Remorseless, heartless, unkind-
all the words beyond to describe me.
I'm despicable for all that I've done to you.
Look, I know I don't love you anymore.
But I still want you to love me deeply.
I know there's no point in you loving me;
when I don't even love you right now.
But I still wished for that- caught in between
the silver linings and hopeless cries to heavens.
I want my love back; to love you- you...?

Will you find my love back,
to that very first day I've met you-
in that sunny place with trees
when I saw your beautiful incomparable eyes?
Time; take me back- take me back to her.
Why is it that you're someone I can no longer reach-
it seems like times has strengthened the gap.

I can no longer feel you-
so distant, distant, distant...
I'm afraid of losing the one I loved.
Loved then, and maybe lost the love.

What can I say?