"I told you I'd find you," Cale sneered, his eyes burning with triumph and hatred.

Zane raised his hands and backed up a step. "Lindsey," he glanced sidelong at her, and saw her face was pale as paper. "Get inside; lock all the doors and wind-!" was all he managed to tell her before Cale's fist met his face. It knocked him back, sending a dull ache thudding through his cheek, but as he was regaining his balance, Cale snatched a handful of Zane's shirt in his clenched fist.

"We gave you a week to recover, before we gathered up our masses and plunged from Heaven to hunt you down. It was easy; you haven't even got any headway at all, Zane!" He laughed, pulling Zane closer to shake him so hard he couldn't concentrate.

"You're supposed to be soldiers of the Lord, not running down here to extinguish your own kind. Angels aren't supposed to act like this! Where have your morals gone, Cale?" Zane cried, grabbing Cale's shoulder in a rough grip.

"Ha! Says the one who's Fallen!" He growled, but Zane could see a look of shock ripple in his eyes. It was gone as quickly as it came, and he slugged Zane across the cheek again, this time spreading his glorious wings and sweeping into the sky, still holding Zane by the shirt. "We're running the show now, so get used to it! Zane you have no idea of the chaos that burns within us. You were cast down because you rebelled - you didn't believe in what we did."

"Run, Lindsey!" Zane shouted down to her before being choked off.

"Zane, be careful!" Lindsey said, and ran back into the house. Instead of locking the door, she came back out holding a sawed-off with Faolan at her side.

"Where'd all these angels come from?" Faolan looked shocked, his calm facade shattered.

"They're after the Fallen! Cale's got Zane!" Lindsey shouted, aiming and firing as angels swarmed above her and Faolan.

Cale dragged Zane up farther into the sky, until the other angels had blocked out Lindsey and Faolan from his view as they fought.

"Cale!" Zane struggled in the powerful grip, but the angel tightened his hand around Zane's throat and cut him off so he couldn't further their conversation. Black spots darted before Zane's eyes and he could feel his limbs getting weaker. Bringing up a fist, he pounded it into Cale's ribs as hard as he could, and was rewarded with a look of astonished pain crossing his foe's face.

"Ah, that smarts a little," Cale hissed, forcing a pained smirk at Zane as he continued. "I left Blake and Seth to deal with your little girlfriend, so we're free. Let's see how well you can swim." And with that he soared towards the sparkling lake, teeth clenching with determination. Zane kicked and punched until Cale pinned one of his arms behind his back at an extremely painful angle.

Just as he was sure it was about to snap, Cale released him.

"Hope you enjoy seeing Apollo again – in Hell!" Cale screamed, before the water wrapped Zane in its cold embrace, cutting off the blistering world above.

"Faolan – don't kill, just injure them, okay? " Lindsey cried, firing her sawed-off at an angel with dark hair and blue eyes. She got him in one of his wings so he crumpled to the ground briefly, but got back up to advance again. This time she shot him mercilessly in both legs, satisfied when he didn't get up. He lay stunned and glared at her, slowly regenerating his wounds, until another angel that was eerily identical - except for a slightly misshapen nose - rose up on her left and slapped her across the face.

Spitting out blood, she wheeled and kicked him between the legs. It seemed to have no affect on him at all, as he grabbed her by the hair and wrenched her head back so a blade was pressed against her throat. She dropped her sawed-off in shock just as it was splitting her smooth skin, and a cold voice interrupted.

"Harm her, and you die – and you don't come back."

It was Faolan, pressing his pistol against the back of the angel's head.

Immediately the angel spread his wings and knocked Faolan back before he could pull the trigger. As he did so he had to loosen his hold so that Lindsey was able to slip away from him. Fao kicked her sawed-off towards her and shot the angel in the shoulder.

"Filthy mud-monkeys, how dare you go against us?" He screamed from the pain, leaping at Faolan with his fist.

It was pandemonium, and Lindsey knew they were quickly losing the fight. She could see hundreds of angels swirling above them, but most were streaking towards the city, their wings vanishing as they neared so they could appear normal until the destruction ensued.

She quickly realized that these two angels (who may have been twins) were left behind to deal with them, as Cale fought Zane, and everyone else flew to murder the hundreds of Fallen roaming the city. No… no, she couldn't let it happen!

"Faolan, deal with him, knock him out! We'll tie them up and lock them in the basement – we have to save Zane, and get to the city!" Lindsey shouted, running into the house to get rope, chains, and duct tape.

"Okay buddy, I'll just get you all comfy here…" She approached the previously injured twin and smiled down at him, brandishing the ropes. Using them she tied his hands together as fast as she could.

"Don't want you punching me or anything," she muttered, slapping him across the face for good measure. It pained her to abuse the angels like this, but they couldn't just come down here and hunt the kind they'd kicked out from Paradise in the first place!

"You guys are all disgusting, you know that?" He growled. "Thinking you're better than us."

"I thought God made us to be your equals, and you were to treat us as such?" Lindsey snarled.

"Well, dear old Dad hasn't been around in awhile, and we feel it's our turn to decide what's what around here. It's what you have to resort to eventually. Anyone who doesn't agree was cast down, or just killed on the spot." A grim smile crossed his bruised face.

"Oh please! Can't you just believe in Him and NOT go all psycho? You're supposed to be like the best children ever, yet you're disobeying at the drop of a hat!" She said in shock.

"Nah, this is so much more fun." He grinned, and she felt the urge to punch him. She did, and he stared at her with his nose bleeding sluggishly. "Thanks for that, feels pleasant."

Lindsey was shaking with rage, but took a few breaths to control herself. She would not kill an angel, no matter how insane they were!

"I can't see how you even chose angels to Fall, they're much nicer then you jerks - who cares if they rebelled against your ideas." She spat, lifting him to his feet to half-carry half-drag him into the house. Faolan had succeeded in tying up his, and followed her.

Once in the basement, she tied his feet with the rope and chain, bound the wings, and covered his mouth with duct tape. Faolan did the same to his. They dusted off their hands, shut off the lights, and left without another word. They hopped on their horses, grabbed one for Zane, and trotted towards the lake. What they saw wasn't pretty.

Cale was circling above the water, diving down every so often to plunge something back under. That something was Zane, and even from where she was Lindsey could see his face was bleeding and bruised, he was losing strength fast, and he couldn't swim. All he managed to do was thrash around to barely stay above the churning waves.

"Cale, please," Zane spluttered. "Talk to me-!"

Another fist was pounded into his skull, and he reeled back under, letting himself sink down into the murky darkness. It was the only way he could rest, and the water was almost a blessing on his aching head. The water that was also slowly choking the life out of him…

How smart of Cale, to suspend him above a lake, weakening, then drop him in knowing he couldn't swim, and using it to his advantage to beat and slowly drown Zane. Zane wasn't about to give up – he wholly believed Apollo was still alive, not burning somewhere in Hell – he'd just have to find a way to kick Cale's ass another way.

Turning underwater, Zane spread his arms and kicked, moving ungainly through the water and feeling utterly awkward and slow. Hoping Cale couldn't see him he drifted far enough down to touch the bottom, trying not to panic as silver bubbles left his mouth, and kicked off to go rocketing up out of the water. But Cale was waiting, and grabbed him to plunge him under as soon as he gulped in a breath.

Zane, acting fast, wrapped his arms around Cale's shoulders and clung to him so that he'd either be dragged in with him or he'd have to drag Zane out. He ended up dragging Zane out, straining to flap his wings and heave them both away from the water.

"Apollo is still alive, you liar! I'm not going to let you drown me!" Zane gasped, shaking with cold but burning with rage.

"Oh really…? And how are you going to win a fight against me? Your arm is pretty much dislocated already, not to mention you're half-drowned." Cale sneered, unable to wrench Zane off, and slowly beginning to panic.

"You can't even remember how to use your wings!" He laughed, when he saw Zane puzzling it over.

"Yes, I do!" Zane snarled, and Cale lifted him farther into the air that was boiling with a rising storm. The dead trees alongside the far shore had begun to sway viciously in the wind, and even Cale was struggling to stay in place.

"If you say so," Cale let him drop once more, this time with no resistance from Zane.

Shutting his eyes, Zane tensed his muscles, spread his arms, and, hearing fabric tearing all along his back, let his wings slow his descent onto land.

"Lindsey, Faolan, ride to the city, bring as much of your arsenal as you can – there's going to be a war. I'll follow in flight," he panted, catching their eyes as he rested his hands on his knees to get his breath. Pain was rippling all along his shoulders where his wings had burst through, and his head was pounding so much he didn't think he'd be able to keep his eyes open much longer.

"You're sure?" Faolan asked, because Lindsey was too busy staring speechless at him with wide eyes.

"Yes, now quick!" And he backed up to launch himself in the air again just as Cale bore down towards them with his sword raised.

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