All I can see

When I turn on the tv all I see

Is skinny pretty things dancing on the screen.

Never large or medium unless its for diet things

I see these people and want to cry

Some people aren't builts to fit a size two

Some people aren't made for make-up

Some people like the way they are

But can never be them selfs.

Girls count calories and apply make-up like I breathe air.

When I turn off the tv

All I see is a society ruled by how you look

Not how nice you are

Or how your character is

When I look at people

I feel the energys of the prettys and wonder

"What will I be?"

Thats all I see everywhere.

Man We really need to quit judging people on how they look. One day I wore a free hug sign walked up to guys that looked like they where in a gang and gave them all free hugs... Except for one cause he ran away... And Sometimes pretty people aren't the nicest people and I want to hear what yall think about my poem... Yes i know it doesnt rhyme much.