I sat in the park alone on a chilly autumn night. My dark brown hair was tossed around by wind as I sat on an old rusty swing, moving back and forth slightly, the seesaw to my left tilted making an eerie creek. My i-pod was blasting so I couldn't hear anything but the music. I couldn't hear the stick crack behind me or even deep heavy breathing but I felt it on the back of my neck. My back arched at the sensation and I sat up straighter. I had my hand on the play/pause button so I quickly pressed it so I could hear what was going on around me.

I looked out of the corner of my right eye I couldn't see directly behind me so I turned my head just that little but more until I was met by big grey eyes staring into my ice blue ones. I jumped off the swing and backed away from the person who I soon saw was a 19-year-old boy. His hair was mid night black that shined in the moonlight above him and his eyes where a light grey with huge black pupils. With complexion that was almost an albino white with a light coverage of freckles on his nose and a few on his checks.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he said smirking. His voice was rough and low and it sounded like knives were piercing you heart when he spoke. I didn't notice this because I had never been intuitive; I had never noticed the obvious, just passing it by without a second glance. I hadn't even notices my friend had a crush on my brother but if I had I would have not allowed it. It was to late now though, they had already been in a relationship for almost seven mouths, but I secretly thought they made a cute couple.

I was now seventeen and you could say I liked being alone, I wasn't a loner, I had many friends and I was quit popular but I liked time just to think and relax by my self. Many boys had often asked out and called me gorgeous but I had said no politely. They just didn't seem right for me. I had always fancied the boys that weren't liked by most other girls but they weren't the ugly ones either just the ones that didn't talk much and tried not to stand out but they stood out to me.

The teenager kept his eyes on me as I stepped that little bit closer, "If you had no intention to scare me then why were you breathing down the back of my neck?" I asked him questionably. He chuckled lowly while smirking at the question. "I wanted to listen to your song more clearly," He was lying through his teeth I could tell that much but I didn't think I wanted to hear the real reason. I didn't say anything but neither did he. I finally couldn't take the silence and his eyes bearing into my soul that I asked him, "Why are you in the park at this hour?" he asked me just as I was about to ask the exact same question. I was tongue-tied but after a few moments I told him my reason, "I need some time to my self away from," I paused thinking, "everything,"

He walked around the swing, slowly and careful stepping like he was afraid to fall. The tam bark rustled under his feet with each step he took. The park was eerily silent and the only noise was a combination of soft sounds like the rustling of the leaves from the wind and my quiet but quit heavy breathing as well as the crunch of the tam bark. He came closer still, until he was only four feet between us maybe less but I was too scared to move away. "Why is such a pretty girl like you out so late, it could be dangerous?" he stressed the words pretty and dangerous, it was like he was giving me a sign but of course I didn't notice it. Now while think of the first time I met Bade, I wish I had noticed these little hints.

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