A/N: Something I've been working on for awhile. All characters belong to me. Welcome to the first chapter of (the newly named) Dare To Fall. Hope you enjoy. :)

The clouds were dark and thick with rain on the day they were stained with blood. Not just any blood though; the clouds were to be stained with the blood of an angel.

Zane walked amongst them, his amber gaze on the tiled floor that was set above the grey clouds. He was in Heaven, or what was like it. The world above the clouds, just like down on Earth but in the sky. He was walking on a path that would lead to the palace gardens, lost in thought.

Zane was just a normal angel, nothing special. Except he was feared by alot of them, named evil on the day he was born. The reason everyone thought he was evil was because of his coal black wings, tinged with glimmers of blood red. He also had dark brown eyes that were so dark they were almost black seeming to burn amber red at times - which creeped the heck out of everyone. To add to his 'sinister' appearance he had 'stitches' across his mouth, thick black 'stitches' that looked like a tattoo. He only called it a tattoo but the reason he'd got it was five years ago, when he was fourteen and his father had showed him the uses of a sharp knife. His hair was dark brown and long, falling almost to his shoulders and cut so it looked like spikes, tipped with dark red.

Black and red, the colors of his life. No white and gold for him... The depressing thoughts circled through his brain like a buzzing bee.

"Hey Mr. Evil."

A voice drew him out of his thoughts, making him look up and lock amber eyes with golden ones. The dazzling smile almost blinded him.

"Hey, Sunshine." Zane smirked.

Apollo Demarxus. One of the only people who could make a warped smile cross his face.

"How's it going, man?" Apollo clapped him on the back, his golden wings stretching gloriously out behind him. Zane's own dark wings rustled uncomfortably at the contact.

"Not too bad. What're you up to?" He replied, his voice holding no emotion. The smirk was gone just as quickly as it had appeared.

"Little bit of this, a little bit of that. Not much." That grin was back. Apollo brushed a lock of blonde hair out of his eyes. Zane rolled his eyes and shoved his hands into his pockets. A typical mischevious Apollo answer. He brushed by his somewhat of a friend, and continued silently on his way.

"Ohhooh... what's this? Just walking away are we?" Apollo turned around to look after him.

"I could fly away if you'd rather." Zane said dryly. He heard the scuffle of Apollo's sneakers as the two-years older angel trotted after him.

"I'm just going for a walk, to get away from things." Zane slid an annoyed glance towards his unwanted companion.

It was true that he was getting away from things; alot of the angels around his age and younger would constantly be sliding him looks of contempt and hatred, or sneering and making disgusting remarks. It drove him crazy, and the only place he could get away from it all was in the palace gardens, built in such a way that it was a maze. Of course, by now Zane had the whole area figured out, but he still liked to try and get lost.

"I know, and I'm not going to be mean to you. I'll just come along and be companiable." Apollo grinned.

Zane sighed in defeat and shrugged. "Whatever you want." He soon lost himself in the sights and smells of the angelic garden and ignored his comrade.

"Blahblahblahhahalaalala...!" Apollo was saying as they walked. Zane saw his mouth moving but couldn't hear anything from it, he was that entranced by the sky garden. Most of it was made of white roses and tulips, the bushes puffy clouds instead of Earth dwelling plants.

Zane watched a gardener angel clip away at a couple of the clouds and offered a small smile, just the corners of his mouth turning up. The gardener caught his eyes and gave him a trembling smile of his own, the rumours about Zane frightening him at the sight of the boy. Zane's smile faded, but he was slightly cheered up that the gardener had enough guts to smile at him. He kept walking, and only when he felt a gaze on him did he look up into Apollo's luminous gold eyes.


Apollo looked away, and twiddled his thumbs. "Uh, nothing. I can see it bothers you when people look at you that way, that's all." He murmured, having obviously seen the exchange between Zane and the gardener.

"Mmhmm..." Zane agreed quietly, tucking his chin down a bit so his dark hair fell across his amber eyes. He kept walking, and after an hour or so the two arrived at the city. City of Angels, is what they called it. Some humans looked up at the sky and called the clouds and stars the City of Angels, too.

The city was made of white marble and brick, filled with inns and food stalls, restaurants, clubs, offices, the likes. Almost just as it was down on Earth, but high in the sky. Angels sometimes weren't very creative it seemed, unless they just liked to stick to the human's old ways. It was busy today, even though the clouds had begun to crackle and flash, signalling the beginnings of a lightning storm. Tension was high.

Was something going on? Zane had felt it for awhile; he noticed a lot of angels buying weapons and sharpening tools, and getting food that lasted long. They were going on some journey? Or declaring war?

It couldn't be; Zane was the son of the chief angel, the deputy to the king, and his father would've let him know, wouldn't he? But the thought disappeared as soon as it came into his mind. His father never spoke to him, only to tell him to get away from him or give him an order.

"It's busy today," Apollo stated the obvious, an uncharacteristically solemn expression on his face.

"What's with that face?" Zane asked, looking at him and being reminded that Apollo was shorter then him by atleast an inch or two.

"Huh? Nothing, it just looks...somehow different." He shrugged, evading the question.

"Heh, you guys wonderin' what's goin' on?" A voice sneered from a nearby alley. Cale Holland stalked out of the darkness, his lackeys Blake and Seth flanking him. Cale had curly black hair and emerald eyes; his wings were light green shot through with gold. Blake and Seth were twins, with dark shaggy brown hair, white wings with blue tips, and a matching shade of blue eyes.

Zane met Cale's emerald eyes evenly with his own red orbs. They widened just a bit when Cale managed to hold the stare. No one was able to hold his gaze for more than five seconds, unless of course you were an idiot named Apollo.

"They're preparing to hunt the Fallen." Seth piped up from behind Cale's left shoulder. Blake nodded in agreement, silent.

"Shut up, Seth, I was gonna make them fight for the information." Cale growled, flicking his wing to whack Seth across the face. The angel cried out and fell back on his butt, his wings flapping to try and catch himself. Blake instantly reached down and helped him up.

"Tch..." Zane grit his teeth. "As if I'd fight the likes of you." He growled, spreading his wings. "But it'd certainly pass some time."

Cale's green eyes dilated in barely supressed fear. He was terrified, and unable to hide it. A wide, malicious grin spread across Zane's face. Apollo stood back a bit, his eyes lowered in indifference, not watching the fight. He knew what price they'd pay if they got caught, but he wouldn't tattle, and he'd only help if Zane needed it.

Cale narrowed his eyes, backing up until his face was shadowed from the alley. Zane stepped forwards, backing him up until they were hidden. His amber eyes glinted as he raised his fists. Blake and Seth took up positions behind Cale, their blue eyes seeming to glow.