the following is inspired by the past and garbage's song "bleed like me" (italicized lines throughout are lyrics)
c o l l e c t i o n ) ) )

avalanche is sullen and too thin.

ash woke up with white in her eyes, the world blurred and head rolling. she lifted the blankets off her knees with skinny wrists, and slowly sat up. the room twisted, her head burned. her knees knocked together, bruised on both sides.

she starves herself to rid herself of sin.

how many hours had it been? ash leaned against the wall, feeling her shoulder bones scrape against the paint, a little smile spreading over her face. 52 hours. not a morsel had passed her lips, not a damn one. she slowly stood, holding onto the cherry furniture for balance. her head felt huge, bulging out from her newly acquired bones. she approached the mirror in the corner, eyes squeezed shut.

and the kick is so devine when she sees bones beneath her skin.

ash waited a breath before opening her eyes. her fingers slid slowly down to her hips. she felt the sharp little bones rejecting the boxer shorts she wore. she had goosebumps. it was summer. she felt beautiful. finally.

and she says
hey baby, can you bleed like me?
come on, baby, can you bleed like me?