Once upon a time there was a purple tiger that had OCD. This tiger didn't like killing stuff because the blood went everywhere and it was really gross and it took forever to clean up. So this tiger ate bamboo instead. Hey, the pandas at it so why not?

One day this tiger was out in the forest looking for good bamboo so it wouldn't starve and it happened to come across a normal tiger proceeding to kill a red panda. The purple tiger was very distressed by this, and decided to help the red panda so that blood didn't get everywhere and she wouldn't have to clean it up. So the purple tiger ran as fast as it could to the normal tiger.

Now, if you haven't realized by now, a purple tiger is not a common thing to find in a bamboo forest, and on sighting it, the normal tiger became very scared and ran of, dropping the red panda as it went. The purple tiger stopped running after this and went over to the red panda. Upon closer inspection, the tiger found that it wasn't a red panda at all, but rather a red flying lemur. This surprised the tiger as it had never met any other animals with strange colors like this besides itself.

The tiger immediately liked this lemur and decided to be friends with it. The lemur was very skeptical about this, because tigers aren't known for being nice, but after a long discussion about the tiger's eating habits the two became best friends. No one ever bothered either of them again.