassing.

"Yes, which would leave me to believe the falling down the stairs scenario, except you really do suck at lying."

"So you brought me here..."

"Yes." A soft hum broke up our conversation as Chace's eyes shifted downwards, and he brought up a cell phone. "I'll be right back. You can finish eating." I looked at him then nodded my head. He turned his back on me and then headed to the kitchen doors and walked out. His house was huge. Where was I going to go? Going home felt surreal to me. I looked around the huge kitchen. I suddenly got this feeling of intrusion, like I was invading someone's home, bringing my problems to them. I wanted out. I shuffled to my weak feet. My body ached. Sleep sounded wonderful. I walked over to the kitchen doors. I was just about to push the doors when the door swung open.

"What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to leave?" Chace asked me.

"I am-"

"Rhetorical question. Go sit down."




"Sit down." In Chace's hand was a first aid kit and the other one was lifted and pointing a finger at the seat. He blue eyes watched me as I glanced at the doors.

"If I don't?"

"Don't make this a big deal, Keira." I swallowed. I slowly walked over to the chair. He leaned against the wall next to the chair.

"Someone…someone…" His blue eyes looked into mine with rage and sadness. "Did someone rape you?" A panicked look spread across my face before I realized it. I jerked my body back as far into the chair I could get, and the fork fell from my hand and clattered onto the table. Tears welled up in my eyes for the first time in a while. I shook my head no, and stared down at the plate of pancakes that looked perfect.

"They came close?" he asked again. Then it started. At first it was just a small tear, and my hand moved up fast to wipe it away. Then everything came pouring out. I wanted my sister back. I needed her. The whole time she was alive I was telling myself I was keeping her going, keeping her grades up, her full, making sure she was ok. I didn't know that she was keeping me going too. So I cried. I cried for everything I lost, and everything I wanted.

"Oh, shit," I heard a voice say, and then the tray that was on my lap disappeared. I didn't look up, I didn't want to see that face, the one that felt sorry for me. I have seen it a time too many. "Hey... are you ok?" That stupid question. I was obviously not okay. I wished people would stop asking me that, and I wished I would stop answering that question with yes.

"No," I said. My voice was small and I felt vulnerable. "No," I repeated, "I'm not okay." I felt upset with myself for answering correct, but triumphant it had finally come out. I glance up at him, wanting to see what his expression was like. It wasn't what I expected. What I had thought would be there was a look of uneasiness, of sadness, of hopelessness. What I got instead made my insides calmer. His eyes were narrowed a little, and his forehead creased. His mouth was a straight line and his chest fell as he let out a big breath. I felt his arm come around my shoulder as he squeezed in and sat next to me. He sat there with me as I cried. He didn't say anything, but he just sat there. I knew I wasn't alone. I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder.


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